Time to Try Free Trade: Ivan Eland
'Get Out, You Damned One': John Tierney
Still Not Worth It: Cindy Sheehan
Bolton's Ready to Bomb Iran: Michael Tomasky
Addicted to Occupation: Bradley Burston

The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders...tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.
Herman Goering
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Updated July 5, 2005 - 11:21 PM EDT
Brits Plan Major Iraq Troop Withdrawal
Pentagon May Shift Forces to Domestic Defense
US Kills 17 Villagers, Afghan GI Hunt Continues
Bush Says Zarqawi Was in Iraq Before Invasion
Iraqi Leaders Clear Impasse on Constitution
Insurgents Strike at Third Diplomat in Baghdad
Iraqi Govt OKs Talks With Rebels Who Target Occupiers
Iraq Seen Emerging as Prime Training Ground for Terrorists
Two Wars of the Worlds  by Frank Rich
Still Not Worth It  by Cindy Sheehan
We've Heard It Before...
by Derrick Z. Jackson
Saddam's Secrets
by Robert Weiner and Alexis Leventhal
Where Has All the Money Gone?
by Ed Harriman
Bolton's Ready to Bomb Iran
by Michael Tomasky
Addicted to Occupation
by Bradley Burston

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Israeli President Fears Sharon Assassination
GIs Recover Bodies of 2 on Seal Team in Afghanistan
Flag Lapel Pins Disappearing as War Sours
Iraq Insurgents Altering Their Focus
Raid Nets 100 Suspected Iraqi Insurgents; Car Bomb Kills Two
'Former Saddam Bodyguards' Killed in Damascus Gunfight
Bush to Blair: Don't Expect Special Treatment at G-8 Summit
France Refuses to Confirm or Deny Existence of Joint US Spy Base
One Woman's Death Brings Iraq War Home to Small-Town America
Today in Iraq
Quiet Killings Split Neighborhood Where Sunnis and Shi'ites Once Lived Side by Side
Iraqi Clerics Plan Edict on Sunnis' Political Role
Man Charged in Baghdad Embassy Bombing Pleads Not Guilty
Iraq Sunnis Slam Egypt Envoy Abduction
Former Iraqi Minister Hails Syria's Effort to Control Border
With Faulty Power, Iraqis Find Ways to Beat Heat
Attacks Continue
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 4
Death of Knight Ridder Reporter, Other Civilians in Iraq, Draws Official Criticism
Acid Attacks on 'Immodest' Women on the Rise
Mosul Cop Assassinated
Explosions Heard Near Japan Camp in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
Iraq Could Begin Taking Charge of Its Security in One Year: Britain
US Troops in Iraq Celebrate the Fourth
Global Iraq Fallout
Poland Sends Final Troop Contingent to Iraq
Six Jailed in Tunisia for Ties to Iraq Insurgents
Putin Calls for World Cooperation on Iraq
Iraqi Defense Minister to Visit Iran
Uzbekistan Escalates Pressures on US Democracy Organizations by Filing Criminal Charges Against Internews Network
Pregnant Radio Free Europe Journalist Beaten in Uzbekistan
Taliban Minister's Brother Killed in Pakistan
Pakistan Will Make Kashmir Demilitarization Proposal: Khan
Pakistan Says Afghanistan Yet to Provide Details on 3 Arrested in Alleged Plot to Kill US Envoy
US Regrets Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan Airstrike
A Chopper Rescue Goes Awry in Afghanistan
Interview With Rural Development Minister
South/Central Asia
Nepal Frees Senior Politician, Others
Sri Lanka Marxists March Against Norwegian Peace Broker
China & Friends
China Criticizes US Actions on Unocal Bid
Gas Warfare Discovery Reignites Old China-Japan Hostilities
Sino-Kazak Strategic Partnership Set Up
China Urges Prevention of Arms Race in Outer Space
