How Large a Crater Will We Leave?: Horton/Cole
A Roving Ethical Problem: Ivan Eland
Why Plame Matters: Ray McGovern
Two Sides of the Same Coin: Teresa Whitehurst
Condemning the Killers Is Not Enough: Neil Clark

War is the greatest plague that can affect humanity; it destroys religion, it destroys states, it destroys families. Any scourge is preferable to it.
Martin Luther
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Updated July 19, 2005 - 11:19 PM EDT
Sistani Warns of 'Genocidal War'
Iraqis 'Fire' Police, Move to Protect Themselves
Sunni Constitution Official, 13 Iraqi Workers Slain
Pakistan Points Finger at Militants, Madrassas
British Gov't Under Fire Over Bomber Probe
Two-Thirds Believe London Bombings Linked to Iraq War
Bush Raises Standard for Firing Aides in Leak Probe
Pentagon Preparing Eastern European Bases for Mideast War
Iraq: How Large a Crater Will We Leave?  Scott Horton Interviews Juan Cole
Condemning the Killers Is
Not Enough
 by Neil Clark
My Enemy’s Friend Is My Enemy
by Sudha R. Shenoy
Don't You Dare Call It Treason
by Alexander Cockburn
Why Plame Matters  by Ray McGovern
Two Sides of the Same Coin
by Teresa Whitehurst

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'PlameGate' Hardly a Summer Squall
UK Cleric: 'Reclaim Islam From Terrorism'

