World Bank Worse Than Wolfowitz: Will Grigg
2nd Anniversary Protests in DC: Kevin Zeese
The Body Snatchers: Teresa Whitehurst
The Intel Made Them Do It: Ray McGovern
Dealing with China: Alan Bock

Cruelty must be whitewashed by a moral excuse, and pretense of reluctance.
George Bernard Shaw
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Updated March 20, 2005 - 11:05 PM EST
GIs Bogged Down After 2 Years in Iraq
Pentagon OKs First Strike Policy
Activists Protest Iraq War on Anniversary
US Misled Allies About Nuclear Export
Rice Turns State Dept Into White House PR Arm
US Frees Iraqi Kidnappers to Spy on Insurgents
Rice: US Has No Intention of Attacking N. Korea
Israeli Army Bars Israelis From West Bank Areas
British Troops in Iraq Were Supplied With Blank Ammo
The Body Snatchers: Kids, Did Your Recruiters Tell You About the Shallow Graves?  by Teresa Whitehurst
Two Year Anniversary of Iraq War Kicks Off in DC  by Kevin Zeese
Misdirecting the Antiwar Movement
by John Walsh
The Intelligence Made Them Do It
by Ray McGovern
Sandbagging the NSG
by Gordon Prather
A Series of Unfortunate Events,
The Iraq Edition
 by Ramzy Baroud

