Iraq: The Battle of Basra: Justin Raimondo
Cindy Sheehan Unplugged: Joshua Frank
Costlier Than Vietnam: Kevin Zeese
An Uncertain Anniversary: Jim Lobe
Saving Iraq From What?: Simon Jenkins

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Updated September 21, 2005 - 10:53 PM EDT
Karzai Wants End to US-Led Operations
North Korea Accuses US of Plotting Attack
Basra Fury Prompts Calls for UK Pullout
Brit Tactics Shattered by Day of Chaos
Iraqi Official: Insurgents Have Infiltrated Police
12 Americans Killed in Iraq, Toll Reaches 1,907
Rumsfeld Warns Iran Over Iraq
Israel: Iran Six Months From Nukes
Pentagon Blocks 'Able Danger' Senate Testimony
Desperate Army Targets High School Dropouts
Govt Has Base Closures All BRACward  by Laurence M. Vance
NYPD Unplugs Cindy, but Not the Antiwar Movement  by Joshua Frank
'The Most Expensive Military Effort in 60 Years'  by Kevin Zeese
Becoming the Bogeyman
by Matthew Yglesias
Iran's Nukes: Jack's Straw Man
by Brendan O'Neill
Volunteer Check on an Imperial US
by Doug Bandow

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Uncertain Anniversary for Iraq War Champions
Peace Activist Sheehan Hurt at Rally
Cindy Sheehan Takes on the Democrats, Hillary Clinton
US Should Have Stayed Out of Iraq, Say Americans
Military Judge Bars Release of Abu Ghraib Photos
US Dismisses North Korea Reactors Demand
Rice: No One Trusts Iran
US Eases Opposition to Hamas Participation in Elections
Sadr Militia's New Muscle in South
Iraq Jail, Many Vehicles Flattened in UK Army Jailbreak
Basra Explodes
Iraq Slams British Tank Jail-Breaking
Police Station Raid Was Diversion as Brits Broke Troops Out of Jail
Brits Stormed Prison to 'Save Soldiers From Execution'
TV Shows Captured Soldiers and Their Arsenal
Basra Unrest Leaves Britain's Exit Strategy for Iraq Unclear
UK Defense Secretary: No Leaving Iraq
British, Iraqis Disagree on Basra Events
Fiery Pictures Puncture Notion British Troops Safe in Iraq
Iraq Urges Calm After UK Troops Spark Anger
'People Here See the Iraq Government Has No Authority'
Blair's Continuing Iraq Dilemma
British Defense Minister Defends Raid on Iraqi Jail to Free Two British Soldiers
Today in Iraq
'Terrorist Doctors' Captured in Iraq: US
A Daily Dance With Death
Iraqi Defense Officials Have Embezzled $1.27 Billion
Second Journalist Probing Basra Police Killed
Contractor in Iraq Accused of Badge Fraud
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 21
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 20
Global Iraq Fallout
Saudi FM Says US Policy Handing Iraq Over to Iran
Saudi Fighters in Iraq Bring Money
Italy Could Withdraw More Troops From Iraq
Australia: Iraq Withdrawal Talk 'Premature'
Iraqi Vice President Visits Jordan With Aim of Boosting Ties
Russia Sends 6.5 Million Packs of Acetaminophen to Iraq
Iran Warns Against Sanctions Over Nukes
Russia Could Delay UN Vote on Iran
Israel, Iran Engage in Bout of Name-Calling at UN
Uzbekistan Killings Set Off Massive Crackdown
Uzbek Suspects Plead Guilty
Trial Over Uzbek Uprising 'A Sham'
Pentagon Set to Pay Uzbekistan for Use of Air Base
US General in Afghanistan Warns of More Attacks
Vote-Counting Halts in Afghanistan City Due to Rocket Attacks
Pakistani Soldier, One Civilian Killed in Mine Blast on Afghan Border
India, Pakistan See Trade as Road to Better Ties
India to Form Joint Task Force to Rout Maoists