Pakistan: Bombers Met Chief UK-Born Plotter in Karachi

Egypt: Claims Against Chemist Baseless
Five Americans Detained for Aiding Iraqi Insurgents
US Cautions Turkey Not to Pursue Kurds
Studies: War Radicalized Most Foreign Fighters in Iraq
US, India May Share Nuclear Technology
Padilla's Appeal to Be Heard Today
US to Review Detainees' Cases
Iraq Locals, Troops Straddle Uneasy Calm in Basra
Today in Iraq
Iraqis Expect More Blood When Saddam Takes Stand
Ex-Gen. McCaffrey: Iraq Attacks to Peak in Six Months; US Out in a Year
Gen. Myers: Iraq on Track for Elections Despite Rise in Violence
Iraq Aims to Stop Insurgent Recruits
Attacks Continue
Gunmen Kill at Least 24 in Iraq, US Marine Dies
Blasts Suggest al-Qaeda Thriving in Iraq
Residents Cope With Bloodshed in Iraqi Town Known for Love Song
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 19
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 18
Iraqi Politics
Iraqis Race to Finish Constitution
Official: Iraq Should Lead Reconstruction
Splitting Up Iraq?
Lawyer Wants Saddam Trial Moved From Iraq
Iran-Iraq Rapprochement
Iran Leader Tells Iraq PM US Troops Harming His Country
Iran Demands Saddam Hussein Be Tried for War
Iraq Goes Courting in Iran
Iran Leaders Support Iraq Quest for Peace
US Backs Good Iraq-Iran Ties
Iran-Iraq Sign $1bn Trade Deal
Global Iraq Fallout
Terrorist Group Gives Italy One Month to Quit Iraq
Iraqi Official Accuses Syria of Not Stopping Insurgents
Syria Rejects Iraqi Comments on Insurgents
Iraq's Planning Ministry Slams Shortfall in Donor Aid
Karzai Arrives in Britain for Talks With Blair
Afghanistan Considers Creating War Crimes Commission
Abusers in Afghan War Named
Pakistan Arrests 5 Senior Taliban Leaders
Pakistan: All 17 Militants Killed in Gunbattle From Kazakhstan
Pakistan Protest at Women Candidates Ban
Six Killed in Suspected Sectarian Violence in Pakistan
Sunni Cleric Attacked in Karachi, Son Killed
Pakistan Accuses India of Cease-Fire Line Violation
US-India Meeting Sees Deals but No UN Move
Bush: No Change in US Policy on Kashmir
Nepal's Maoist Leaders Heal Rift
Rebels Said to Free 18 Hostages in Nepal
Top UN Envoy to North Korea Loses Post
US Holds Key to North Korea’s Nukes: Roh
North Korea Calls for 'Ties of Confidence' With the US
North Korea May Demand More Concessions
North Korean Parliamentarian Defects to South Korea
German Plan to Sell Missiles to South Korea
Georgia Releases Photo of Grenade Suspect
Nagorno Karabakh: Is a Settlement in Sight?
Beijing: Nukes Against US 'Private Opinion,' Not Official Policy
President Hu Congratulates New Taiwan Party Leader
A 21st Century Powerhouse: China Rising
Indonesians Welcome News of Peace Deal
Arroyo Opposition Studying Impeachment
Thai Shift of Power by Decree Draws Fire
Islamist Gambit in Central Asia
Japan to Help Build Sub Reactor Graveyard in Vladivostok
Russia & Her Neighbors
Putin to Spend $2 Billion Beefing Up Southern Border
Dagestan, the Next Caucasian Tinderbox?
Poll: Most Want Turkey Kept Out of EU
Austria Opposes Turkey's EU Push
Suicide Bombing Ruled Out in Turkish Bus Blast
France and Britain Renew Budget Battle
Milosevic Allies Guilty of Killing Rival
UN Court Sentences Croatian Leader
In Other News
Uzbekistan Spared as EU Ministers Pile Diplomatic Pressure on Syria, Zimbabwe
Ministers at Odds Over UN Bids
Seattle Women Plan to Defy Cuba Travel Law
London Bombings
June Report Led Britain to Lower Its Terror Alert
Israeli Official: London Bomber Visited Israel
Pakistan Clears Six of London 'Links'
Pakistan Trying to Trace London Bombers' Movements
Investigators Explore Link to Pakistan
New Muslim at 15, a Bombing Suspect at 19
Britain Reacts
UK Sunnis Issue Fatwa Condemning London Bombings
Brit Ministers in Denial on Iraq-London Attack Link
Most Britons Support Anti-Incitement Laws
Blair Under Pressure After Think-Tank Links London Attacks to Iraq War
UK War on Terror
Extremist Cleric Puts Terror Laws to the Test
UK Terror Laws Talks Reach Parties' Consensus
Britain Readies Tough Laws to Deter Radical Islam
Irish Threat 'Diverted' British Security Effort
Former Afghanistan Warlord Is Found Guilty of Torture by British Court
War on Terror
German Court Releases 'al-Qaeda Man'
US Military Trials for Terror Suspects to Begin Soon: Rumsfeld
So Far, Dogs Are Still Best Detectors of Bombs
Homeland Security
Watching the Watchdogs
US to Clamp Down on Foreign Researchers
Homeland Reform Faces Review
US Governors Challenge Change on Drivers' Licenses
Governors: Driver's License Costs to Soar Under ID Plan
CIA Plame Leak Case
Poll: Many Doubt White House Cooperation in CIA Leak Probe
Cooper Details 2003 Interview With Rove
Top Aides Reportedly Set Out to Discredit Wilson
US Military
General Westmoreland, Architect of Vietnam War Escalation, Dies
Where Recruiting Runs Strongest
Gobs of Cash Help Get Soldiers to Re-Enlist Beyond US Goal
The War at Home
McClellan: Bush Nixed Iraq Election Funds
Poll: Foreign Policy a Top US Concern
Adviser: Oil Prices Don't Stunt Economy
How Well Are American Muslims Fitting In?
Congressman: Nuke Muslim Holy Sites if US Nuked by Islamists
Iraq War Hasn't Made United States Safer, Author Says
Tehran Pledges to Crack Down on Militants
Iran Hunger Striker in Hospital

Lebanon Parliament Pardons Christian Leader

Lebanon Struggles to Form Cabinet Amid Crisis With Syria
EU Concerned About Lebanon, Urges Syria to Act
Troops Let Settlers Continue Banned March
Jewish Settler Seeks to Become Palestinian
Tensions Rise as D-Day Draws Near in Gaza
Abbas: Truce With Israel Can Be Salvaged
Abbas Fails to Restrain Gaza Attacks
Hamas 'Still Committed' to Truce
Rice to Meet Abbas in Ramallah on Thursday: Palestinians
Egypt Asks for More US Weapons
Presidential Poll Set for September 7
Egypt Dissident to Boycott Vote
Feminist Cancels Plan to Run for Egypt Presidency
Egypt Renews Imprisonment of Muslim Brothers Figure
Mugabe in Plea for South Africa to Bail Him Out of Crisis
EU Considering Zimbabwe Sanctions
Darfur Rebels Agree Deal to Stop Infighting
US Clears Mines in Sudan
Uganda to Return 1,000 Rwandan Suspects
Ethiopia: NGO Body Threatened With Ban for 'Political Bias'
Doubts Over Ivorian Peace Plans
Seven Arrested Over Kenya Attack
Western Sahara Rights Activist Arrested

Judith Miller: Hearsted on
Her Own Petard

A Roving Ethical Problem

India Moves Toward a New Compact with the United States

In Search of a New Middle Eastern Paradigm

Nebojsa Malic

Ran HaCohen
The Seeds of Fascism

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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