The Logic of Suicide Terrorism: Pape/McConnell
The Message of Carnage: Norman Solomon
CondiPerfidy: Gordon Prather
Familiar Debate Resumes: Jim Lobe
Nobody Attacks Civilization: Charley Reese

They talk about conscription as a democratic institution. Yes; so is a cemetary.
Rep. Meyer London
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Updated July 9, 2005 - 10:08 PM EDT
Report: US, UK Readying Iraqi Pullout
Iraq Links London Attacks to Insurgency
Police Follow North African Connection
Could London Bombers Be British Asians?
Police: London Blasts Were Seconds Apart
Britain Fears More Attacks as Death Toll Rises
'Police Shot Bombers' Reports New Zealander
Italy to Pull Troops Out of Iraq
Taliban Claims to Kill 'Captured’ American
UK Home Secretary: Nothing Could Have Stopped Attacks
Familiar Debate Resumes in Wake of London Bombings  by Jim Lobe
Terrorism, the 'War on Terror' & the Message of Carnage by Norman Solomon
The Failed War on Terrorism
by Anthony Gregory
'The Time of Revenge Has Come'
by Juan Cole
Nobody Attacks Civilization
by Charley Reese
CondiPerfidy  by Gordon Prather

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Israel's Sharon Muzzles Ministers on London Blasts
Al-Qaeda Is Exporting the War From Iraq to Europe
Iraqis Blame US and UK for Rise in Extremism
Echoes of al-Qaeda, Hints of Iraq
UK Attack Mirrors Jakarta
Iraq Urges Egypt to Come Clean on Rebel Contacts
Will London Now Follow Madrid Out of Iraq?
Juan Cole on London Attack
US Tries to Mend Iraq Invasion Rift With Biggest Oil Supplier (Canada)
London Police Give Warning That Bombers May Strike Again
Today in Iraq
Iraq Quieter, but Not by Much
US Says Iraq Militants Dealt Sharp Blow
Fallujah's Role in Insurgency Sets Back Native Sons
Huge Fire at Iraq Refinery After Mortar Attack
Dutch National Held Over Iraq Attack Stays in Custody
Saddam's Cousin Says US Should Talk to Insurgents
British Troops in Iraq Search for News of Attack
Targeting Diplomats
Diplomats Shaken by Baghdad Attacks
Iraq to World: Keep Diplomats in Baghdad
US Troops, Others May Protect Baghdad Diplomats
Iraq Hunts Killers of Egypt Envoy
Body of Egyptian Diplomat Killed in Iraq Still Not Found: US General
Egypt to Cut Staff in Baghdad Mission
French Envoy to Stay in Iraq
Diplomat's Case Opens Iraq, Egypt Rift
Insurgents Target Arab-Iraq Ties
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Takes Blame for 1980s War With Iran
America's Follies in Iraq Create Iranian Opportunities
Egyptians Are Seething Over Envoy's Death
US Response to UK Attacks
Americans Cope With 'Inevitability' of Attack
Threat Level Increased to 'High' for US Mass Transit
Poll: US Worries Increase After London Attacks
In Americans, Lurking Fears Rise to Surface
Morgan Stanley: US Airlines Won't Be Impacted by London Attacks
Plame Investigation
Two Years Into CIA Leak Probe, No Charges
Plame Case: Turning Up the Heat
More Trouble for Rove in CIA Leak Case?
Detaining Justice
Four Gitmo Detainees to Be Released
Army: Medics Have Not Harmed Prisoners
Army Finds Few Lapses in Health Care of Prisoners
Lawyer for Teenage Canadian Guantanamo Detainee Argues Against Further Interrogations
Missile Defense & Offense
India Won't Join US on Missile Defense, May Build Their Own
