Stay the Crooked Course: Ray McGovern
Gonzocons Erase History: Martin Kelly
Atrocity Porn, Human Rights, & Empire: N. Malic
Iranian Revolution Thriving in Iraq: Robert Scheer
Bush's Iraq Speech Falls Flat: Jim Lobe

The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.
David Friedman
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Updated June 30, 2005 - 11:18 PM EDT

Bush Critics Call for More Troops in Iraq

New Iraqi Party to Give Political Face to Rebels

Report: Iraqi Journalist Killed by US Convoy
Time Inc. Will Hand Over Subpoenaed Notes in Plame Case
Ex-Iran Hostages Say New Leader Was ’79 Captor
GOP Lawmaker: Saddam Hussein Linked to 9/11
Gunmen Storm Northern Iraq City

Afghan Copter Crash Searched, 16 GIs Confirmed Dead

Gonzocons Erase History
by Martin Kelly
Bush's No-News Iraq Speech
by David Corn
China's Nukes: Don't Believe
the Hype
 by Jeffrey Lewis
Stay the Crooked Course
by Ray McGovern
Bush Is Right to Link 9/11 With Iraq
by Jacob G. Hornberger
War? What War?  by Gary Kamiya

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Bush's Speech Falls Flat

Blair: Iraq War Not Preplanned

Iraqis Give Mixed Response to Bush Vow to Stay On

Report: 'Appalling Fraud and Greed' in Iraq Contracts
Iraq Hostages: Captors Hoped for Bush Reelection

Audit: TSA Contractor Wasted $300 Million

Career-Low TV Audience for Bush's Iraq Speech

Jesus Is Not Our Co-Pilot, Academy Insists
Foreign Fighters Only a Tiny Part of the Iraqi Rebellion

President Urges Patience on War – but It's LBJ, 1965

Troops' Silence at Fort Bragg Starts a Debate All Its Own
The War Goes On

US, Iraqi Troops Kill Nine in New Offensive

Frustrated Marines Chase Army of Ghosts in Iraq

Iraqi Govt Urges Backing From Islamic World in War on Insurgents

US Official: 'Iraqis Will Kill Every Foreigner in Iraq'

Freed Swedish Hostage Vows Revenge

Iraq Today

Saddam Rejects Meeting US Officials

Activist Group Slams Iraqi Payments for Saddam's Debt

In Iraq, Giving Birth Is Complicated by War

Looting of Ancient Sites Threatens Iraqi Heritage

For Anbar's Rookie Governor, It's One Tough Day at a Time

Reporters Without Borders Queries Fate of Three Journalists in Iraq


Taliban Filmed Fighters Shooting Down Chinook

Taliban to Release Video of Helicopter Attack

Canadian Soldiers Begin Deploying to Afghanistan Hotbed Kandahar

Six Killed in Violence in Eastern and Southern Afghanistan

Afghanistan Violence Rising, More Troops to Be Sent


Clerics Approve Iran Vote Results

Iran Hardliners Call for Social Freedoms Clampdown

Photo Shows Iran's Ahmadinejad as Hostage-Taker of US Diplomats

Iran's Ahmadinejad Looks to Export 'New Islamic Revolution'

