Anti-War Veterans Group Asks Biden to ‘Read Our Nuclear Posture Review Before Releasing Yours’

Amid heightened global fears of a nuclear war or accidental catastrophe, Veterans for Peace this week urged President Joe Biden to review its recommendations for U.S. policy related to weapons of mass destruction.

Highlighting a Veterans for Peace (VFP) report published earlier this year, the group’s message to Biden – spelled out in an open letter sent to the White House – is: “Read our Nuclear Posture Review before releasing yours.”

“The product of many months of research and writing, our Nuclear Posture Review is a blueprint for a world of peace and cooperation – a world that uses its precious resources for global uplift rather than mutual annihilation,” the VFP letter states.

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The German Greens and Unprincipled Lust for Power

Over the course of the past few months I have alluded both in writing and in various televised interviews to the ‘ship of fools’ composition of the German coalition government under Chancellor Scholz. This falls in line with my repeated emphasis over the years on the undemocratic results of seemingly progressive political processes across the European Continent guided by proportional representation as opposed to the Anglo-Saxon rule of ‘first past the post.’ I say undemocratic, because as is now commonly the case, no single party in such elections favoring minority groupings enjoys a majority in parliament and governments are cobbled together behind closed doors whereby the public has no say in the outcome. Ministerial portfolios are allocated following political haggling among party bosses and most often competence or prior experience with the given dossier of responsibilities plays no role.

In the German case today, though the Chancellor himself often seems clueless about international affairs, he is brilliant when compared to two of the ministers from the Greens Party whom he installed in his cabinet in positions which weigh heavily today on the most critical issue facing Germany and Europe generally, the sanctions imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. The ministers in question are responsible for Foreign Affairs (Annalena Baerbock) and The Economy and Environmental Affairs (Robert Habeck).

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Steve Chapman Column on China Disappoints

Steve Chapman’s Chicago Tribune column "On Taiwan, China is hurting its own cause" is pretty far off base in analyzing recent US provocations against China over Taiwan and China’s response.

For starters, he failed to characterize both Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan and Biden’s commitment to defend Taiwan as irresponsible provocations that would absolutely provoke a Chinese response. They continue the 7 years of America’s ‘pivot to Asia’ started by President Obama and continued uninterrupted by Trump and Biden, largely overturning our One China Policy begun by President Nixon in 1972.

Then to characterize China’s relatively measured tit for tat response as “designed to terrorize Taiwan and the US into acts of appeasement” or “conducting a dry run in preparation for an attack on Taiwan” is ludicrous.

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False Heroes Make False Promises

“Is the hero of a given state or people what we need today, when the whole planet should be our field of concern?” ~ Joseph Campbell

America’s proxy war against Russia continues to rattle the world, and now with the possibility of being drawn into a further conflict with China, the United States has plenty to lose and almost nothing to gain.

The war in Ukraine will be remembered as a disaster for American foreign policy. This is practically guaranteed by the failed leadership of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, who could teach a master class in manipulation.

Zelensky’s arrogance has no end: although he may be considered a rock star by superficial cultural standards and admired for such things as his shirt, he is no friend to democracies anywhere.

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