Operation Iranian Freedom?: Leon Hadar
An Unjust War: Charley Reese
Gaza, Line of Memory & Despair: Ramzy Baroud
Strengthening the NPT?: Gordon Prather
The Fall of Saigon 1975: John Pilger

The state has, in order to control us, introduced division into our thinking, so that we come to distrust others and look to the state for protection.
Butler Shaffer
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Updated April 17, 2005 - 10:55 PM EDT
Bad Day in Iraq: 150 Hostages, 19 Deaths
Iraqi Forces Search for Hostages, 3 GIs Killed
Baghdad Car Bomb Kills US Aid Worker
White House to Stop Issuing Global Terror Report
US Commander Warns of 'Desperate' Taliban
Reports Rock Support for UN Nominee
Basque Nationalists Lose Seats as Banned ETA Party Gains
An Unjust War  by Charley Reese
Gaza: The Line of Memory and Despair  by Ramzy Baroud
The Benevolent Empire at Work: the EU, Hubris and the Balkans
by Christopher Deliso
The Fall of Saigon 1975  by John Pilger
Anyone Know Where the Exit Is?
Stanford Daily
Strengthening the NPT?
by Gordon Prather

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Is Israel Facing 'Civil War'
Shi'ites Flee Iraqi Town After Gunmen Seize Hostages
Iraq Insurgents 'Unite' to Fight Coalition
No Iraqi Government for at Least a Week
Rice Warns UN That It Must Reform to Survive
Turkish Troops Pursue Kurdish Rebels After 25 Die
Lebanon's New PM Starts Talks on Forming Cabinet
Rumsfeld Sneaks Off to Baku
Serbs Struggle to Keep Their Place in Kosovo
Islamic Conservatism Strong in Iraq Parliament
Today in Iraq
Arms Equipment Plundered in 2003 Is Surfacing in Iraq
Rumsfeld Offers Advice to Iraq … and Offends Its New PM
11 Prisoners Escape From US Detention Center in Iraq
Bid to Resolve Iraq Hostage Drama Fails
Iraqi Politics
Sistani Discourages Shiite MPs From Joining Cabinet
Disputes Prevent Selection of Tamim Governor (Kirkuk)
Attacks Continue
At Least Seven Killed in Iraq Restaurant Blast
Three Iraq Security Force Members Killed
Two Filipinos Wounded in Shooting on Baghdad Airport Road
The New Iraq
Women Demand Share of Iraqi Spoils
Mass Graves a Grim Token of the Old Iraq
Much Work Still Needed With Iraq Security
Iraq Wheat Contract in Doubt
Iraq Oil-Food Scheme; Scandals A, B
Former Top UK Diplomat: Britain 'Turned Blind Eye' to Iraq Oil Smuggling
US Shrugs Off Annan on Oil Scandal Blame
Global Iraq Fallout
EU Plans Conference on Rebuilding Iraq
Aussies Sending More Troops to Iraq
Americans Keep Dying
Hertford (NC) Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Crash
Hoosier Marine Among Dead in Afghan Crash
Sniper Fire Kills Iowan During Iraq Security Mission
Oregon Soldier Dies in Iraq
Soldier From Puerto Rico Killed in Helicopter Crash
Simi (CA) Marine Killed in Iraq
Second SC Soldier Dead in Afghanistan Crash
Local Prosecutor (MA) Dies in Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
Fayetteville (NC) Soldier Remembered as Eager to Serve
Missouri Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Crash
Westchester (NY) Soldier Among Chopper Dead
Ohio Soldier Died in Afghan Crash
Cheney (WA) Copter Pilot Dies in Afghanistan
Helicopter Crash Kills Virginia Soldier
Redding (CA) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Afghanistan Duty Claims Hillsville-Born Soldier (SC)
Soldier (LA) Killed in Crash in Afghanistan Hailed as a Leader
NY Man With Ties to Florida Dies in Iraq
Wakulla County (FL) Loses Another Son
'Wanted Afghans Handed Over to Kabul’
Alaska Soldier Loses Foot in Afghanistan Mine Explosion
Musharraf in India