Ahmadinejad Faces Tough Wish-List From Poor Supporters

Moscow Reaches Out to Iran

Despite US Threats, Iraq and India Help Iran Increase Oil Production


Hezbollah Shelling Kills Israeli Soldier, Ends Calm on Border

Israeli Jets Bomb Targets in South Lebanon

Israeli Troops Evict More Settlers

Police Bar Extremists From Gaza Strip After Outpost Evacuated

Gaza Pullout Opponents Block Israeli Highways

Jail for Israeli Soldier Who Sided With Settlers


Lebanon's Anti-Syrian Leaders Reconcile

Lebanese Parliament to Elect New PM

US Reiterates $5 Million Reward for '80s Lebanon Hijackers

Syrian Opposition Forum Rejects Order to Disband

Syria Sets Sights on Tourism to Revitalize Moribund Economy

Russia's FM Says Nuclear Cooperation With Syria Legitimate


China Rejects Taiwan Meetings in US

China Insists Military Buildup Purely Defensive

China Tells US Not to Meddle in Oil Deal

Ecuador Aims to Strengthen China Links

China Hails Japanese Emperor's Tribute to Saipan War Dead

China's Hu to Seek Boosting Energy, Defense Ties With Russia

The Rising Economic Clout of China


US Military Says Can Defeat Nuclear-Armed North Korea

South Korea Urges US Not to Provoke North

South Asia

Pakistan Releases 45 Former Taliban Fighters

Four Killed, 17 Injured in Kashmir Clashes, Grenade Attack

India, US Sign Defense Agreement

15 Civilians Injured in Nepal Maoist Terror Bombing


Six Killed as UN Troops Raid Haiti Slum

Annan Makes Plea for Troops in Haiti

Venezuela's Chávez Creates Caribbean Energy Pact

US Senate Rejects Attempt to Ease Cuba Travel

Bush's New Agency

Bush Approves Intel Agency Shake-Up

Bush Creates National Security Service

New US Agency to Check Spread of WMD

White House Moves to Clarify Intelligence Director's Power

Civil Liberties Advocates Question Plan for New FBI Division

War at Home

Bush Rejects Iraq Strategy Changes

Bush's Iraq Speech Draws Career-Low TV Audience

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski on Bush's Speech

Critics: US Focus Abroad Hurts Domestic Security

NC Protesters Stage Rally Against War

United States

Bush Words Part of Public Opinion Strategy

US Secret Arrests, Renditions Damage European Trust

FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley to Run for Congress

9/11 Families Seek to Squash Museum Plans

The California National Guard Has Spies?

US Military

Hell No, My Kid Won't Go

Army Makes June Recruiting Goals but Still Behind for Year

Senate Votes for $1.5bn in Extra Veterans Affairs Funds

Wounded Marine Veteran Enters Naval Academy

Group Offers Opt-Out Forms for Parents Against Recruitment

'Military Idol' Opens Competition at 34 Army Posts

Among Soldiers and Families, Applause Mixes With Doubts

Iraq War Takes Toll on Army Marriages

Aegis Guided-Missile Destroyer Completes 'Super' Sea Trial


Gitmo General: Even Outdated Info Helps

The Gitmo Cookbook

Goofy Terror Warnings

No Conclusive Evidence Baby Formula Funds Terror, but Maybe It Does

Report: Maybe Terrorists Could Poison Milk or Something

Analysts: Small Planes Weren't Stolen by Terrorists, but They Probably Could Have Been

More Terror

Mystery Planes Circle California 'Terror' Town

Police Briefly Evacuate the US Capitol

Two US Men Arraigned on Terrorism Charges

'No-Fly' List Still Plagues Air Travelers
Italy Takes on the CIA

Italy to Seek Extradition of CIA Agents

Experts: CIA Abduction in Italy Shows US Bungling

CIA: Italy Knew About Plan to Grab Suspect


Kuwait Court Clears Former Guantanamo Detainee

Saudi Protests Plans for Qatar-UAE Causeway; Border Dispute Thickens

US Lobby Pushes for F-16s to Egypt

US Agrees to Sell Arms to Egypt

Central Asia

Russia Backs Uzbekistan Leaders

Militants Kill Journalist in Russia's Caucasus


Ivorian Factions Agree to Disarm

UN Expands Ivorian Force

UN Troops 'Rout' Rebels in Congo

UN Envoy Holds 'Very Good' Talks With Mugabe

ICC Lays Out Prosecution Plans for Sudan

Ethiopia May Re-Run Some Disputed Elections


Turkey Faces Fresh Obstacle on Rocky Road to Joining EU

Rockers From Old Yugoslavia Reform to Heal War's Wounds

Blair May Make Further Concessions Over Identity Cards

Former German Spy Chief Took Saudi Arms Bribes


Comrade Aaronovitch
Strikes Again

The Mask of Power

Negotiations with Iraqi Rebels Are a Good Start But Not Enough

Smoking Gun Misfiring?

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Praful Bidwai
World Cannot Afford Failure on the Nuclear Front

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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