Ambush Kills Nine Indian Soldiers
Major Arms Cache Found, 4 Die in Kashmir Violence
200 Nepalese Held in Anti-King Protests
Stop Clampdown on Demonstrations, UN Tells Nepal
US, Russia to Pyongyang: Stick to Nuclear Deal
Korean Agreement on Weapons Founders After 24 Hours
South Korea to Mediate Reactor Dispute
'Neocons' on the Rise in Japan
Arroyo: Philippines Still Beset by Turmoil
Taking Aim at Indonesian Terrorists
US No Longer Expects Aussie Help in Defending Taiwan
Colombian Violence Spills Over Into Venezuela
Colombia Denies Refugee Status to Venezuelan Ex-Military Officers
Chávez Takes World Stage by Berating US at UN Summit
Sandinistas in Venezuela Oil Deal
Voter Registration Closes as Haiti Prepares for Presidential Elections
Ex-Mexican President Faces Massacre Charges
War on Terror
Bombers Staged Dry Run Before London Attacks
US Official Doubts al-Qaeda Claim on London Attack
UK Extremism Hot Spots in Rural Areas
Britain Talks to Egypt on Deporting Wanted Exiles
Virginia Man Sought to Be 'Another Mohamed Atta'
Australian Police to Get Anti-Terror Powers
Pentagon OKs Resumption of War-on-Terror Trials
Detainee Hunger Strike Prompts Request for Health Records Access
Saudi Rights Group Banned From Guantanamo
Kuwait Chastizes US Over Guantanamo
Kuwait Urges US Solution to Striking Guantanamo Detainees
The War at Home
Protest to Make DC a Flash Point for Rift Among Military Families
Katrina Raises Voters' Doubts About Bush
Donated UK Soldier Meal-Paks (Same as Used in Iraq) Declared Unfit for Katrina Victims
Foreign Investment Aids Cleanup, Despite Adding to US Deficit
La. Guardsman Returns Home From Iraq to Find a Mess
Fonda Bows Out of Antiwar Event
Mother of Scottish Soldier Killed in Iraq to Join Washington Antiwar Protest
Rafah Crossing
Israel: Hamas May Use Open Rafah Crossing to Attack
Egyptian Police Close Rafah Crossing
Egypt-Gaza Terminal to Open for Two Days: Palestinians
Palestinian Politics
Hamas Gains Strength in Gaza
Palestinian Leader Appears Weak, Isolated
EU Grants $340 Million to Palestinian Authority
Sharon Says Won't Quit Likud Party Despite Crisis
Israel Seeks Seat on UN Security Council
Israel Pulls Last Troops From Evacuated West Bank Settlements
Israel FM Sees Arab 'Iron Wall' Coming Down
Mideast Envoys Ease Pressure After Gaza
Israel Seeks Buyers for Arms Maker
US Air Force Officer Killed in Egypt
Nour Vows to Lead Egypt Opposition
Middle East
US Uses 'Libya Model' to Boost Pressure on Syria
UN Investigators Take Hariri Probe to Syria
OPEC to Sell Consumers Extra Supplies of Crude
Rebels Capture Town in Sudan's Darfur Region
Sudan Unveils First Postwar Unity Government
Ugandan Army Abuse Probe Urged
Mugabe Passes Law to Finish Ethnic Cleansing of Whites From Zimbabwe
Ukraine Parliament Rejects PM Choice
Ukraine PM Rebuff Deepens Crisis
EU Monitors for Moldova-Ukraine
Germany's Big Parties Court Coy Greens After Election Chaos
Rudderless Germany Faces Coalition Talks
Bid to Break Deadlock in Germany
Europe's Direction Is Unclear, Much as Germany's Is After Vote
KGB Tried to Woo Third World Leaders
Vatican Denies Aiding War Suspect
Police: Embassy Employee Behind Blast at UK's Croatian Embassy
Hurdle Cleared for EU's Turkey Talks
Europe Ships War Refugees Back Home

Iraq: The Battle of Basra

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