Being Pro-War Not Necessarily Patriotic: Ivan Eland
Neocon Treason: Paul Craig Roberts
The Govt Says We Need More Govt: Ron Paul
Former Exiles Dominate Puppet Govt: Lisa Croke
Remember the Last Rush to War?: Charles Peña
We may extend our dominion over the whole continent...but be assured it will be at the price of our free institutions.
– Rep. William Waters Boyce
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Updated Aug. 24, 2004 – 8:40 pm EDT
US Planes, Tanks, Snipers Pound Najaf
Iraq Gives Ultimatum as Sadr 'Willing to Talk'
Abu Ghraib Report Blames Rumsfeld, Officials
Military Judge Threatens to Dismiss Abuse Cases
Army: Teens Abused in Abu Ghraib 'Game'
Former CPA Adviser: We Muffed the Occupation
With US Consent, Israel OKs More Settlement Expansion
The Government Says We Need More Government  by Rep. Ron Paul
One Soldier Hobbles Through a Year in Hell  by Ed Offley
UK Govt an Enemy of the People
by John Redwood
Neocon Treason  by Paul Craig Roberts
Remember the Last Rush to War?
by Charles V. Peña
Strange Sightings in Bizarro World
by Tom Engelhardt

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Report of Independent Abu Ghraib Panel (.pdf)
Insurgent Attacks Could Extend GIs' Time in Iraq
On War, Little Difference Between Kerry and Bush
Additional Guard, Reserve Call-Ups Termed Likely
Former Exiles Dominate Iraqi Puppet Govt
Bush Bids to Exploit Olympics
Iraqi Soccer Coach: We're No Symbol of Freedom
US Military Sorry About Shooting Unarmed Afghans
Sudan Talks Create Suspicion, Not Peace
In Najaf, Even the Dead Are Suspected of Packing Heat
Flashpoint: Najaf
Iraqis Risk Death to Bury the Dead
Iraqi Politics Dictate US Tactics in Najaf
Iraqi Standoff Harms Allawi
Battle Puts Civilians on Najaf's Front Lines
Unknown Group Threatens US Troops in Iraq Over Najaf
US Aerial Assault on Najaf, Sadr City
US Rockets Damage Shrine Wall
Violence Continues
US Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Baghdad RPG Attack
Baghdad Car Bomb Misses Education Minister, Kills Two
Kurdish Official Killed in N. Iraq
Six Killed in Attacks Across Iraq
Attackers Kill Three North of Baghdad
Hostage Crises
Freed US Journalist Thanks Sadr for Intervention, Wants to Stay in Iraq
Journalists Seized on Najaf Road
Nepal Confirms Abductions of 13 in Iraq
Two French Reporters Vanish
The New Iraq
Dying Baghdad Street No Longer Believes US Promises
Everyone Wants a Piece of the $18-Billion Man in Iraq
Iraqi Turkmen Oppose 'Kurdish Influx'
Radio Gives Air to Baghdad Residents' Steam
Reforming Legal Education in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Pakistan FM: No Pressure to Send Troops to Iraq
Iran Says Iraqi Government Risks Losing Support
Afghanistan's Hazaras Experience Revival
Karzai Arrives for Pakistan Talks
Pakistan 'Won't Let' Militants Disrupt Afghan Election
Pakistan, US Take on Madrassas
Pakistan Vows to Stop Taliban; Westerners Just Scoff
Pakistan Seeks Help of Religious Scholars to Fight Terrorism
Seven Foreigners Suspected of al-Qaeda Ties Arrested in Pakistani Village
Pakistan Kills Four in North Waziristan Raid
China's Take on US Troop Shift
China to Replace US as Top Trading Partner for Japan
Taiwan Lawmakers Make Major Changes to Constitution, Eye Beijing's Reaction
Singapore Would Not Back Taiwan if War Started Over Independence
North Korea
North Korea, Eyeing Election, Issues Stream of Insults at Bush