US Protests American Detained in China
South Korea Hopeful North Will Come to Talks
North Korea Says 'Political Dwarf' Japan Doesn't Belong in 6-Way Talks
Extreme Distrust Between North Korea and the US, Says Unification Minister Chung
Trading Ideals for Sustenance
East Asia
Anger in Okinawa as US Airman Faces Child Sex Charges
Arroyo Has Loyalty of Philippine Military
Thai Rebels Said to Be Well-Armed
Russia & Her Neighbors
Old Rivalry Persists as Russian-Polish Relations Take Turn for Worse
Russia Set to Chair the G8
Chechnya Rock Festival Called Off
Putin Hails Russia-US Ties
Monitors Critical of Albania Poll
Albanian Elections Raise Hopes of Ties With Europe
France, Germany Say Russia Can't Stop Wider EU
Karadzic Reportedly Hiding in Montenegro
Details of Srebrenica Emerge as Hague Prepares for a Trial
Four Arrested in UK Nuclear Protest
US Military
'I'm Not Going to Come Home': One Marine's Third Iraq Tour
Noncitizen Soldiers: The Quandaries of Foreign-Born Troops
Denver's Area 51
New US Body Armor to Protect Soldiers' Limbs
The War at Home
Rove 'Knowingly' Refusing Interviews on Plame Leak
Spy at Center of Leak Case Still in Shadow
Bush Compares Challenges in Iraq to First Independence Day
Bush Urges US Resolve on Iraq Despite Bloodshed
Bush Remains Under Pressure Over Iraq
Fireworks Crowd in Washington Provides Test of Evacuation Plan
Shadowed by Scandal, Rep. Cunningham a No-Show at July Fourth Event
Russia Will Equip Iranian Subs With Missiles
Britain, Germany: Iran Talks Will Go On
Iranian Women's Dress Code Is Modest but Golf Friendly
Iran President-Elect Dismisses Allegations
Iran President-Elect Plotted Dissident's Murder: Kurdish Rebels
Iran Wants Ties With Europe: Ahmadinejad
Aoun Refuses to Join Lebanon's New Government
Lebanon PM Designate Seeks New Partners After Aoun Rejection
Hezbollah Wants Seats in New Lebanon Cabinet
Hamas Rejects Unity Cabinet Offer
Israeli Army to Seize Palestinian Land for Settlement Evacuation
Gaza Settlers Draw Up Code of Conduct for Protests
Gaza Settlers Create Anti-Violence Code
Youth Detained in Gaza Attack
Israeli Court: Wall Route Not Determined by 'Security'
Few Cheers for Settlers' Cause
Middle East
Al-Jazeera Turns Its Signal West
The Saudi War on Terror
Egypt Axes State-Owned Media Moguls
Jordanian King: Extremists’ Violence Hurting Islam
Kuwait Emir to Return in Near Future - Premier
Ethiopia: Editors Held as Army Warns Newspapers
Ethiopian Soldiers Block Roads to Protest Pay
Charity in Vogue, Ethiopia Its Queen
Warlord Saves Town From Chaos
Charity Group Suspends Aid to Somalia After Ship Hijacked
Africans Press UN to Lift Somalia Arms Embargo
South Sudan Truce Talks Fail Ahead of Unity Government Formation
African Union Says Darfur Force Lacks Funding
DR Congo
Rampaging Soldiers Kill Nine Civilians
Military Court Investigates Goma Killings
Rwanda in Court Over Congo Claims
Africa Looks East for Political Role Models
Nigerian President to West: Give Us Tons of Cash
Gadhafi to Africans: Stop Your Begging
Mauritius Opposition Claims Election Win
Burundi Voting for New Assembly
Ivorian Soldier in Mystery Death
US Ambassador in Haiti Says Political Violence on Island Amounts to Terrorism
Peace Caravan Will Challenge US Blockade of Cuba
Fujimori Gets New Peru ID Card, Eyes Return From Japanese Exile
Anti-Chávez Leader Under Fire
Brazil Scandal May Topple Ruling Party's Leader
Pinochet in Hospital for Tests

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