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Pakistan Shrine Blast Kills at Least 40
Afghanistan: 'One Huge US Jail'
Lebanon Leader Pulls Out of Arab Summit After Bombing
Bush Defends War Order on Anniversary of Iraq Invasion
UN in Dramatic Turnaround After American Pressure
British Alert: Irish Terror Groups To Hit London
Designers Warn: Fashion Fakes Funding Terrorism
Shi'ites Protest Suicide Blast in Baghdad
Today in Iraq
Twists Make Predictions a Dubious Bet in Iraq
Iranian 'Terrorists' in Iraq: Tending an Oasis of Uprising
Key Events Since US-Led War in Iraq
Security Tightened as Iraqi Leaders Meet
Iraq's Assyrians Seek Voice in New Government
Diverging Sunni Positions in Iraq
The New Iraq
Marking Time in Iraq
Young Iraqis Cast Doubtful Eyes Toward Their Future
Shoot First, Pay Later Culture Pervades Iraq
Attacks Continue
Rebels Kill Iraqi Women as 'Betrayers' of Islam
Iraq Insecurity Rife Two Years After Invasion
Militants Kill Five Iraqi Policemen
US Convoy Attacked in Ramadi
Booby-Trapped Car Explodes Near US Convoy in Al-Anbar
Seven Iraqis Die in Kirkuk Blast
Hostage Crises
Insurgents Claim to Kidnap Two Egyptians
Freed Iraqi-Swedish Hostage Says No Ransom Paid
Global Iraq Fallout
Army Head Says Britain Has Capacity to Replace Italian Troops in Iraq
Georgia Confirms Forces to Remain in Iraq
Singapore Ends Military Operations in Iraq
Welsh Troops Tell How Iraq Still Haunts Them
Americans Keep Dying
Baton Rouge (LA) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Mid-Michigan National Guard Soldier, 36, Killed in Baghdad
Utah Soldier Killed in Iraq Blast
Another Eastern Iowa Soldier Dies in Iraq
Soldier From Hartley (IA) Killed in Afghanistan
First Potter County (PA) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Glendale (AZ) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Lexington (SC) Native Killed in Iraq
200 Die, Thousands Homeless in Floods Across Much of Afghanistan
Taliban Trek Rocky Road Back to Afghanistan
Rice on North Korea: US Has Done What It Can Do
Complexities Abound in 6-Party Talks on North Korea
North Korea Public Executions Reported
Rice Tours Command Center in South Korea
East Asia
Tokyo, Pyongyang Spar in Geneva
Japan, US Seek Cooperation Against EU Arms Sales to China
China Under Pressure to Cut a Lifeline
Russian General Denies War Games With China Are Dry Run for Attack on Taiwan
Russia & Her Neighbors
Chechen Rebel Is a Man of Mystery, Even in Death
Embattled Kremlin Mobilizes the Young
Putin in Ukraine for First Time Since 'Orange Revolution'
Russia and Ukraine Reaffirm Ties
Zimbabwe Bars Critics From Observing Polls
Zimbabwe Election 'Already Decided’
Lebanon's President Urges Talks After Car Bomb
EU-Russia Demand Syria Withdrawal
Lebanon Dialogue Call Dismissed
Threats Alienate Syrians From Lebanon
Syria, US: Honeymoon and Heartbreak
Tensions Rise Ahead of Election in Lebanon
Behind Lebanon Upheaval, 2 Men's Fateful Clash
Lebanese Political Divisions Deepen After Bombing
Middle East
Paper: Iran Plans Secret 'Nuclear University' to Train Scientists
Car Bomb at Qatar Theatre Kills Briton
Mubarak Unlocks Door to Political Reform
In Other News
One Year After March Pogrom Dark Shaddow Still Hovers Above Kosovo
Central African Republic President Takes Commanding Lead in Election Results
Castro Insulted by Being on Richest List
Weekend Reviews
Author Argues Religion Kept US Married to Vietnam Conflict
Gunner Palace: Young GIs Amid Chaos in Iraq
In Iraq, Director Sought Out Grit on the Ground
State of Journalism Lamented in New Book
The Battling Military
States Battling Another Round of Base Closings
Local Governments Pay Lobbyists Millions to Fight Base Closings
Pentagon Sets New Policy on Reporting Sex Assaults at Academies
Rumsfeld Details Big Military Shift in New Document
Army Vice Chief of Staff Cody Worried About Future of All-Volunteer Military
Ritter: Get Ready for the Draft
Unit Trains for Second Tour in Iraq
Protesting the War
Antiwar Protesters Hit Streets Nationwide
Tens of Thousands Protest in Rome
Peace Rally in the Rain in Ellensburg, WA
War Protest Leads to Mini-Confrontation at Colorado State Capitol
Up to 100,000 Protest in London Two Years After Iraq Invasion
Antiwar Rally Attracts About 3,000 Near Fort Bragg
Protest in Minneapolis Marks Two-Year Anniversary of Iraq War
Peace Protests Proceed in Louisville
Europeans Protest Iraq War on Anniversary
1,000 Protesting in Chicago Draw Hundreds of Police
Hundreds Gather in Lancaster for Second Anniversary of Iraq War
Thousands Protest in New York on Iraq War Anniversary
Antiwar Protest in Tucson
War Protesters in Wilkes-Barre (PA)
Thousands Take to the Street in San Francisco to Protest War
Interfaith Peacekeepers March in Jackson (MI)
Hundreds March in Small Oregon Town (Cottage Grove)
Antiwar Protesters Demonstrate in Abingdon, VA
Thousands in Canada Protest Iraq War
Tasmanian (Australia) Protesters Rally Against Iraq War
Antiwar Protests Held Across Ohio
Antiwar Activists Rally in Pittsburgh
2,000 Iraq War Protesters March on Hollywood
New Zealand Iraq Protest Targets US Embassy
Wolfowitz at the Door
Wolfowitz Flies Into World Bank Storm
EU Fury Grows at Wolfowitz Appointment
Wolfowitz Confident of Winning Over World Bank Nomination Critics
Wolfowitz Says He Won’t 'Impose US Agenda' at World Bank
World Bank Staff: No to Wolfowitz
Homeland Security
Mexican President Tells US to Control Extremists on Border
Computer Simulations Eyed to Predict Bioterror Impact
Contract to College With Ties to Ridge Draws Fire
Senate Approves Funding for 2,000 New Border Agents
War on Terror
Man Arrested on Madrid Bomb Links
British Missile Case 'Could Be Scrapped'
Lebanon's President Urges Talks After Car Bomb
EU-Russia Demand Syria Withdrawal
Lebanon Dialogue Call Dismissed
Threats Alienate Syrians From Lebanon
Syria, US: Honeymoon and Heartbreak
Tensions Rise Ahead of Election in Lebanon
Behind Lebanon Upheaval, 2 Men's Fateful Clash
Lebanese Political Divisions Deepen After Bombing
Aerial Photos Show Extensive Building in Settlements
Israel's Gaza Pullout Preparations Gather Pace
Little Changes After Jericho’s Handover
Israel Bans Settler Influx Aimed at Keeping Gaza
Israeli Leftists Suddenly Leaning Into Sharon's Camp
Israeli Army to Thwart Settler Resistence
10,000 Rally in Tel Aviv in Support of Pullout
Mideast Peace?
Extremists on Both Sides Pose Threat to Midest Truce
EU to Offer Israel Economic Benefits for Easing Limitations on Palestinians
IDF Chief: Violence Will End Only if Militants Are Disarmed
Arab Ministers Approve Peace Offer, With Conditions
Palestinian Groups Reject Jordan Plan
Vanunu Defiant as Israel Brings New Charges
Dissenting Pilot Captures the True Spirit of Israel
Palestinians Worried at Report Jews Buy Church Land

The Character Assassins

Dealing with China

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Morning in the Islamic World?

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The International Highway to Hell

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India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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