Sandy Berger's Scissors: Michael Scheuer
Trouble South of the Border: Justin Raimondo
Laowai and Zibenren: Sascha Matuszak
Smoking Rockets: Gordon Prather
A Jacobin in Chief: Claes G. Ryn

Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.
James Anthony Froude
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Updated April 11, 2005 - 11:29 PM EDT
Iraq Troop Reductions by Next Year?
Iraqi President Endorses Occupation, for 2 Years
Saddam May Avoid Noose in Deal With Insurgents
Iraq President Proposes Broader Amnesty
Syria Completes Lebanon Troop Pullout
US and Iraq Lock Up 17,000, Most Held Without Charges
10,000 Promised for Jersusalem Protest, Less Than 100 Arrive, 31 Arrested
Sandy Berger's Scissors
by Michael Scheuer
Pentagon's New Basing Strategy
by Michael T. Klare
Relax Your Records Are Too Boring to Interest the FBI by Jacob Sullum
Bush Rewards His Failures
by Eric Margolis
Smoking Rockets  by Gordon Prather
Who Forged the Niger Documents?
Ian Masters interviews Vincent Cannistraro

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New Setback Seen on North Korea Talks
Zarqawi Group Rejects Amnesty Offer
How bin Laden Made a Deal With Zarqawi
Sadr Loyalists Plan Campaign to Oust US
Britain Says Its Troops Have Killed 200 Iraqi Insurgents Since War Ended
New Blood, Ancient Wounds
US Nuclear Warhead Plan Under Fire
Pope 'Dearly Wished' UN to Develop Ways to Avoid War
Time to Leave: 300,000 Iraqis Protest Occupation
Today in Iraq
Stop Killing Iraqis, Nationalists Warn Religious Fanatics
US Accused of Seizing Iraqi Women to Force Fugitive Relatives to Give Up
Iraqi Authorities Arrest Saddam's Nephew
Millions Said Going to Waste in Iraq Utilities
Iraqi Politics
Iraq's Allawi Agrees His Bloc Will Join Govt
Two Years After War, Saddam Still Awaits Trial
Gunmen Open Fire on Backers of Iraqi Cleric
Pakistani Hostage Crisis
2 Groups Claim Kidnapping of Pakistan Official in Iraq
Pakistan Urges Release of Official Held in Iraq
Iraq Kidnap Victim's Family Seeks Release
Karzai Ally Beheaded
Battle for Sanity for Afghan Vets
American Escapes Kidnap Attempt in Kabul
Afghan City Mourns Its Lost Children, Looks Back to Taliban
Afghan Women Prepare to Take Wheel, but Still Face Roadblocks
Mystery Over Afghan Black Box
Musharraf Promises: No More Coups
Two Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Balochistan, Cache of Weapons Seized
India & Her Neighbors
India Hopeful of Border Dispute Settlement With China
India and China Are Poised to Share Defining Moment
Ready to Take the Bus, Says Kashmiri Separatist Leader
Second Kashmir Bus to Leave on April 21
Ten Killed in Kashmir Grenade Attack
Musharraf to Take Up Kashmir, Water Issues in India
Indian Maoists Kill Politician
North Korea: No Disarmament Without Normalized Relations
South Korea Considers Armed Robots to Patrol DMZ
In Seoul, Marking a Somber Anniversary of Executions
Street Protests, Vandalism Highlight Growing Friction Between China and Japan
China's Anti-Japan Rallies Spread
Japanese Embassy Stoned in Beijing
The Chinese-Japanese Cold War
Tokyo Protest Over China Rally
Taiwan Bans Chinese Reporters
China-Hong Kong Dispute Flares
Nepal Says 113 Maoist Rebels Killed
Nepal Maoists Kill Policemen in Jail Raid
Rebels Bomb Nepalese Army Base
Media Rights Group in Nepal Investigating Detentions, Abuses
Nepal 'Downgrades' Diplomats to Tourists
Egypt Postpones Darfur Conference
US Aide Will Take 2 Different Tacks on a Single Sudan Trip
UN Asks Ireland for Troops for Sudan
Sudan Denies Banning Main Opposition Party
Darfur Village Rampage Shocks UN
UN Cuts Food Rations in Darfur
Ugandan Troops Kill 21 Rebels
Attacks Halt Virus Work in Angola
South Africa Apartheid Party Set to Disband
Mbeki Says Zimbabwe Criticism Unfair
Zimbabwe Faces Food Shortages Over Prices Row
The War at Home
Iraqi Couple Starts Anew in US After Kids Killed by Marines
Senators to Gauge Spy Chief's Intentions
Bolton Hearings Begin Today
Missing Man's Family Files Suit Against Contractor
US Military
Navy Investigating Death of Midshipman
Part-Time Soldiers Face Homefront Enemy, Job Loss
War on Terror
Many Hurt in German Anti-Terror Drill
Probe Faults System for Monitoring US Borders
Terror Alert Over Briton's Flying Lessons
KLM Plane Denied Access to US Over Passengers
Opposition Leader: Lebanese Election Must Be on Time
Hezbollah Seeks Legitimacy
Bomb-Laden Vegetable Truck Stopped on Way to Syria
Iran Says Will Never Give Up Uranium Enrichment
Iran: EU Nuclear Talks Improving
Report: Israeli Army Plans to Disarm Settlers
Senior Israeli Official: West Bank Pullout May Be More Violent Than in Gaza
The Liberation of Tul Karm
Israeli Settlements Cast Shadow Over Bush-Sharon Meeting
Poll: 67 Percent of Americans Back Unilateral Gaza Pullout
Mideast Peace?
Al-Aqsa Leader Says Abbas Will Likely Dismantle Militant Groups
Day of Violence Leaves Israel's Fragile Truce at Breaking Point
Sharon to Tell Bush: Abbas Not Fulfilling Promises
Police Seize Hamas Leader for Defying Temple Mount Ban
Israeli DM Demands Abbas Put an End to Mortar Shelling
Palestinians at Gaza Funerals Call for Revenge Attacks on Israel
Killings Put Gaza on Brink
Ex-Mossad Head Says Israel Risks Religious Coup
How Hamas Wins Voters
US Cancels Israel Travel Warning
Egyptians Arrest Palestinian Smuggling Missiles Into Gaza
Cairo Bomb Death Toll Rises to Four
Report on Egypt Human Rights Critical
50 Die in Yemen Clashes
UK Embassy in Yemen Reopens, US Embassy Stays Shut
Ex-Russian Intelligence Official Gunned Down in Moscow
Tough Week for Yukos
UK MPs Who Voted for War Refuse to Answer Questions About It
US Bomb Part Maker Seeks Ban on Protests at UK Factory
Campaign in Britain Stays Clear of 'Europe''
Sinn Fein Member Told of 'Threat'
Czech Premier Offers to Resign
France Could Throw EU Into Crisis
Colombia Fighters Reject Amnesty

Proposed Law Endangers Talks in Colombia

Haiti Rebel Leader Killed in Police Operation
Critics Question Protest Organizer's Support of Argentine Leader's Agenda
Mexico and Chile Vie to Head Regional Group

Trouble South of the Border

Laowai and Zibenren

Is Iran Next?

Reality Bites

Ilana Mercer
About a Boy

Ivan Eland
Another Commission Recommends Bureaucratic Buffet to Fix U.S. Intelligence

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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