Winning the Great Balloon War

Reprinted from Bracing Views with the author’s permission.

OK, so America used an ultra-expensive F-22 stealth interceptor to shoot down what may prove to be a common weather balloon that was “made in China.” But, dammit, we won! It was a perfect one-shot kill! Maverick himself couldn’t have done it better. Take that, China!

A friend watches the nightly NBC News, and he tells me NBC repeatedly showed the balloon being shot down. He counted nine times on the first night and four or five times the next night. Is the U.S. military and MICIMATT so desperate for a victory that it has to show a balloon being shot down more than a dozen times over the period of 24 hours? “Yes” is the answer.

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Why I Am Antiwar (And What That Means)

As the post-Russian-invasion phase of the war in Ukraine approaches the end of its first year (its previous, lower-intensity, phase blazed into military flame in 2014), I continually find my own position pigeon-holed into convenient categories by those who hold other positions on it.

Some who claim to be “antiwar” accuse me of supporting Russian aggression, while others say I support Ukrainian Nazism or US imperialism. Still others, more openly “pro-war,” find me “soft” on the various actions of [insert regime of choice here].

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APB: The Balloon Is Up

During World War I, British forces sent up hot-air balloons to spy on advancing enemy forces. In recent times, a number of countries, including the US and France, have launched data-gathering balloons. The Chinese military last year reported favorably on many uses for such balloons, including for surveillance, communication, weather information, and communication. The detection yesterday of a Chinese balloon hovering over Montana, where the US houses ICBMs, probably falls into the category of military surveillance, though the fact of the matter remains to be determined.

To my mind, the US has overreacted to the discovery, postponing an important visit to Beijing by the secretary of state. Granted, a Chinese high-altitude balloon should not have been floating over US territory; as Secretary Blinken said, it violated sovereignty and international law. Still, there are mitigating circumstances, to wit:

  • This is not the first time Chinese balloons have appeared in US skies, without incident.
  • The US routinely deploys spy planes and satellites over Chinese territory.
  • The data presumably collected by the Chinese balloon may not be all that sensitive; China has far more sophisticated ways of acquiring military intelligence.
  • Most importantly, the incident does not warrant postponement of Blinken’s visit.

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Balloon Brouhaha

Many foreign policy experts foresee a looming nuclear war between the US and China. That is why Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s planned trip to China next week was so important. So little direct contact with China, coupled with so many provocations, mostly initiated by Uncle Sam, spells almost inevitable conflict.

But Blinken abruptly canceled this important trip over….get this…a balloon. Citizens below and the US government spotted a balloon high up over Montana that admittedly came from China.

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Behind Closed Doors, Pentagon Warns Congress of Ukraine’s Weakness

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Although the narrative pushed by the US government and propped up by the mainstream media is that “Ukraine is winning,” in a recent classified briefing to Congress the Pentagon is singing a very different tune. As the Biden Administration continues up the escalation escalator, shouldn’t the American people hear what military experts really believe? Also today: Why F-16s?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.