Real Test of Iraqi Freedom: Charley Reese
Token Balance: Teresa Whitehurst
Impossible Dream in the SOTU: Gordon Prather
Messy Messianism: Benjamin Marks
Uncurious Media on Iraq: Norman Solomon

We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other's children.
– Jimmy Carter
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Updated February 5, 2005 - 11:23 PM EST
US 'in for a Shock' in Iraqi Vote Results
Sistani's Coalition Takes Commanding Lead
Rumsfeld: Violence in Iraq Is Likely to Persist
Fresh Attacks Kill 33 Iraqis, 2 US Troops
After Election Boycott, Sunnis Seek Political Role
Rice's Language of Diplomacy Has Alarming Echoes
The Real Test of Iraqi Freedom
by Charley Reese
Messy Messianism  by Benjamin Marks
The Media on Iraq: Too Much Stenography, Not Enough Curiosity
by Norman Solomon
Token Balance  by Teresa Whitehurst
The Impossible Dream in the SOTU
by Gordon Prather
Four Steps Toward Abolishing Torture  by George Hunsinger

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Bush Seeks Billions More in Aid for Israel
Journalists Paid to Write for Military Web Site
Insurgent Intimidation Weakens Iraq Forces
Iraq Faces Prospect of Civil War
1,342 Iraq Forces Killed Since June
Star Wars Faces a Budget Hit
Anti-Terror Bill Targets Asylum Seekers
Louisiana National Guard Hold Memorial Service in Baghdad for Fallen Troops
Today in Iraq
Zarqawi Vows Further Bloodshed
US Holds Three French Nationals in Iraqi Camp
Sadr and Sunni Clerics Call for End to US Troop Presence
Iraq: Museums Closed and Looting Rampant
After the Vote
Shi'ites' Big Lead Fires Up Rebels
Post-Election Iraq Is Calm, but Will It Last?
Kurd Voters Flex Political Muscle
Baghdad Blogger Says Elections No 'Magic Pill'
Attacks Continue
Nine Iraqi Civilians Killed in Attacks
Italian Woman Journalist Kidnapped in Baghdad
Note Threatens to Kill Italian Journalist in Iraq
Iraq Insurgent Group Killed 29 in Thursday Police Ambush
Two US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Bank Heists Fuelling Iraq's Terror
Annan 'Shocked' by Initial Oil-For-Food Report
Iraqi Envoy: UN 'Bent Over Backwards' to Please Saddam on Oil-for-Food
Iraq Demands Oil-for-Food Diplomats Face Justice
Annan Vows Truth in Iraq Oil-for-Food Scandal
UN Oil-for-Food Inquiry Questions Aunt's $160,000
Iraq Seeks Money Back From Oil-for-Food Program
Annan to Take Action Against Oil Scheme Chief
Battles of Britain
Mental Health Problems for 700 British Troops in Iraq
Two More UK Paratroopers Charged in Murder
Crash Dead Remains Return Delayed
More Pain for Mother of UK Friendly-Fire Victim
Missing Afghan Passenger Jet Found
In Afghan Camps, Winter Bites Deep
17,000 Land Mines Destroyed in Western Afghanistan
Afghan Police Find Bodies of Drivers Killed for Car Parts
Pakistani Minister: No Plans for Army Operation in Balochistan
Four Blasts Rock Balochistan
Reports: Nepal Detains at Least 250 Dissidents as Parties Promise Further Protests
No Plans for Elections in Nepal
UN Rights Chief Concerned at Nepal's 'Arbitrary' Arrests
North Korea Threatens 'Sea of Fire' if War Breaks Out
690,000 US Servicemen to Land in Korea in Case of War: Seoul
Uzbekistan: Rights Group Threatened for Alleging Abuse
Iran, China Top Rice's Europe Agenda
India's Army Chief Urges End to Kashmir Violence
Cambodian Opposition Leader Seeks 'International Intervention'
US Condemns Cambodian Lawmakers
On the Back 9 at My Lai
Colombia-Venezuela Summit Canceled by Uribe's Illness
Guatemalan Court Won't Punish Military for Massacre
Weekend Reviews
The Real Dr. Strangelove
Film Review: Why We Fight
Holding Nations in Custody
US Military
Pentagon Sites: Journalism or Propaganda?
Iraq War: More Survivors, but More Maimed
Women in Combat Ban Again at Issue
Soldier Gets Six Months in Abu Ghraib Case
General: More Armored Humvees May Be Coming
The War at Home
Author Now Suspects 'Deep Throat' Was – Drumroll, Please – George H.W. Bush
Rep. Leach: Pull Some US Troops Out of Iraq
Jesuit University Shuts Down Student GOP Fund-Raiser for Sniper Group
Seattle Antiwar Student Group Targets On-Campus Military Recruiters
Austin, Texas Soldier Resisting 'Back-Door Draft'
Homeland Security
New York-Bound Flights Get False Hijack Threats
The Tangled Web of Homeland Security
FBI Shuts Down Unclassified E-Mail System
FBI Chief Lacks All the Answers on Project Woes
War on Terror
UN Warns Guantanamo Could Worsen 'War on Terror'
Russians Sue US Government for Torturing Them at Guantanamo Camp
Experts: US Spies Still Unprepared on Terror
UK Police Commissioner: Lift Phone Tap Ban
US Puts bin Laden Bounty Ad in Urdu Daily
Anti-Terror Meeting a Showcase for Saudi Efforts
Target: Iran
Rice: Diplomacy Can Succeed in Iran
Smiles Mask the Steel as Rice Gets Tough on Iran
Iran: We're Not Building a Bomb
Iran to Allow IAEA Access
Rice Says US Won't Aid Europe on Iran Incentives
Israel to Release Prisoners Before Summit
Hamas Leader Willing to Start Dialogue
Jordan Offers to Deploy Troops in West Bank Pending Palestinian, Israeli Approval
Expulsion of Israeli Envoy by Australia Covered Up
Israeli Army Kills Two Palestinians in North Gaza
Sharon Urges Palestinians to Fight Terror
'It Is Far From Quiet Here'
UN Writing Report on Egyptian Nuclear Activity
Egypt: Peaceful Critics Arrested in Clampdown on Dissent
Egyptians Protest New Term for Leader
Ex-Soldiers of Communist Regime Vows to Defend Latest Somali 'Govt'
Uganda Deaths Top 12,000
New Ceasefire for Uganda's Army
Ivorian Police Clash With Militia
Moroccans Recall Torture and Terror
Ukraine's Billionaire 'Joan of Arc' Is Confirmed as PM
Black Market Anxieties Revived on Ukraine Arms
IRA's Menacing Words Threaten Peace Process
'Prepare for Repeat of Beslan'
Spain and Gibraltar Unite Against Stricken Submarine

We've Been Warned
The state of our union:
perpetual war

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Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

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