Kafka, Orwell, and Gonzales: Richard Cohen
What Have We Become?: George Hunsinger
Meanwhile, Back in Iraq...: Jim Lobe
It's Worse Than Illegal: Ray McGovern
Ignorance and Illogic About Iraq: Darrell Dow

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Updated January 6, 2005 - 11:20 PM EST
Roadside Attacks Kill 9 GIs in Iraq
General: Gonzales Endangers US Troops
Gonzales Sought Ruling on 'Legal' Torture
18 Iraqis Seeking Jobs at US Base Found Dead
Governor Denies Bodies Found in Mosul

Report: Army Doctors Aided Abuse

Top General: Reserves Becoming a 'Broken Force'
AU Agrees to Invade Somalia, Install Nairobi-Based 'Govt'
What Kind of People Have We Become?  by George Hunsinger
What Did Rumsfeld Know About Torture?  by Nat Hentoff
Ignorance and Illogic About Iraq
by Darrell Dow
2004: The Year in Torture  by Yoram Gat
It's Worse Than Illegal  by Ray McGovern
Ambivalence in the Ranks
by Claude Lewis

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Meanwhile, Back in Iraq...
The State of Weapons Proliferation 2004
Gonzales Vows to Follow Non-Torture Policies
Excerpt of a Key Gonzales Memo on Geneva Conventions
Guide to Memos on Torture
US May Make Terror War’s 'Legal Limbo' Permanent
Detainee: US Sent Me to Be Tortured in Egypt
Bush Administration Bans Some Land Mines
Goss' Shake-Ups Leave Some Questioning CIA's Role
Lawyers Criticize Gonzales' Texas Clemency Memos
Torture Scandal Spreads as Gonzales Hearings Begin
Iraq Today
Najaf May Become Center of Iraq's Political Power
Iraqi Housewives Worse Off Than Under Saddam
Residents Return to What's Left of Fallujah
Fallujans Return to All They Lost
Kurdistan Regional Govt Condemns US Raid
New Zealand Sends One Soldier to Iraq
Britons in Iraqi Jails Accused of Fighting With Rebels
Kerry Visits Iraq for 'Firsthand' View
Iraqi Says US Troops Laughed as Relative Drowned
Iraq Elections
US to Deploy 35,000 Troops in Baghdad for Elections
Allawi: We Cannot Allow the Terrorists to Stop Elections
Iraq: To Vote or Not to Vote
Sunnis Say Voting in Elections Carries Too High a Price
One Million Overseas Iraqis May Vote
Jordan-Hosted Iraq Conference to Focus on Elections
Violence Continues
New Bomb Attacks on Iraqi Police Kill 25
Iraqi Communist Leader Gunned Down in Baghdad
Five Iraqi Civilians Killed in Ramadi Clashes
Iraqi Sunni Party Official Killed in Mosul
US Soldier Killed in North Iraq Attack
Assassinated Baghdad Governor Had Own Security
Fatah Tells Hamas: Stop Rocket Attacks
Report: Israeli Spies Want Budget Doubled
Sharon Gains Ally but Splits Likud
12 Israeli Soldiers Injured in Gaza Rocket Attack
Militant Group Claims to Hold Israeli Women, Demands Prisoner Exchange
Palestinian Elections
Militants to Give Abbas 'a Chance'
Palestinians See Abbas as Man Who Can Deliver Peace
Hamas Wins Seats in Palestinian Vote
Israelis Watching Outcome of Palestinian Elections
Settlers May Attack Israeli Soldiers, Muslim Holy Sites During Palestinian Elections
Israel to Seek Security Partnership With New Palestinian Leadership
Barghouti Removed From Solitary Confinement
Other Barghouti Trails in Palestinian Polls
Gaza Withdrawal
Sharon Warns Gaza Settlers Not to Resist Evacuation
Israeli AG Orders Probe of Two Settler Leaders on Incitement Charges
Turkey Offers to Help Gaza Reconstruction After Israeli Pullout
14 Russian Troops Killed in Chechnya
In Modern Russia, the Cult of Personality Still Rules
War at Home
US Army Sergeant May Refuse Re-Deployment to Iraq
Military's Test at High Schools Brings a Salvo of Concerns
Families of Slain Fallujah Contractors Sue Employer
Marine Charged With Desertion in Iraq Now Declared Deserter Again
California City Copes With Iraq War Casualties
Soldier Who Shot Himself Gets Six-Month Sentence
As Troops Return Home, a Changing of the Guard
Military Doctor's Iraq Web Diary Shut Down
War on Terror
Foreign Strategists Aid US Terror War
Missile Defense: What Role in Era of Terror?
Man Charged Under PATRIOT Act for Shining Laser at Planes
Alleged Taliban Supporter Gets Gitmo Hearing
Poppies and Guns Still Sprout in Afghanistan
'Homeland Security'
Court Says US Can Revoke Citizenship of Man Convicted of Crime After Being Naturalized
House Approves Single Homeland Security Oversight Panel
The Nuclear World
ElBaradei: North Korean Nuke Crisis Getting Worse
US: Don't Jump the Gun on Egyptian Nukes
Iran to Allow Military Site Probe by UN
'Loose Nukes' Fear Spurs US-Russia Action
Yanukovich Appeals Ukraine Vote Results
Kuchma Accepts Yanukovich's Resignation
Yanukovich Out but Ukraine Still in Limbo
Ukraine Faces Long Transition
US Partially Breaks Military Embargo on Indonesia for Tsunami Relief

US Eyes Greater Military Clout in Asia Following Tsunami Tragedy

Tsunami Aid Effort Stretches Military Resources
Australia Concerned About Aceh Fighting While Giving Military Aid to Indonesia
Indonesian Gratitude for Aid Accompanied by Suspicion of US
Fresh Peace Proposals for Uganda
Ivory Coast's 'Young Patriots'
Suspected Ethiopian Torturer Arrested in US
Mugabe Faces New Threat as Party Militants Stage Revolt
East Asia
North Korean Manual Orders Citizens to Prepare for War With US
US Congress Plans North Korea Visit
US Agrees to Sell Hellfire Missiles to Taiwan
China Asks Japanese Politicians to Postpone Their Visit
In Other News
War Crimes Indictment Could Push Teetering Kosovo to Edge
Venezuela Investigates Colombian Rebel's Arrest
Nepal Army Kills at Least 130 Maoist Rebels in Clash

Are We Safer Now?

Mortgaging the Future of Our Armed Forces

Confused About Democracy

Train of Abuses

Ilana Mercer
The Neoconnerie’s Plan For Iran

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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