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Who Made Iraq Into a Threat?: Paul Sperry
Quitting Is an Exit Strategy: Aaron Glantz
It Ain't Fair: William S. Lind
Iraq: So Much Oil, and So Little: Brian Conley
The Unpopular in Pursuit of the Unwinnable?: Lobe

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin
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Updated December 1, 2005 - 11:11 PM EST
Bush Wants to 'Vietnamize' Iraq
Poll: Most Doubt Bush Has Plan for Iraq Victory
White House Sees Years of Iraq Violence
Time to Start Handing Iraq Back: Rumsfeld
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Conquest of Ramadi
4 US Soldiers Killed in Separate Iraq Incidents
Pentagon Directive Prioritizes Post-Conflict Stability
Report: US to Pull Most of National Guard Out of Iraq
US Military Covertly Pays to Run Stories in Iraqi Press
Iran Denies Plans for Iraq Cooperation With US
US Defends Secret Prisons, Refuses to Confirm Them
Quitting Is an Exit Strategy
by Aaron Glantz
Beyond Wilkerson's Remark on Cheney as a War Criminal  by David Corn
The Battling Beasts of the New Middle East  by Rami G. Khouri
Who Made Iraq Into a Threat?
by Paul Sperry
Was Bush Joking About al-Jazeera?  by Juan Cole
It Ain't Fair  by William S. Lind