Japan Green-Lights Missile Defense Program With US
Russia to Complete Tests on New Sea-Launched Ballistic Missile in 2006
US Military
Back From Iraq, Unit Headed to Afghanistan
Military to Pay Halliburton Another $5 Billion
DoD Releases Study on Link Between Agent Orange and Diabetes
Judge Rules Out England's Statements for Trial
Saving the Pentagon's Killer Chopper-Plane
Pentagon Must Stop Paying for Boy Scout Visits, Fed Judge Rules
Karzai Says bin Laden Not in Afghanistan
Seal Commander: Loss in Afghanistan Strengthens War Resolve
Musharraf: Terrorism in Afghanistan Has Hurt Us
US Allays Pakistan's Fears Over Defense Pact With India
Pakistan Signs Agreement on Gas Pipeline Project With Iran
Four Indian Troops, Four Rebels Killed in Kashmir
Pakistan's Internet Fully Restored
Nepal Army Scouts for Arms From Foreign Suppliers
Nepal King Parties as Nation Yearns for Peace
Nepal Frees 191 Prisoners to Mark King's Birthday
Nepal Warns Soldiers Against Abuses
Coup Feared as Embattled Philippine Leader Clings to Power
US Says It Will Oppose Any Unconstitutional Change in the Philippines
Embattled Philippines Leader Digs in Despite Massive Loss of Support
Bishops Seen Reluctant to Demand Arroyo Quit
Ten Philippine Cabinet Ministers Quit, Urge President Arroyo to Resign
Philippines Troops on Alert Amid Protests
Korean Nuclear Talks
North Korea Agrees to Rejoin Six-Nation Talks
South Korea Sees Rice Visit as a Key to North Korea Talks
China to Send Presidential Envoy to North Korea
Taiwan Troops Practice Fending Off China
China in Balancing Act at G8 Summit
Congress Demands Pentagon Report on China
Uzbekistan Wants US to Pay for Airbase
Aceh Talks at Risk Over Autonomy
Kyrgyz Acting President Favored to Win Election
Novelist Reflects Japan's Growing Militarism
US Air Base Imposes Curfew Following Alleged Molestation of Okinawan Child
US, Vietnam Mark 10 Years of Relations
Violence Disrupts Ukraine Parliament
Romanian Gov't Passes Some Property Laws
Bosnian Muslims Re-Enact Escape From Srebrenica
Putin Promises Russia Will Hike Oil Exports
Rebel Who Fought Sudan Government to Be Vice-President
Sudan's New Government
Sudan Nears 'Milestone' in Peace Plan
Darfur Aid Workers Attacked by Rebels, Evacuated
First Ethiopia Poll Results Are a Draw
Claims of Fraud Delay Tally in Ethiopia
Somalia PM Downplays Threat by Mogadishu Warlords
Former Mugabe Ally Quits Over City Demolitions
Congo: Poverty in the Midst of Natural Wealth
Liberia's Doubts on Taylor Exile
Canada Wants Assurances on Rwandan Genocide Suspect
Chavez: Cuba, Venezuela Would Fight Attack as One
Colombia Defense Minister Jorge Uribe Resigns
Canada Envoy Says No More Troops for Haiti
Carnage in London
As the Death Toll Rises to 49, the Missing Come From All Over the World
Are Our Loved Ones Alive or Dead, Ask Frantic Families
Londoners Desperately Seek Missing Loved Ones
Victims and Families Facing Anguish of Aftermath
London Abounds With Tales of Victims
Big Questions
Mi5 Faces Tough Questions on Decision to Relax Security

London Bombings: Unanswered Questions

Big Problems
Attacks Underscore Difficulty in Thwarting Terrorist Groups

Post-9/11, Terrorists Increasingly Take Aim at 'Soft Targets'

