The 'Stop Loss' Scam: Justin Raimondo
Those Left Behind: Dahr Jamail
Pro-War Christians Should Come Clean: Darrell Dow
A Catastrophe Calculator: Paul Craig Roberts
Al-Qaeda vs. the House of Saud: Ehsan Ahrari
From fanaticism to barbarism is only one step.
– Denis Diderot
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Updated Dec. 8, 2004 – 8:20 pm EST
Marine Says Unit Killed Iraqi Civilians
Rumsfeld to Troops: Quit Whining
US: Iraq Rebels Aided by Syrians
Officials Who Saw Prison Abuse Were Threatened
Ukraine Opposition Relents, Reforms Approved
Yushchenko Poisoning Story Denied
White House Plans to Step Up Pressure on Iran
Israel Lobby Spy Probe Intensifies
Iraqi Officials Call for Staggering Elections
Iran Trying to Influence Iraq Elections?
With Brits Gone, US Marines Overstretched in Iraq 'Death Triangle'
Pro-War Christians Should Come Clean  by Darrell Dow
Behaving Like the Soviets Won't Make America Safer  by Eric Margolis
A Roadblock Concerto at Gunpoint
by Omar Barghouti
A Catastrophe Calculator
by Paul Craig Roberts
Those Left Behind  by Dahr Jamail
Bernard Lewis Revisited
by Michael Hirsh

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Ron Paul Denounces National ID Card
June Report Warned of Iraq Prisoner Abuse
Powell Confronts Russia Over Ukraine
Kuchma Warns Yanukovich Not to Run in Revote
Two GIs Charged With Executing Unarmed Iraqis
Israel: Report of Mideast Pact Is Premature
Annan Rejects Calls to Quit
Insurgents Target Iraqi Police, Troops
Today in Iraq
CIA Official: Iraq Needs Stronger Government
Iraqi Healthcare Given A 'New Look'
In Iraq, 'Lawrence' Is a Must Read
'Warrior Monk' Sees His Calling in Iraq
US Troops Interrogating Iraqi Suspects
Violence Continues
Bomb Kills Three Iraqi National Guardsmen
Mosul Churches Bombed, Three Hurt
Iraqis Feel Insurgents' Wrath
Marine Dies in Vehicle Accident in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Dutchman Held for 'Iraq Genocide' for Supplying Saddam With Chemicals
Blair Petitioned to Set Up Inquiry Into Iraqi War Dead
Iraqi Official Slams Neighboring Nations Over Insurgents
Yawar Warns Iran Against Meddling in Iraq
Philippine Workers Sneak Into Iraq
Putin Doubts Iraq Elections Can Be Held on Schedule
Karzai Sworn in as Afghan President
Cheney, Rumsfeld, in Afghanistan, Say Terror Remains Threat
Karzai Vows Action Against Warlords, Opium
UK: Afghanistan Drug Output Set to Fall
12 Killed in Fighting in Afghanistan
Taiwan Name Plan Brings US Warning
Mystery Still Swirls Around Kim Jong Il
Scuffle in Seoul Over Security Law
Talks Start on Kashmir Bus Route
Putin's Push for a Strategic Triangle
Russia May Exonerate Executed Commander
Sudan Orders Charity Head Out
Annan Damns Both Sides in Darfur
UN: Chaos in Darfur
UN: Rwandan Troops Almost Certainly in Congo
Nigerian Oil Plant Occupation Ends
A Rerun of the 2001 Macedonia War?
Serb General Denies War Crimes
Super Coca Beats the US at Its Own Game
Colombia Arrests Paramilitaries on Drug Charges
In Other News
OPEC Heads for Clash on Oil Production Quotas
Appeal Dates Set for Israeli New Zealand Passport 'Spies'
Romania Asks for US Marine Extradition
North Ireland Peace Talks Expected to End in Failure
More Abuse
FBI Criticizes Army's Methods at Guantanamo
ACLU to Release Records of Interrogation Techniques
UK Lawyer to Outline Gitmo Torture
Lawyer: Britain Complicit in Gitmo Offenses
Military Judge Sees No Jury Tainting in Abu Ghraib Case
Intel Bill Clears Senate as White House Reaches Out
House Overwhelmingly Passes Intel Overhaul Bill
New Intel Director's Role a Concern
What Spy Reforms Mean
The War at Home
The Fight Over Campus Recruiting
Reporters Appeal Jail Terms in Plame Leak Case
Military Lawyers Defend Civil Liberties
Air Force's Top Lawyer May Face Sex Charges
Arms Experts Warn Missile Defense a Conspiracy to Use Space as Battlefield
Michigan Couple Challenges Cuba Travel Ban
Antiwar Icon Brings Message Home
Ukraine Puts Strain on Russia-US Ties
Churches Split in Ukraine Crisis
Palestinian Politics
Barghouti Leads Polls From Jail
Fatah Leaders Press Barghouti to Withdraw
Palestinian Leaders Urge Syria to Stay Out of Election
Israeli Army Suspends Unit Over Killing
Deaths of Palestinian Children Draw Scrutiny of Israeli Military
Hamas Admits Ambushing Israeli Patrol
Gaza Clashes Leave Israeli Soldier, Four Palestinians Dead
Israel Fires Missile Into Gaza City, One Killed
Israeli Settler Sentenced for Membership in Extremist Group
Israeli Army Shuts Down Hebron Charities for Orphans, Claims Hamas Ties
Saudi Arabia
US Warns of More Terror Attacks in Saudi Arabia
Jeddah New Front in Saudi Terror War
US Ambassador Praises Consulate Security
Mideast Press Slams Attack on US Consulate
Marine Security Team Heading to Jeddah
Saudi Raid Survivors Say Human Shields Were Used
The War on Terror and the Saudi Timebomb
Attackers Monitored US Consulate Before Attack
Middle East
Public Outcry as Egypt Trades Spy for Students
Syrian President Pardons 112 Political Prisoners
Iran Investigating Four Suspected Nuclear Spies

The 'Stop Loss' Scam

Rumsfeld's Muddy Quagmire

Rethinking Secession

Democratic Terrorists, and Other Lies

Ilana Mercer
Feeding the Iraq Moloch

Praful Bidwai
Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Ran HaCohen
How to Remember Arafat

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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