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US, Iraqi Troops Begin New Offensive in Iraq
House Minority Leader Backs Quick Iraq Withdrawal
Iraq: So Much Oil, and So Little
Appeals Court Holds Up Padilla Transfer
EU Seeks Details on Secret CIA Jails
State Department Official Attacks Iran's President
Fmr. UK Energy Secretary: US, UK in No Position to Criticize Iran
Case of the Secret Memo
Blair Refuses to Meet al-Jazeera Chief
The Unpopular in Pursuit of the Unwinnable?
Today in Iraq
Iraqi DM Describes Border With Syria as 'Source of Evil'
Iraq Misses Deadline for Probe on Torture Allegations
Iraqis Press for Saddam Candidacy in Polls
Elections 101, Iraqi-Style
Kurds Live in Peace Amid Escalation of Violence
Hostage Crises
Christian Group Blames US, UK for Iraq Kidnappings
Fears for Iraq Hostages on Video
Sunni Cleric Group Calls for Release of Hostages
Palestinians Appeal for Release of Western Activists Kidnapped in Iraq
Christian Humanitarians Fear for Colleagues Kidnapped in Iraq
Merkel Defiant Over Iraq Hostage
Kidnapped Briton a Lifelong Peace Activist
British Hostage Described as 'Man of Peace'
Iraq Hostages Part of Chicago-Based Pacifist Group That's Spent Years in Danger Zones
Some Foreigners Taken Hostage in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Gunmen Open Fire on Iraq Bus, Kill 9
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 1
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 30
Global Iraq Fallout
Militants Linked to Iraq Woman Suicide Bomber Held in European Raids
Japanese Public Rejects Extending Iraq Mission by 3-1 Margin
One-Year Extension Seen for Japanese Mission in Iraq
US Seeks to Reverse Dutch Doubts on Afghan Mission
Canadian Base in Kabul Closes Ahead of Move South
US Offers to Facilitate Kashmir Solution
Indian Soldiers Kill Two Rebel Commanders in Kashmir
India Unable to Halt Maoists
Pakistani Court Acquits Ex-PM Bhutto in Corruption Case
Quake Emboldens Pakistani TV
Bangladesh Police Detain 22 After Court Attacks
Lawyers in Bangladesh to Protest Bombings
North Korea Threatens to Sever Military Ties With Seoul
New US Envoy to Seoul Not Encouraged by North Korea Tactics
Japan, China, South Korea Summit May Be Scrapped
US Envoy Urges Japanese Acceptance of US Troops
Japan's Hidden Arms Trade
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Leader Bids for Public Support
US Welcomes Hong Kong Opposition Leader
Asia Summit Must Not Sideline US: Envoy
Divisions Undermine East Asia Summit
UN Security Council Delays US Move on Myanmar
Sri Lankan Rebels Accused of 'Illegally Fundraising' in Canada
Nepal Bans Protests Ahead of Planned Anti-King Rally
Most Bulgarians Favor Limits on US Bases
UN Court Convicts One, Acquits Two in First Trial of Kosovo Albanians
Sudan Govt, Darfur Rebels Open New Talks
African Union Forces Fail to Keep the Peace in Sudan
Ugandans Welcome Rebel Overture
Riots in Gabon as Bongo Continues Rule
Liberian Taylor's Fate Discussed
Ethiopia-Eritrea: Top US Envoy Meets Government Officials
Congo Parliament Backs Amnesty
Australia: Sedition Laws Will Remain
Australian AG: 'Highly Unlikely' Sedition Laws Will Constrain Freedom of Speech
Opposition Leader: Australian Sedition Laws Resemble North Korea, Syria
'Victory' at All Costs
Victory, Mr. President?
An Offering of Detail but No New Substance
Bush's 'National Strategy for Victory' in Iraq
Text of Bush's Speech on Iraq
CIA Torture Prisons
Rice Faces Barrage Over CIA Claims
Controversy Grows in Europe Over CIA Jail Network
Human Rights Watch: US Holding at Least 26 'Ghost Detainees'
Straw Questions US Over Secret Prisons
In UK: Demand for Action Over US 'Torture Flights'
War on Terror
Sidestepping Courts in the War on Terrorism
Hundreds of Questions Await 9/11 Jury Pool
Fortress America: The New Boom Market?
Plutonium Could Be Missing From Lab at Los Alamos
Colorado Woman Faces Jail for Refusing Random ID Check on Bus
Bribing Congress
Contractor Spends Big on Key Lawmakers
Bribery's Scope a Surprise
House Intelligence Committee to Probe Cunningham's Work on Panel
US Military
Pentagon Officials Offer Mixed Message on Reports of Planted News Stories
Soldier Charged in Fort Campbell Shooting of Fellow GIs
The War at Home
Judith Miller 'Sorry' for WMD Inaccuracies
National Security Whistleblowers Call for Boycott of Hearing
Defense Contractor Held in China Spy Case Pulls Antiwar Ad Following Criticism
Chanting, Drumming Protesters Greet Bush in Denver
Washington Suggests Sanctions if Iran Nuclear Talks Remain Stalled
First 100 Days of Iranian President Ahmadinejad
EU, Iran Having Hard Time Getting Talks Re-Started: Diplomats
Iranian FM in Turkey to Ease Nuclear Concerns
Revolutionary Guardsman Wins Top Iran Security Post
Israeli Elections
Peres Announces He Will Support Sharon in Upcoming Elections
Likud Faces Election Slide After Sharon: Poll
Palestinian Elections
Abbas Seeks to Salvage Flawed Fatah Election
Fatah to Resume Primaries for Palestinian Elections
Hamas Site Says Three of Its Leaders Are Candidates for Parliament
Palestinian Reformists Fight the Old Guard
Erekat Asks Israel to Keep Out of Elections
Israeli DM Threatens to Shut Down Gaza-Egypt Border
Israeli Woman Faces 3-Year Jail Term for Acting as a Human Shield
Clashes Erupt as Israel Raids West Bank Town
Hamas Leader Says He Won't Renew Truce
Discontent Grows as Egypt Vote Enters Final Phase
Egyptian Police Round Up Opposition on Eve of Voting
Middle East
Syria Fights Back Against UN Inquiry
At Least 16 Rebels Killed in Yemen Fighting
Dubai Airs 'al-Qaeda Confessions'
Two Women Win in Saudi Election
Boycott of Venezuela's Elections Expected to Stoke Tensions
Chavez Denounces Poll 'Sabotage'
Venezuela's Chavez Vows Clean Elections
US Denies Hand in Venezuela Vote Boycott
Differing Views Between US and Venezuela on Visiting US Lawmaker Apology
Colombian Troops Plundered, Spent Millions From Rebel Cache
Ecuador Police Seize Arms for Colombian Guerrillas

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