A Broken Promise: Nebojsa Malic
What Is Wrong With Torture: Engelhardt/Schell
Dying for Sycophants: Paul Craig Roberts
Bush: Unfazed...or Unhinged?: Teresa Whitehurst
Welcome to Kurdistan: Aaron Glantz

There is nothing that war has ever achieved that we could not better achieve without it.
– Henry Havelock Ellis
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Updated January 20, 2005 - 11:37 PM EST
Americans Oppose Invading Iran
Another Poll Finds US War Support Plummeting
Bloody Day in Iraq as 29 Killed
Gonzales: CIA Exempt From Torture Ban
Missiles Deployed for Bush Inauguration
Iraqi Official: Hundreds of Pre-Election Attacks Planned
Cheney: Bush Restored Power to the Presidency
What Is Wrong With Torture
by Tom Engelhardt & Jonathan Schell
Pomp and Improper Circumstance
by Robert Scheer
Bush: Unfazed ... or Unhinged?
by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst
Dying for Sycophants
by Paul Craig Roberts
A Permanent Presence in Iraq?
by Ari Berman
Addressing the Persuadable Middle
by Mike Ferner

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Rice: Geneva Conventions Don't Apply to Terrorists
US Knew Saddam Was Smuggling Oil

Survey: Benevolent Hegemony Not Appreciated

Judge: Gitmo Detainees Can't Challenge Confinement
Judiciary Committee Delays Vote on Gonzales
Missile Defense Semantics
Syria Strikes Still Considered
US Soldiers Murder Couple at Checkpoint, Six Children Soaked in Parents' Blood
Today in Iraq

Welcome to Kurdistan

Iraqi Police to Recruit Another 100,000 Former Members of Saddam's Army
Intel: Iraqis Will Press for Withdrawal After Elections
Danish Troops to Leave Iraq Within 18 Months
Suspected Supporters of Iraq's Insurgency Voice Distrust, Anger
US' New Iraq Prison '180 Degrees' From Abu Ghraib
Archbishop Says Treated Well by Iraqi Kidnappers
Rebuilding of Basra Progresses, but It's Harder Than Expected
US Returns Three Stolen Artifacts to Iraq
Violence Continues
A Rude Awakening
Bomb Blast Injures Aussie Troops, Kills Two Iraqis
Zarqawi Group Says It Conducted Aussie Embassy Blast
Using Cars as Weapons in Iraq
China Urges Iraq to Help Free Captives

Another Car Bomb ... This Must Be Democracy

China Pledges Action for Iraq Hostages
Insurgent Attack Sparks Ramadi Fighting
Dutch Troops Kill Iraqi Man at Checkpoint
Video Shows Killing of Iraqi Hostages

Gunmen Abduct Japanese Engineer in Central Iraq

Iraqi Insurgents Kill Security Company Workers
Iraqi Elections
Two Front-Runners Vie for Iraqi PM Post
'More Than Half' May Vote in Violent Iraqi Cities
Allawi Uses Iraqi Police in Campaign Work
Iraq's Critical Sistani Factor
US General: Fallujans Will Be Allowed to Vote
Iraqis in Syria Register to Vote
US Sees Iraq Assembly Dominated by Non-Sunnis
Gaza Watches and Waits as Abbas Tries to End Violence
Israelis Relent as Abbas Tackles Hamas
Palestinian Commander Promises Action to End Violence
Abbas Sacks Arafat Advisers
Hamas to 'Study' Ceasefire Proposals
Palestinians to Guard Gaza Border
Israeli Forces Raid Nablus
Israeli Ministers Approve Military Operation in Lebanon
Unemployment Surging Among Palestinians
Abbas' Baptism of Fire

Israeli Govt Decision Strips Palestinians of Their East Jerusalem Property

Russia and Her Neighbors
Oil Deal Solves Russia-Kazakhstan Border Dispute
Yushchenko Pushes EU Bid
Moscow Plans Stalin Monument
East Asia
US Sanctions on North Korea Nixed
Indonesia Plans Aceh Rebel Talks
Japan Business Lobby: Allow Joint Military Defense With Allies
South Asia
India, Pakistan Discuss Ceasefire Breach
Kazakhstan Diplomat Shot, Injured in Pakistan
Maoists Warn Nepal of Chaos if Elections Held
Sri Lankan Peace Dividend From Tsunami?
Tamil Tiger Chief Emerges to Put Down Reports of His Death
Capital Weaves a Steel Cocoon for a Big Party

To the Founders, Congress Was King

War at Home
Democrats Postpone Gonzales Vote
Democrats to Delay Rice Confirmation Vote
Rice Acknowledges Some Bad Iraq Decisions
Rice Confirmation Hearings Target Bush Policies

Army Scrounging to Boost Troops in Iraq

US Military Personnel Growing Critical of Iraq War
Will Abu Ghraib Prosecution Go Higher?
Canada, Here They Come... Americans in Exile
US Unit in Germany Gets Iraq Deployment Warning
Army Affirms Ban on Women in Combat
Britain's War
Blair: No Plans to Send More Troops to Iraq
UK Army Admits Losing Control of Troops After Iraq Invasion
Britain Slow to Learn From the Abu Ghraib Scandal

Photos of Alleged Abuse Put Pressure on Blair

For UK Troops, Abuse Only Happens if Photographed

UK Fears Backlash Over Abuse Photos
British Army Order Issued to Stop Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners
Blair: These Photos Won't Tarnish the British Army's Good Name
'We Were Only Following Orders' – but Whose Orders?
UK Troops' Abuse of Iraqis Not Confined to One Camp
UK Officers Ordered 'A Crackdown' to Stop Iraqi Looting
Britain Urges US to Announce Timetable for Iraq Withdrawal
UK Soldier Quits Over 'Immoral' War in Iraq
War on Terror
Cuba Calls the Kettle Black: US Guilty of Cruelty at Guantanamo
Guantanamo Prepares for Renovations

FBI: 4 Chinese, 2 Iraqis May Bring Chemical...or Biological...or Explosive 'Deadly Device' to Boston Via Mexico

Al-Qaeda Case Undermined by FBI Informant
Spain Arrests al-Qaeda Suspect
UK Plan to Deport Terror Suspects

Groups Rally Behind FBI Whistleblower Edmonds

Russia Calls on West to Give Up 'Double Standards' Against Terror
Rice's 'Outposts'
From the Axis of Evil to the Outposts of Tyranny
Rice: No Common Ground With Iran Regime
Iran Launched Hunt Operations to Find US Commandos
Turkey Favors Continuation of Dialogue With Iran and EU
Rice Axis Newbie Zimbabwe Hails Iran as 'Critical Partner' Against West
Russian FM Dismisses Rice's Criticism
Taliban Gone, but Afghan Women Still Have to Be Taught in Secret
War-Torn, Impoverished Afghanistan Sends Govt Aid, Doctors to Aceh
Karzai Appoints New Electoral Commission
In Other News
Saudi Govt Cleared in 9/11 Lawsuits
Basques Push for Autonomy
Guinea Leader 'Survives Coup Bid'

Exporting Democracy
or Terrorism?

A Broken Promise

The Threat of Peace

US Foreign Policy: Question All Assumptions

Joseph Stromberg
Murray N. Rothbard on States, War, and Peace: Part II

Alan Bock
No Semblance of Accountability

Ilana Mercer
Yes to US Aid, No to USAID

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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