Why Nothing on Saddam’s Capture?

Asks this fellow, who thinks we’re leftists. I just love political commentary straight from the medulla oblongata: Bush right. Antiwar not Bush. Antiwar left. Left bad. (He must have hated watching this!)

If our esteemed detractor wanted commentary on Saddam’s capture, he could have checked the regularly updated main page, of course. And because I know he wants to be informed, here are some other reactions from our blogroll FOBs:

*Jesse Walker

*Keith Halderman, Wendy McElroy, et al., over at Liberty & Power

*Micah T. Holmquist

*Franklin Harris

*Deux Ego


An incomplete list to be sure, but a wide range of opinion, I’d say. But don’t worry, my warbot friend: after reading the posts above, you can wash your mind out with Instapundit and Jeff Jarvis. Everything’s gonna be fine.

GIs Beat, Kill, Arrest, Disperse Pro-Saddam Protesters in Tikrit

U.S. soldiers Monday used batons to break up a demonstration in Tikrit to protest against the capture of Saddam Hussein near his hometown.

About 700 demonstrators gathered outside Tikrit University chanting pro-Saddam slogans. Soldiers shouted back “Saddam is in our jail.”

Shorty afterwards, US soldiers charged the protest, beating and arresting some protesters.

Lt. Col. Steven Russell said that
“protests are not authorized and that participation in protests is punishable.”

Meanwhile, there are numerous reports of anti-Saddam demonstrations that are not being broken up, even though they are also not authorized. Many of these protesters are freely firing guns in celebration without any arrests.

UPDATE 12/17/03: US troops killed several protesters as pro-Saddam demonstrations continued across Iraq.

Congrats to David Frum on His Promotion

From Bush’s speechwriter to God’s press secretary. From today’s Diary:

My take on the capture of Saddam will appear in tomorrow’s National Post. I’ll post a link as soon as the Post has the story on line. For now, let’s say that while the President’s opponents have made much sport of the idea that God called George Bush to the presidency, it’s becoming increasingy difficult to doubt that God wants President Bush re-elected.

An Ex-Trot on the Perpetual Revolution

Take a few minutes to read this interesting post by blogger Ken MacLeod. A self-described “ex-Trot,” MacLeod lays out the leftist case FOR war (sounds amazingly similar to the current White House line, no?), then contrasts it with (an oversimplified but generally accurate version of) the right-wing case AGAINST war. I know of no one who would agree with everything in this essay, but it’s worth a read, if only for this rendering of the road to New World Order:

So what happens after the Cold War? Well, in the former Third World there are a lot of ramshackle tyrannies whose former position as key players in the great contest has been forgotten even by themselves. The US has lost a role and not yet found an empire. Maintaining hegemony means taking down any of an embarrassingly rich array of malefactors, and (partly by this means) dissuading the emergence of any military rival among the metropolitan countries. New American Century. Full spectrum dominance. Sole superpower. You know the drill.

In this situation it is absolutely inevitable that the targets of choice should be (a) no great threat to anyone outside their borders and (b) a bloody menace to people inside them and (c) completely uninspiring to, if not downright detested by, anyone on the left in the West. Vietnam without Vietcong. It’s hardly a surprise that their overthrow should improve matters in the countries concerned, at least in the short run. Whether it’s a good thing for the world and for the long run is another matter entirely. I don’t know where all this is heading, but I have a very bad feeling about it.

(Tip o’ the hat to reader Badri for the link.)

Success in Iraq?

The following email is circulating between war-supporters in an apparent attempt to refute the claims that the Iraqi occupation has become a quagmire. I thought that I would respond to each point made. My responses are the non-italic text.

Subject: Iraq a Success

This is for those who are discouraged at the constant bombardment of negative news about Iraq from the liberal, anti-Bush media, and also for those who just want to be critical for other reasons.


the first battalion of the new Iraqi Army has graduated and is on active duty.

The Daily Telegraph reports:
” About 300 of the 700 members in the first new Iraqi army battalion set up by the US-led coalition have resigned, a coalition official said today. ”

over 60,000 Iraqis now provide security to their fellow citizens.

Um, what security?

nearly all of Iraq’s 400 courts are functioning.

Functioning as well as….? I assume this is a US gov’t “fact.”

the Iraqi judiciary is fully independent.

Ahhh, as independent as the American appointed Iraqi Council?

on Monday, October 6 power generation hit 4,518 megawatts-exceeding
the pre-war average.

I thought we went to Iraq to “rid the world of Saddam and his WMD” not “bring power back to prewar levels.” Moreover, is this really an accomplishment when we remember that it was American bombs that created the lower power output? But I digress.

all 22 universities and 43 technical institutes and colleges are open, as are nearly all primary and secondary schools.

See above point. Simply, this is the way is was supposed to be, it is not an accomplishment per se. It is kind of like saying: “My local fire department put out a fire.” Yeah, so what?

by October 1, Coalition forces had rehabbed over 1,500 schools – 500 more than their target.

Hmmm, why did they need rehab? Also, since when was US taxpayer money supposed to be used for foreign schools? I recommend you visit your nearest local inner city school to understand where gov’t money is truly needed.

teachers earn from 12 to 25 times their former salaries.

So what? It is probably inflation.

all 240 hospitals and more than 1200 clinics are open.

They better be.

doctor’s salaries are at least eight times what they were under

High demand = high wage. Basic economics.

95 percent of all pre-war bank customers have service and first-time customers are opening accounts daily.

Wait, the US military is spending my tax-money gathering these type of statistics? Just for that, I think I will disregard this point. And here’s some real economic freedom. Continue reading “Success in Iraq?”