Orwellian Balkans: Nebojsa Malic
So Much for Liberating IraqiWomen: HaifaZangana
Torture at the Top:AriBerman
US Seeks to Silence Arab Democracy Activists: Aaron Glantz

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.
– Thomas Jefferson
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Updated December 23, 2004 - 11:21 PM EST
Fallujah Erupts Again, 3 Marines Killed
Rumsfeld: Iraq Election Won't Quell Violence
Mosul Attack Was Suicide Bomber, Not Rocket
Mosul Bomber Wore Iraqi Military Uniform
Rumsfeld Makes Surprise Visit to Mosul
US Contractor Quits Iraq as Violence Threatens Elections
Blair Tones Down Peace Efforts After US, Israeli Warnings
New Papers Suggest Detainee Abuse Was Widespread
  State-Owned Russian Oil Firm Buys Mysterious Bid Winner
Indifferent to the Suffering of Others  by Robert Fisk
How Did the Blogosphere Get Fooled on Ukraine?  by John Rosenthal
Interpreting Ukraine: Beyond 'Good' and 'Evil'  by Leon Hadar
Torture at the Top  by Ari Berman
Rumsfeld Is Already on His Way Out
by Martin
Mad Malkin Defends the Indefensible  by Eric L. Muller

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US Seeks to Silence Arab Democracy Activists
Who's Influencing Ukraine's Vote?
Insurgents Have Better Intel on US Forces
Insurgents Ramp Up Attacks on US Troops in Samarra
Troops in Iraq Under Fire, and Unprotected
Suicide Rate Among Marines Highest in Five Years
Behind the Contract Pullout
Iran's Military on Standby to Defend Nuclear Sites
US Ambassador: Foreign Troops May Stay in Afghanistan Indefinitely
Returning Fallujah Refugees Would Face New Problem: No Clean Water as Treatment Facilities Destroyed by Military Ops
Today in Iraq
Suicide Bombing, Blast Kill 15 in Iraq
Baghdad Mobile Phone Operator May Pull Out
Soldiers in Sunni Town Run Into Wall of Silence
Iraqi Ambassador: Pictures of Syrian Officials Found in Fallujah
Foreign Team Will Watch Vote in Iraq From Jordan
Muslim Scholars: Fallujah Uninhabitable
Insurgent Threats Closing Sunni Schools
Soldier Who Killed Unarmed Iraqi Discharged to Face Manslaughter Charges
Mosul Explodes
US Troops Seal Off Mosul, Try to Decide Whom to Arrest
Soldiers Injured in Mosul Attack Flown to Germany
Mosul Assault Leaves Families Worrying
Mosul Blast Puts Hiring Policy Under Scrutiny
4 Halliburton Workers Died in Mosul Attack
Freed After 124 Days
Freed French Journalists Greeted as Heroes
Freed French Journalists Describe Their Experience
Did France Pay to Free Hostages?
France Says It Did Not Pay Ransom for Hostages' Release
The New Iraq
Christian Orphans Stuck in Limbo in Iraq
Coalition Trash Proves Lucrative for Iraqis Deprived of Western Goods
Iraq's Library Struggles to Rise Again
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkish PM Urges Bush to Act Against Kurdish Separatists in Iraq
Polish PM Arrives in Iraq for Christmas Visit
Dutch Troops Sticking to March Pullout Date
Germany Offers Iraq More Military Help
Kofi Annan
Annan: UN and US Must End Disputes
Annan's Chief of Staff Resigns
US Signs 99-year Lease for Site of New Embassy in Taiwan
UN Alerted to Kabul Kidnap Plot
US Closes Indonesian Consulate Amid Security Fears
Malaysia Won't Close Thai Border
Nepal Jittery Over King's India Visit
Aid Group: Sudan Troops Killed Aid Worker
Agency Pulls Out as Sudan Talks Stall
UN Troops Set Up Buffer Zone Between Congo Factions
Congo Sex Scandal Threatens UN Rebuilding Effort
UN Votes to Maintain Liberia Sanctions
Suspect Freed in US Tanzania Embassy Bombing
More Abuse
Abuse Inquiries Were Cut Short
White House Expects Probe of Detainee Abuses
The War at Home
Bush's New Problem: Iraq Could Eclipse Domestic Agenda
Republicans Lobby for Sweeping Changes at Pentagon
Rumsfeld Defends Himself as Caring
Powell Touts Successes, Defends Iraq War
Getting Used to Home Takes Time for Troops
DARPA Awards Contract for Combat Robot
Homeland Security
Energy Dept. Report Assesses Risks of Attack on Tankers
TSA Modifies Security Search Guidelines
TSA Screeners Cope With Chaos
Big Cities Will Get More in Antiterrorism Grants
Biometric US Passports to Debut in Spring
New US Passport Privacy in Doubt
Kerik Quits Giuliani Consulting Firm Amid Allegations
War on Terror
Appeals Court Upholds Ban on Terror-Group Training
Financial Front Intensifies in the War on Terror
Yushchenko: Making Russia a Second Language a Political Issue
Threat of Secession Easing in Ukraine
Yushchenko Warns of Plot to Disrupt Revote
Israeli Panel Okays Funding of Projects in Gaza Settlements
Sharon Praises Talks He Will Not Attend
Palestinians Dismiss Blair Visit as Publicity Stunt
Israel's Chinese Arms Sale Dilemma
Internal Power Struggle as Hamas Struggles to Find Its Place Post-Arafat
Settler Attacks Force Israeli Army to Accompany Palestinian Students to School
Christians Go as Bethlehem's Star Dims
Four Palestinians Killed in Gaza Clashes
Israeli Security Guard Killed Near Hebron
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Withdraw Ambassador From Libya
Saudi Activist Surprised at UN Sanctions

Britain Backs US Action Against Saudi Dissident

Saudi Exile Denies Terror Links After US Freezes Assets
Middle East
Iran Charges More Than 10 With Nuclear Spying
Turkey, Syria Sign Free Trade Agreement
Putin Hints at Yukos China Link
Yukos Seeks US Action on Sale
Russian MP Blames Top Officials for Beslan
In Other News
Iceland Tells US to Butt Out on Fischer Residency Offer
UK Navy Fighting Colombian Cocaine Smuggling
Czech Army Finally All-Volunteer as Last Conscripts Leave
Australia Sees First Casualty in Solomon Islands Deployment

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Lethal Weapons: Neocon Groupies

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Praful Bidwai
Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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