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Nuking Iran Without the Dachshund: Jorge Hirsch
Slipped His Moorings: Charley Reese
A Desert Called Peace: Nebojsa Malic
Outing Brewster Jennings: Gordon Prather
War Crimes Within War Crimes: George Monbiot

No one has ever succeeded in keeping nations at war except by lies.
Salvador de Madariaga
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Updated November 27, 2005 - 10:53 PM EST
Bush May Signal Iraq Drawdown
White House Claims Ownership of Pullout Plan
US Planning Significant Troop Pullout From Iraq
Top Shi'ite Asks US for Leeway in Rebel Fight
Allawi: Abuse Now as Bad as Under Saddam
Pentagon Expanding Domestic Surveillance
Europe in Uproar Over CIA Operations
GIs Who Burned Taliban Bodies Face No Charges
China Backs Nepal Against Maoist Insurgency
8 Arrested Over Plot to Kill Judge in Saddam Case
US Presses Allies to Delay Iraq Pullouts
War Crimes Within War Crimes
by George Monbiot
In Praise of John Murtha
by Nicholas von Hoffman
Outing Brewster Jennings
by Gordon Prather
Nuking Iran Without the Dachshund
by Jorge Hirsch
Success in Iraq?  by Michael S. Rozeff
Slipped His Moorings  by Charley Reese

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Did President Bush Want To Bomb al-Jazeera?
Rumsfeld’s al-Jazeera Outburst
The Leak That Revealed Bush's Deep Obsession With Al-Jazeera
Bush Plot to Bomb al-Jazeera Is a Conspiracy Theory, Says Blair
In Terror Cases, Administration Sets Own Rules
Sadr Cements Position as Key Player
Investigator Calls Secret CIA Prisons Unlikely
Jailed Intifada Leader Heads List for Palestinian Polls
Iraq a Tricky Issue for Democrats Eyeing 2008
Today in Iraq
'Trophy' Video Exposes Private Security Contractors Shooting Up Iraqi Drivers
US to Transfer Security to Iraqis in Several Cities
In Hawija, Soldiers Tread Warily Amid Hostility
Iran Arrests Armed Iraqis Crossing the Border
Prosecution: Dead Saddam Aide Leaves a Chilling Video
Shi'ites Call for Saddam’s Death at Baghdad Rally
Blood Money Boom for Iraqi Donors as Hospitals Run Dry
Iraqi Politics
Iraq Sunni Clerics Urge US Boycott
Iraq Sunnis Look to December Vote
UN Cautions Iraq Poll Safety Amid Attacks
Attacks Continue
Marine Expeditionary Force Soldier Killed by IED in Iraq
Two Suicide Car Bombings Kill 10 in Iraq
Gunmen Shoot Workers of Iraqi Election Campaign
Security a Hurdle to Iraq Rebuilding
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 27
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 26
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier (OH), Set to Retire in Three Months, Killed in Iraq Accident
Blast Kills City Soldier (IN) in Iraq
Soldier From Niagara Falls (NY) Killed in Iraq
Mt. Shasta (CA) Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
California Soldier With Ties to Oregon Killed in Iraq
Kearny (NJ) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Soldier From Howell (NJ) Killed in Iraq War
'World Lost 'Perfect Kid'' (MI)
Soldier (NY) 'Looked Out for His Men'
Oregon Marine Killed in Action in Iraq
Family Remembers Ohio Marine Killed in Iraq
Sparta (WI) Soldier Dies in Iraq Where 3 Brothers Also Served
Mississippi Marine Killed in Iraq
Idaho Soldier Killed in Iraq Humvee Accident
Soldier From Villa Park (IL) Dies in Iraq Ambush
Savannah (GA) Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb
9/11 Spurred Enlistment of Marine (OK) Killed in Iraq
Slain Marine (TX) Enlisted to Protect His Family, Country
Millington (MI) Native Dies in Iraq Blast
Aurora (CO) Guardsman Dies From Injuries in Kuwait
Burning of Taliban Bodies 'Not a Crime'
US Pays Afghans to Grow Potatoes Instead of Opium
Taliban Kidnap Officer, Soldiers in South Afghanistan
Afghan Army 'Stops Kabul Blast'
Note on Maniappan's Body Asks Indians to Leave Afghanistan
Indian Parliament Rocked for Second Day Over Volker Report
Britain and Pakistan Join Forces Against Terror Traffic
North Korea Says CNN Execution Image Fabricated
Indonesia Deploys British Arms Against Protesters
Azerbaijan Police Break Up Opposition Protest
Approval for Blair’s Government Down to 30% in UK
Bolton Loses British Backing for UN Tactics
UK Report Denies Link Between Service in Iraq and Ex-Soldiers' Ill Health
Blair on the Defensive Over Official Secrets Act Trial
British Warship Sunk During War With US May Hold Lost Treasures of White House
The War at Home
Bush Pays Tribute to War Dead
Anti-Iraq War Monument Unveiled in Bush's Hometown
Web Site Offers Saddam Uniform for Sale
You've Watched the War, Now Play the Game
Iran President: Charge Bush for War Crimes
Iran Offered North Korea Oil for Weapons Help: German Magazine
UK Paper Claims That Iran 'Secretly Trains' Chechens to Fight in Russia
Iran President Under Pressure to Name New Oil Minister
Lebanon Welcomes Syria-UN Deal on Hariri Probe
Syria Claims Victory After UN Hariri Probe Deal
Israeli Politics
Sharon’s New Rival Picks Up Support
Israel's Hard-Line Camp Sidelined After Three Decades of Domination
Prime Minister Plans to Draw 'The Final Shape of Israel'
Future of West Bank at Stake in Israel Polls: President
How the Ranch Forum Roped Sharon Into Forming a New Party
UK Foreign Office 'Unrelentingly Pro-Palestinian' Says Israel
Israel Warns Against EU Action
Landmark Day on Gaza-Egypt Border
EU Says 1,587 People Cross Rafah Post
BBC Upholds Complaint Against Reporter Who Cried for Arafat
Muslim Brotherhood Gains More Seats in Egypt Runoff Polls
Violence, Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets Used as Turmoil Grips Runoff Voting in Egypt
Chechen Polls Expected to Hand Clear Victory to Moscow
War-Torn Chechnya Elects a Parliament as Kremlin Pushes for Stability
Chechnya's Gun-Toting Strongman
Russia Increases Arms Exports
Russian TV Anchor 'Banned'
Mugabe a Sure Winner as Zimbabwe Votes
Apathy Mars Zimbabwe's Controversial Senate Polls
Zimbabweans Form Lines for Food, Not Votes
In Other News
Senegal Re-Arrests Ex-Chad Leader
Europe Plans Naval Taskforce to Stop Illegal African Migrants
Advocate for Coca Legalization Leads in Bolivian Race
Reports: US, UN Concerned About Arms Trade in Yemen

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A Desert Called Peace

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The Failure of Nation-Building in Bosnia and Iraq

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Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

David R. Henderson
An Economist's Case Against an Interventionist Foreign Policy

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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