How to Blog Like the Big Boys

Saddam’s former translator gives us another justification for the war:

‘He wrote in a hurry. It was as if he had all these ideas he just wanted to get out and his formal pronouncements weren’t enough.’ To express even the simplest ideas, Saddam used a convoluted style full of subclauses, superfluous adjectives and boring digressions. ‘It was virtually impossible to translate into English because I had to chop up these endless sentences. Let’s just say Saddam was no Naguib Mahfouz.’



*Two great articles to be read in tandem: David Isenberg on the militarization of civil society, and historian Edmund Morgan on Gore Vidal’s America. Includes this definition of “democracy” from Vidal:

[A] word that appears nowhere in the American Constitution, or, indeed in our lives except as an occasional rhetorical flourish when we are up to mischief in foreign lands.

*The Cato Institute makes itself useful for a change: Jim Powell rebuts neocon plutocrat Conrad Black’s coddling of FDR.

*Justin has more on the Neal Boortz/Libertarian convention fiasco. It’s not too late to write Nancy Neale at or and protest, even if you’re not a Libertarian. In fact, since Boortz’s inclusion seems to be based entirely upon his perceived ability to reach a wider audience, a backlash by non-Libertarians might do some good.