A real “Joint Criminal Conspiracy”

In mid-November, one Bosnian TV station broadcast the 169th installment of a program called “TV Tribunal” – a weekly newscast dedicated to “informing” the public about the Hague Inquisition. What made it special was a segment in which Head Inquisitor, Carla DelPonte, speaks of her hunt for Slobodan Milosevic, which contained several interesting revelations. Transcript of the segment, in translation, is featured in this week’s edition of Serbian magazine NIN.
In it, DelPonte says she had initiated and maintained secret contacts with Zoran Djindjic, Washington’s hand-picked quisling in Serbia, before he came to power – so secret, not even the Inquisition knew about them. At their first meeting, in Switzerland, Djindjic vowed to deliver Milosevic to The Hague.
DelPonte also claims that Djindjic coordinated Milosevic’s abduction with the ICTY and NATO, and that ICTY had agents on the ground (in Serbia) to ensure all would go as planned. Continue reading “A real “Joint Criminal Conspiracy””

RFE discovers inter-Albanian tolerance

Radio Free Europe, a US-operated propaganda setup in Prague, often runs ludicrous reports about Kosovo and Bosnia, but this one takes the cake.
Apparently, thousands of Muslim Albanians are going to Catholic Christmas celebrations this year, and this has the RFE types in a tizzy of multi-cultist pleasure. The “news” is accompanied by pious pronouncements of a Catholic priest and head mufti of Kosovo’s Muslims, about “tolerance,” “civilization” and so forth.
As you may have expected, there’s a problem. This vaunted “tolerance” extends only to Albanians.
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“Destruction” of Dubrovnik

Reuters’ presstitute Paul Gallagher writes yesterday about the trial of Yugoslav general Pavle Strugar for the alleged destruction of the medieval port of Dubrovnik.
Quite honestly, I didn’t think even the Hague Inquisition would dare to propagate positions that are so easily verifiable as lies.
Namely, the Inquisitors claim Strugar’s forces “mercilessly pounded” Dubrovnik’s Old Town, with “unprecedented ferocity,” and inflicted “heavy damage.” But that is simply not true. Continue reading ““Destruction” of Dubrovnik”

Clark at ICTY

In today’s article on Wesley Clark’s appearance at the Hague Inquisition, Elaine Sciolino of the New York Times reveals some important information.
Apparently, I’m not the only one wondering why Clark’s testimony came at this stage of the show trial, when the Kosovo phase was supposed to have ended earlier this year. In fact, the Inquisitors’ choice of witnesses towards the end of their allotted time reveals desperation and frustration; having failed to prove anything, they are now hauling in whoever they can drag into the courtroom, in vain hopes they might get lucky.
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Our Father Who Art in the White House

If you had any doubt about which altar boobus americanus kneels before, doubt no longer. The Oh, Really? Factor renders unto Caesar, and renders, and renders some more. Bill O’Reilly on Cardinal Martino:

[Y]ou can afford to feel compassion for Saddam, Cardinal, because the USA protects the Vatican from the forces of evil. America has been doing this since 1945. While you pray, we protect at the cost of American lives.

David Frum underspoke. Bush is not merely God’s agent; He is God.

The Warped Woof of Modern “Conservatism”

I do hope John Derbyshire did not contribute to The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature. Here, a bedtime story from Derb:

Actually, my favorite story of victor’s justice is the treatment given to the defeated Sultan Bayezid “the Thunderbolt” by Timur after the battle of Ankara in 1402. Bayezid was pulled around in a cage in Timur’s baggage train till he died, and his wife was forced to serve naked at Timur’s banquet table.

(Brought to my attention by Justin Logan.)