The Devil's Christmas: Justin Raimondo
Restoring Christmas: Alan Bock
Never Smile at a Crocodile: Teresa Whitehurst
Mother Pleads to Pentagon: Tom Griffin
US Out of Iraq: Al Neuharth, USA Today

The winds that blow our billions away return burdened with themes of scorn and dispraise.
– Garet Garrett
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Updated December 24, 2004 - 11:21 PM EST
US: Mosul Insurgents Operating at Will
Another Guard Unit Decries Training, Equipment
Neocons Pin Iraq on Rumsfeld
Powell Advised Bush to Add Iraq Troops
Baghdad Truck Blast Kills 8, Wounds 20
Rumsfeld Makes Surprise Visit to Mosul
900 Fallujans Let Back in for a Few Hours
An Intelligence Gap Hinders US in Iraq
Not a Merry Christmas for Iraqi Christians
Putin: West Trying to Isolate Russia by Interfering in Elections
Experts: US Counterinsurgency Campaign in Iraq Could Take Decades
They Can Only Dream of Holidays at Home  by Al Neuharth, USA Today
Thanks to the Lords, Libs, and the Law  by Simon Jenkins
Innocence and Ignorance Beget Horror and Destruction
by Gail Vida Hamburg
It's Time to Talk War Crimes
Washington Post
US Should Recognize North Korea
by Peter R. Moody, Jr.
Terrorism by the Strong Is Still Terrorism  by Linda Warner

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Report: US Considering Strikes Into Syria
Putin: Renationalization of Yukos Followed 'Free Market Principles'
US Warns Russia Over Yukos
USA Today Founder: US Out of Iraq
Files Show Trail of Bungled Abu Ghraib Inquiries
Sunni Police Chief in Anbar Province Quits
Mosul Bomber Was Wearing Iraqi Military Uniform
Mother Pleads to Pentagon Over Spicer Contract
As Christmas Approaches, US Bases Across Iraq on High Alert
Today in Iraq
Fallujah Erupts Again, Four US Military Personnel Killed in Iraq
Powell: Iraq Insurgency Is 'Very Serious'
US, Iraq Discuss National Oil Company
US Families to Assist Fallujah Refugees
Christmas in Iraq (1)
In Iraq, Many Churches Cancel Christmas Celebrations
Iraqi Christians Face a Season of Ill-Will
Iraqi Christians Face Gloomy Christmas
Christmas in Iraq (2)
For Troops, Most Precious Gift Is a Few Moments With Family
US Troops Receive Holiday Morale Boost From Home
Australian Troops to Celebrate Christmas in Iraq
Wounded From Mosul
After 18,434 Wounded From Iraq, Landstuhl Was Prepared for Mosul
Those Wounded in Mosul Expected to Recover
Hospital Hopes Iraq Wounded Will Be Home for Holidays
Doctors Work to Stabilize Mosul Wounded
Wounded Soldiers Celebrate an Early Christmas
Security Deteriorating
Attack in Iraq Shows Troops' Vulnerability
Mosul, One Time US Success Story, Turns Ugly
Mosul Attack Puts Iraqi Workers Under Scrutiny
Militant Group Taunts US Over Mosul Bombing
Security Gaps Remain a Concern in Iraq
No Security Changes Yet After Mosul Bombing
Japan: Mosul Attack Will Have No Effect on Japanese Troops
Iraqi Elections
Poll: Most Iraqis Plan to Vote
Iraqi Ambassador: Hundreds More UN Election Workers Needed
French Hostages Released
Muslim World Played a Key Role in Freeing French Journalists
Criticism Rises Over Botched Resuce Attempt on French Journalists
Trying to Survive
Study: Malnutrition Among Iraqi Children Nearly Doubled Since Invasion
Iraqis' Dismay Surges as Lights Flicker and Gas Lines Grow
Food Shortages Hits Iraqis Dependent on Rations
Violence Delays Rebuilding of Iraq's Agriculture Sector
Global Iraq Fallout
Iran FM Challenges US, Iraq to Prove Meddling Accusations
Iran Bans Pilgrims to Iraq, Citing Security Concerns
No Saudi Troops for Iraq
Annan: UN Working to Keep Iraq Whole
UK Antiwar Protesters Urging Military Families to Join Up
Karzai Names New Cabinet
Women Get Afghan Cabinet Posts
Pakistan Air Chief: F-16s From US to Be Delivered Soon
Pakistan Seeks Concrete Proposals on Kashmir
Kashmir Still an Obstacle to Lasting Peace
Upheaval Coming in North Korea?
South Korea Appeals for Patience Towards North
Report: Chinese President Reshuffles High Ranking Military Officers
44 North Koreans Are Allowed to Leave China
Maoists Cut Off Nepal Capital
Nepal Army Kills 22 Maoists
More Abuse
Torture's Path: the Paper Trail to Alberto Gonzales
These Days, Torture Isn't Where You'd Think
Greek Police Officers Accused of Torturing Afghans
Military Families & Vets
Families Mourn Those Killed in Mosul
Some Missing This Christmas
Amended Holiday Wishes for Wounded Vets
Military Families Find It Hard to Make Ends Meet
Red Cross Plays Major Role in Soldiers' Emergency Leave
Homeless Veterans
Maine Mourns Fallen Soldiers
The War at Home
Bush Will Face Major Foreign Policy Challenges Beyond War on Terror
Criticism 'Really Hurting Rumsfeld's Feelings'
US Deserters' Bid for Asylum Has Canada Abuzz
Anti-Satellite Test Bed Planned in Alabama
The Soldier of the Future
War on Terror
UK Frantically Shredding Files Ahead of Freedom of Information Act
Al-Qaeda-Linked Groups in Macedonia, Kosovo Adopt New Tactics
Terror Finance: Two High-Stakes Cases
TSA Rethinking Airline Passenger Patdowns
Europe and Asia Try ‘Security With a Smile’
Putin: West Stirring Revolution in Ukraine
Poll: Yushchenko Holds Lead Ahead of Revote
Ukraine Agents Deny Poison Plot
Palestinian Politics
West Bank Palestinians Vote in First Municipal Elections in Decades
26 West Bank Towns Successfully Hold Elections
Blair Bowed to Israel, Say Palestinians
Attack on Blair Shows Rift in Palestinian Leadership
Gaza Disengagement?
IDF to Oust Troops Who Obey Rabbis Rather Than Officers
Israeli MPs Sign Pledge to Join Settlers in Resisting Disengagement
Peace Group Volunteers Offer to Stand in for Israeli Soldiers Who Refuse Gaza Orders
Israel's Unbridled Trade in Arms
Clerics: Israeli Barrier Turning Bethlehem Into a Prison
UN: Roadblocks, Walls Isolating Bethlehem
Battling Against Israeli 'Apartheid'
Mortars Hit Gaza Settlements
Darfur Rebel Group Rejects Return to Talks
UN: Congo Border Fighting Quieting Down
Massive Christmas Security Campaign in Indonesia
Indonesian Christians Fear Attacks
Indonesian Army Chief: 70,000 More Troops Needed
Thailand Sends Thousands More Police to the South Amid Attack Fears
Eyewitness: Thai Media Intimidation
In Other News
Elbaradei Faces Tough Road to Reelection
Sri Lanka Rebels Reject Offer to Revive Peace Talks
Australia Sends Extra Troops to Solomon Islands
Cubans Put Up 'Anti-Imperialist' Images

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Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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