Losing the Arms Race With North Korea
India & Friends
Israel to Appeal to India on Trade Boycott
India, Japan Eye New Axis
Nepal Offers Maoists Flexibility
Trader Shot Dead Amid Maoist Blockade in Nepal
Bangladesh Forces on High Alert
Bangladesh Protesters Ask 'Why the Bombings?'
Okinawa Governor, US General at Odds Over Marines Flights
Sri Lankan Army Patrol Attacked, Tamil Tigers Blamed
Russia & Her Neighbors
Kremlin Candidate for Chechen Presidency Set to Win
Russian Army a Rusty Relic
Colombian Rebel Group Rejects Govt. Hostage Exchange
Bush Cuban Policy Driven by Politics
More Secret Pinochet Accounts Found at Riggs Bank
Torture Tales & Probes
Hippocratic Oath AWOL at Military Prisons
Reservist Will Plead Guilty at Abu Ghraib Trial
Judge: Iraq Abuse Photos Won't Be Suppressed at Trial
Memo Appealed for Ways to Break Detainees
Abu Ghraib Picture Begins to Fill In
US Soldier Wants Abuse Trial Moved From Baghdad
Idema Demands Access to FBI Files
GOP Convention in NYC
Federal Judge Refuses to Allow RNC Protest in Central Park
NY Post: Former 'Weathermen' Plan to Disrupt GOP Convention
Protesters, Police Get Set in NYC
The War at Home
Bush, Advisors Map Out Defense Policy
This Just In: The Factors Behind Newspapers' Rush to Contrition
Army Counselor Helps Troops Deal With Stresses of War
Politicos Dig Deep for Your Data
Intel Reform
Bush, Tenet Object to GOP Intel Plan
GOP Senator's Plan for CIA Is Criticized by Key Democrat
Goss Backed '95 Bill to Slash Intelligence
Gitmo 'Justice'
Rights Groups Get Cold Shoulder at Gitmo
Guantanamo Hearings Begin
Gitmo Tribunal Looms for 'Aussie Taliban'
'War on Terror'
9/11 Panel Tells of al-Qaeda 'Travel Agency'
Honduras on Alert as al-Qaeda Reportedly Recruiting Citizens for Attacks
Concern Rises Over Theft of Passports
Novelist Wanted on Terrorism Charges Disappears in France
Indonesian Police Say Fresh Arrests Prove Terror Group Is Active
'Mystery Aussie' in al-Qaeda Plot
Aussie FM Dismisses Terror Threat
Aussies to Spend $35 Million on Terror Defense
Journalist Smuggles Fake Bomb on British Plane
Hunger Strike Resonates Loudly Throughout Palestine
Gandhi Model of Nonviolence Never Given a Chance in the Middle East
Arafat to Meet With Former Security Chief in Ramallah
Israel Kills Two Palestinians in Gaza
12-Year-Old Settler Injured in West Bank Shooting Attack
Middle East
Saudi Hearing for Dissidents Postponed by Crowd of Supporters
Iran Repeats Warning Against Attacking Nuclear Facilities
Sudan Rejects African Troop Offer at Darfur Talks
Villages Burn and Refugees Flood Into Camps as Darfur Deadline Looms
Evidence of New Atrocities Emerges in Sudan
UK Foreign Secretary to Visit Darfur Camp
Nigerian President: Peace Essential for Economic Growth in Africa

Equatoguinean 'Mercenary' Trial Starts Without Zimbabweans

Northern, Southern Cyprus Resume Trade as Ban Lifted
Accusations of Ethnic Cleansing as Belfast Demolishes Protestant Homes
Greece to Extradite Suspect in Djindjic Killing
Antinuke Activists Arrested at Scottish Naval Base
Unusual News
Bodies of Three WWI Soldiers Found in Italian Glacier
Aussies Use Insect Swarms in Military Research

Buchanan Against the Empire

Being Pro-War Is Not Necessarily Patriotic

A Letter from Belgrade

Repositioning on the Titanic

Sascha Matuszak
Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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