Kazakhstan's Kleptocracy: Justin Raimondo
Pinochet Is Guilty, so Is Bush: Paul C. Roberts
Who Cares About Iraqis?: Dahr Jamail
A Wife's Plea: Lidia Abukhdair
Uzbek Deaths Called a 'Massacre': Jim Lobe

For me war has become a flat, black depression without highlights, a revulsion of the mind and an exhaustion of the spirit.
Ernie Pyle
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Updated June 8, 2005 - 11:12 PM EDT
2004 Military Spending Tops $1 Trillion
Reversal: North Korea Won't Return to Talks Yet
22 Iraqi Soldiers Kidnapped Near Syria
Poll: Iraq War Hasn't Made Americans Safer
Iraq's Kurdish Leader Backs Shi'ite Militia
Official: 2 Rebel Groups Open to Talk With Iraq
Four Lodi, Calif. Men Detained in Alleged al-Qaeda Cell
Attack on US Base in Afghanistan Kills 2, Wounds 8 GIs
Who Cares About Iraqis?
by Dahr Jamail
Holding Tashkent's Hand  by Ari Berman
Promoting Democracy or Fueling Repression?
by Frida Berrigan and William D. Hartung
If Pinochet Is Guilty, so Is Bush
by Paul Craig Roberts
A Wife's Plea  by Lidia Abukhdair
Freedomism's Just Another Word...
by Thomas L. Knapp

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The Downing Street Memo Story Won't Die
Senate Gives FBI More PATRIOT Act Power
After Compromise Rejected, Dems Vow to Block Bolton
Los Alamos Lab Whistleblower Beaten
Four US Soldiers Killed in Iraq in Past Two Days
Pentagon Takes Aim at Rank and File of al-Qaeda
US Drops Opposition to IAEA Chief
Rights Group Calls Uzbek Deaths a 'Massacre'
Bolivian President's Offer to Resign Results in Escalation of Protests
Today in Iraq
At Least 33 Iraqis Killed in Attacks, Shootings
Desperate for Work, Blind to Dangers
Kirkuk Emerges as Faultline for Civil Conflict in Iraq
Kirkuk Police Defy Their Dismissal by Interior Ministry
Outside Iraq but Deep in the Fight
Iraq Backs Away From Saddam Trial Date
Iraq Occupation
Horrors of War in Iraq Continue to Haunt US Marine
US, Iraqi Troops Launch Tal Afar Offensive
Tal Afar: Ghost Town Under Siege
Abu Ghraib Riot Turns Violent
Report: Marines Jail Contractors in Iraq
The New Iraq
In the Desert, Evidence for Case Against Saddam
Growing Frustration Among Returnees to Iraq
Iraqi Politics Slow Down Charter
Global Iraq Fallout
Spanish Judge Wants to Question US Troops on Death of Cameraman in Iraq
Macedonia to Send New Army Unit to Iraq
Bullets 'Fell Like Rain' During Uzbek Massacre
Uzbekistan: New Report Documents Massacre
US Embassy Staff in Uzbekistan Told to Keep Children Home From School
Journalist Arrested in Uzbekistan
Afghanistan Says al-Qaeda Trying to Derail Elections
Afghan Forces Capture 17 Militants
Talk Is New Weapon in War Against Afghan Insurgency
US Says Taliban Backbone Broken, but Still a Danger
Colonel Sanders Finds Himself Under Fiery Siege in Pakistan
Indian Hindu Party Head Quits After Praising Pakistan's Founding Father
Pakistan Requests $1.3 Billion Weapons Package
Musharraf Ignores US, Backs Iran Pipeline to India
Karachi Mosque Suspects Held
16 Killed in Two Days of Separatist Violence in Kashmir
North Korea Says It Is Open to Resuming Six-Party Negotiations
China Optimistic About N. Korea Statement
South Korea Calls for Food Aid to North
Rice Expresses Concern About China's Military
Taiwan Raises Legal Standards for Move Toward Independence
Ex-Diplomat Appeals to Howard for Asylum
Japan Aims to Start Missile Defense Development With US From 2006
Japan's UN Security Council Bid Dealt Blow by US
Nepalese Rebels Apologize for 'Mistaken' Bombing of Civilian Bus
Security Ex-Chief Snubs Jakarta Summons
Cambodians Called on to Fund Khmer Rouge Trial
Fighter Aircraft Crashes in Dhaka
Khodorkovsky May Lead Political Opposition
Kremlin's Offensive Against Oligarch Not Over
'Show Trial' Reveals Russia's Political-Legal System
Russia Aims Abroad With Satellite Channel
How Not to Show Russia to the West
European Union
Rejected by Two Nations, but the Bureaucracy Rumbles On
Poland Ties Treaty Vote to EU Summit Actions
US Supports Europe, NATO Chief Asserts
Blair Wants Debate on EU Economic Reform
Irish EU Referendum to Go Ahead
Europe Urged to Welcome Weak Euro
Northern League Ministers Break Ranks on Lira
Rumsfeld Visits Norway to Sign Base Pact
Anti-Communist Dissident Elected President of Hungary
Chirac's Popularity Hits Record Low
Austria Plans to Close 37% of Military Property
Charge: Serb Unit Was Part of Milosevic's Police
Gasoline Bombers Target Sinn Fein Homes
Twelve Arrested in Scotland After Nuclear Base Break-In
Bolivia Paralyzed Despite Presidentís Offer to Quit
Riot Police, Protesters Clash in Bolivia
Political Crisis Intensifies Bolivia's Battles
US Orders Non-Essential Embassy Staff to Leave Bolivia
South American Gas Giant in Turmoil
OAS Considering Ways to Help Bolivia in Political Crisis
In Other News
Venezuela Seizes Colombian Missile Parts
Assad Admits Failures, but Mum on Reforms
Blair at the White House
Bush, Blair Deny Manipulating Iraq Intelligence
Bush: Iraq War Plans Memo Wrong
Bush, Blair Agree on Aid for African Famine Relief
Blair Will Discover How Much Influence He Has in White House
Blair Denies Letdown Over US Aid
Text of Bush, Blair News Conference
Al-Arian Trial
Terror Co-Defendants in Fla. Deny Ties to Conspiracy