Muslims in Britain
Muslims: London Bombings Don't Represent Islam
London's Muslims Frightened by Messages of Hate
We Too Are Disgusted, Say British Muslims
Londonís Muslims Fear Backlash
Some Militants at Home in London
Police Investigate 'Backlash' Attacks Against Muslims, Sikhs
Liverpool Mosque Tired of Being Blamed for Everything
Muslim Council Condemns London Attacks
In Britain, Muslims Worry a Delicate Balance May Tip
The Bombs
London Bombs Likely Simple and Homemade
Less Than 4.5 Kilograms of Explosives Used in Each London Bomb
Police Conclude Bombs Were Small, Placed by More Than One Person
Police: Timers, Not Suicide Bombers, Used in London Blasts
Bombers May Have Been on Camera
The Investigation
London Search Focuses on 'Enemy Within'
British Police Hunt for 'A Needle in a Haystack'
London Officials Report Details of Attack and Recovery Snags
British Police Assume Syrian Might Have Been Involved With Bombing
Diffuse Nature of Terror Threat Tests Security Services
Painstaking Search for Terrorists' Signature
Pakistan Arrest Offered Hints, No Details on Planned Hits

US Probing Bomb Claim of al-Qaeda Group

London Hospital's Staff Battle Against Exhaustion to Treat Victims
Thousands of London's Commuters Stay at Home as Normality Slowly Returns
Londoners Warily Resume Their Lives
Responses to Shock of 9/11 Aided Rebound
Markets Rebound After Attacks
Secret Internet Chat Room Helped Calm UK Markets
Cellphones Change the View of Disaster
Bombs Likely Won't Leave Emotional Scars
British Official Reaction
UK Home Secretary: No Evidence War Had Anything to Do With Attacks
Blair: G8 Offers Alternative to Terror
Evoking Wartime, British Vow to Find Bombers
Fears Over 'Condoning Attacks' Law
Galloway: 'London Has Reaped Blair's Involvement in Iraq'
Queen: Terrorists Will Fail to Change Our Way of Life
Global Reaction
Arab Leaders Condemn London Attacks
Arabs Fear Backlash After London Bombings
Mideast Links London Attacks to Western Policy
UK Policy Invited Attacks - Iran
Bin Laden's Brother Condemns Blasts
Global Response to Attacks
Nations Around World Beef Up Security After London Blasts
Putin Calls for United Front on Terrorism
UK Attacks Trigger Official Fears That Japan Is Next
South Koreans Fear They May Be Next on Terrorist List
South Korea Puts Out UK Travel Alert
As Europe Braces, Fears of an Attack Grip Italians
Group Threatens al-Qaeda Attacks on Rome
Italy Increases Security Around Vatican
Bombs Raise Questions on EU's Readiness
Other War on Terror Issues
Treasury Study Shows Brown's ID Card Doubts
Air France Jet Turned Back by US
Germany Clears Biometric Passports Plan
Political Squabbling Leaves Lebanon Without Government
Syria Backs Efforts to Disarm Nuclear Weapons
Syrians in US Hope to Organize Uprising Against Assad
Russia Set to Build 20 Nuclear Power Stations in Iran
Goals Uncertain for New Iran Leader
Israel Expects Most Settlers to Leave Before Gaza Withdrawal
Progress on Israel, PA Coordination for Pullback
More Gaza Settlers Seek Payout
Israelis Abandon Phantom Settlements Before Gaza Disengagement
EU's Solana to Visit Mideast to Shore Up Gaza Pullout
Palestinian Politics
G8 Approves Up to Three Billion Dollars for Palestinians
Palestinian Leader's Group Rejects Hamas Proposal
The Role of Hamas in the Palestinian Parliamentary Elections
Palestinian Disarmament Not Discussed in Beirut: Abbas
Palestinian Groups Urge Divestment From Israel
Israeli Troops Arrest 10 Palestinians
Israel Breaks Up Demos Against West Bank Barrier
Palestinian Teenager Shot Dead by Barrier Guard
Middle East
OPEC Chief to Resume Talks on Boosting Output
Saudi King Still in Hospital Six Weeks After Illness
Rights Groups Call for Probe Into Turkish Mass Graves
United Nations
US Expects Delay on Vote to Expand UN Security Council
India Locks Horns With Pakistan, Italy on UN Security Council Expansion
UN Nuclear Agency Expands Treaty

London Terror Mystery

Terror Strikes Again

Silver City

Eyes Wide Shut, India Enters Military Alliance With US

Ivan Eland
The US Government Should Stop Meddling in the Oil Market

Ran HaCohen
The Seeds of Fascism

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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