Musharraf Begins Key India Visit
Pakistan-India Politicians Play Cricket
Musharraf Visit Raises Hopes of Kashmir Peace Deal With India
Pakistan Detains Opposition Leader
Pakistan Shrine Blast Arrests
Pakistan Police Try to Prevent Rally
Protesters Proclaim 'Japanese Invaders Must Die'
Violence Rises as the Chinese Rage at Japan
Japanese FM to 'Strongly Protest' Violent Chinese Demos
Jakarta, Aceh Rebels Agree to Keep Talking Peace
Nepal Maoists Kill 10 Villagers
India: Rebels in Assam Extend Ceasefire
Koizumi Vows to Resolve Russia Tussle
Weekend Reviews
American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer
The Greatest War Movie Ever?
Poets Speak Through Antiwar 'Voices'
The War at Home
Sen. Levin: Intel Reports Undercut US Claims of Iraq-Qaeda Link
Heritage Foundation's About-Face on Malaysia Overlapped With Business on Lobbying
Lasers To Signal Airspace Breaches Over Washington
Videos Challenge Accounts of GOP Convention Unrest
Ricin or Not?
Paper: Ricin Terror Gang 'Planned to Unleash Terror on the Heathrow Express'
Ricin: the Plot That Never Was
Ricin Defendants to Claim Asylum
UK Home Office Says Sorry to Suspects for Ricin Blunder
UK War on Terror
Terrorism Solution: Police Dressed as Tramps
Britain to Double Commitment to the War on Terror With 'SAS Lite'
London Police Chief Warns of Risk of Terrorist Attacks
UK Police Chief: Compulsory ID Cards Vital in Fight Against Terror
Ethnic Arabs Clash With Iran Military
Iran Says EU Nuclear Incentives Not Enough
Rafsanjani 'More Definite' to Stand for Iran President
Settlers Disagree on Weapons
PA Wants Gaza Settler Homes Razed
Palestinians Seek Withdrawal Schedule
Palestinian Politics
Fatah Mulling Delay in Palestinian Elections
Abbas Says Elections Will Be on Time
Palestinian Leader in Egypt for Talks With Mubarak
Israel Resuming Security Talks With Palestinians
Israeli Police Seeking Tougher Restrictions on Nuclear Whistleblower Vanunu
Hope Dims for School Pushing Mideast Peace
Palestinians Will Face Challenge in Dealing With Land, Assets
Middle East
Yemen Warns of Secret Extremist Schools
A New Power Rises Across Mideast
Stirrings of Democracy in the Middle East
Top Saudi Terrorist Escaped Death
Turkey Iran Ties Growing: Turkish Ambassador
Russia Eyes Rice Visit to End Drift in US Ties
Russia Parliament Moves Closer to Own Reform
Return of the Contract Killer Claims Ex-KGB Chief
Yushchenko Involved in Missile Sales to China, Iran: Opponent
Ukraine Seeks Equality With Russia
Freedom Battle at Basque Elections
One-And-A-Half-Million Basques Go the Polls
Sweden Censured Over War Criminals
Disarmament Deal in Ivory Coast
Chad to Resume Mediation in Darfur Conflict
Huge Crowds Greet Togolese Exile
African Coup Plotters 'Face Slow Death in Jail'
State of Emergency in Ecuador
Ecuador President Dissolves Supreme Court
Ecuadorans Defy Ban on Protests to Demand Leader Quit
Gunbattle in Haitian Capital Leaves at Least 5 Dead
Bush Administration 'Broke Its Own Embargo to Sell Arms to Haiti Police'

UN Believes Haiti Elections on Target

Colombia Denies Political Status to Paramilitary Group
Canadian Military Report Raps Inefficient Purchasing, Lack of Expertise
In Other News
EU Wants Dialogue With Islamic Groups in Arab World
Bin Laden Niece Back in America to Seek Pop Fame

Cashing in on the Bush Doctrine

Bargains, Rumors, and Lies

Coexisting with a Rising China?

Laowai and Zibenren

Alan Bock
Is Iran Next?

Ilana Mercer
About a Boy

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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