Al-Arian's Case Opens With Questions of Terror

US Military
GAO Finds Supplies Wasted by Pentagon
Army IDs Highest-Ranking Officer Casualty
Commander of Calif. National Guard Resigns
Canadian War Resister Support Group Forms
Another US War Resister Flees to Canada
Pentagon Blamed Over Boeing Tanker Deal
The War at Home
Poll Data: US 'Bogged Down' in Iraq
House Withdraws Intelligence-Transfer Proposal From Bill
Nominee for US Envoy to Baghdad Vows Outreach to Iraqis
Sen. Kennedy Speaks Out on Downing Street Memo: 'Twisted Intelligence; Distorted Facts'
US Senator 'Losing Patience' Over Situation in Iraq
Commission on 9/11 Reconvenes as Watchdog
Jimmy Carter Calls on US to Shut Down Guantanamo
Homeland Security
Alleged Pentagon Hacker Arrested
Customs Lets Man in US, but Takes Bloody Chainsaw, Sword
Passport Plan Puts $2.6bn Black Cloud Over Caribbean
War on Terror
CIA Is Reviewing Its Security Policy for Recruiting Translators
Feds: Science Paper a Terrorist's Road Map
MI5 Downgrades Terror Threat to UK Businesses
Spanish Demand More Details on Lead-Up to 3/11 Terror Attacks
Simon Tisdall: Fighting Terror the Malaysian Way, Not the US Way
Lebanon Braces for Bruising Election Round
Hezbollah to Stay Armed
US Still Sees Hezbollah as Terrorists Who Must Disarm
Syria's Hardline Deputy Resigns
Syria Opposition Too Weak to Confront State
Assad Urges Economic, Not Political, Reform
Ruling Ba'ath Party Considers Privatization
Syria Says Seeks Better Ties With United States
Iran Reassures Gulf Arabs on Nuclear Program
Correction: Iran Arrested 500, Not 5,000 al-Qaeda Suspects
Iranian Exile Group Strikes Back
Iranian Reformist Warns Against Vote Boycott
Taboo of US Relations Turned on Its Head in Iran
Illegal Settlers Received Millions in Grants
Israeli and Palestinian Attacks Signal Fraying Cease-Fire
Gaza May Be Linked to West Bank by Train
Israel Slams British Talks With Hamas
Britain Says It Has Ended Its Dealings With Hamas
Hamas Shoots Rockets at Israeli Town After Troops Kill Palestinian Cop, Islamic Jihad Member
Israel to Purge Jerusalem Area of Arabs for Jewish Park
Israeli Historian Enlightens Bedouins on Their History
Middle East
In Mideast Elections, Militants Gain
Turkey Seeks US Help to Curb Kurdish Attacks
Saudi Pleads Innocent to Jordan Charge of Planning Suicide Attack
Saudi, Oman Call for International Anti-Terror Drive
Yemen Rejects Charges of Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation
US Tells Kuwait to Tidy Up Its Act
Sudan Won't Confront Security Council on ICC Probe
Darfur Sides US With World Court
Top Sudan Official Seeks More Humanitarian Aid
Kenya Sends Somali 'Government' Home
Somalia Militia Remove Roadblocks for Peace
At Least 16 Killed in Somalia Over Water, Pasture Battles
22 Ethopians Shot Dead in Election Protests

Paper: Mugabe Denies He Is Dead

Haiti Leader Asks for Tougher UN Peacekeeping Mandate
Haiti Reassures UN Elections to Be Held on Time
Caribbean Leaders, Rice Discuss Haiti
Top US Regional Envoy Due in Haiti
New Scourge in Haiti: A Wave of Kidnapping
Pinochet Loses Immunity, May Face Fraud Charges
Mixed Day in Court for Pinochet

Catering to Kazakhstan's Kleptocracy

Economics More Vital than Politics for Lasting Russian Freedom

World Cannot Afford Failure on the Nuclear Front

Battle for Bosnia

Alan Bock
Afghanistan: An Imperial Dilemma

Ran HaCohen
The Palestinian Gandhi

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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