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Making the World Safe for Theocracy: Ivan Eland
WTO: Setting the Stage: Sascha Matuszak
Nuclear Threats, Real and Imagined: Gordon Prather
Blurring Terrorism and Insurgency: Norman Solomon
Sunnis Opt for Ballots – and Bullets: Gareth Porter

The philosophy of protectionism is a philosophy of war.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated December 13, 2005 - 11:14 PM EST

Bush: Iraq Vote Won't Halt Violence

Iran Gaining Power in Iraq Through Militia

Sunnis Opt for Ballots – and Bullets

Sunni Candidate Killed on Last Day of Campaign

Four US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bombing

UN Report Cites New Evidence Syria Killed Hariri

State Dept. Rules Out Guarantee Not to Attack Iran

New PATRIOT Act Provision to Put Chill on Protest

Iraq: State of the Disunion
Scott Horton interviews Seymour Hersh
Blurring Terrorism and Insurgency in Iraq  by Norman Solomon
Nuclear Threats, Real and Imagined  by Gordon Prather
Mind Games at Gitmo by Nancy Sherman

Waterboarding the Constitution
The Washington Post

Internet Yearns to Be Free in Iran
by Omid Memarian

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Bush Would Hit Iraq Again

Bush: 30,000 Iraqis Dead

What's a Terrorist, What's a Freedom Fighter?

Iraq Troop Reduction 'to Begin in Months'

Torture Policy Blowback Hits White House

Syria: Lebanon Bombing Part of a Plot to Blame Us

Arabist Group Claims Beirut Killing

US Official: Iran Has No Right to Enrich Uranium


Beirut Bombing Splits Lebanese Govt Along Sectarian Lines

1,000 Days of War

Iraq: 1,000 Days of War

Backstory: 1,000 Days in Iraq

How the World Has Changed Post-Iraq

The War in Numbers: From WMD to the Victims

How a Triumphant Invasion Turned Into a Disastrous Occupation

'We've Gained Nothing but Endless Deaths'

Living in Terror and Fighting to Survive

Iraqis Vote

Iraq: Voting Begins in Hospitals, Barracks and Prisons

American Iraqis Begin to Vote

Violence Shadows Early Iraq Vote

Iraq to Close Borders, Impose Curfews for Vote

What Government Will Iraq Election Produce?

Disputed Candidates Stay on Iraq Ballot

Ambiguity and Dissatisfaction to Cost Shi'ite Alliance

Secular Shi'ites May Hold Balance in Iraq Election

Shi'ite Militiamen See Allawi as Iraq Election Foe

Basra Opposition Senses Opportunity

Poll: Most Iraqis Oppose Troops' Presence

Campaigning in Iraq a Tricky Proposition

Iraq's Perilous, Pricey Campaign

Iraq's Election-Day Street Parties

The War Goes On

'Ruthless but Effective' Iraqi Commandos Dispatched to Ramadi

Two Views on the Iraqi Battlefield

Three Soldiers Killed During Separate Incidents in Iraq 

A Unit's Volatile Year at War

From Flowers to Armored Vehicles: British Forces in Basra

Security incidents in Iraq, Dec. 12
Iraq Today

Iraqi Premier Decries Torture of Detainees

Iraqi Ministry Denies Captives Were Abused

Bush Calls New Abuse Case 'Unacceptable'

Whose Fatwa Is It Anyway?

New High-Tech Passports Unpopular With Iraqis

EU to Open Baghdad Office

Innocence Doesn't Last Long in Iraq

Mosul a Complex Picture of Hope, Despair

Iraqis Disapprove of US Presence but Optimistic About Future

Iraq Plans to Triple Oil Production by 2011

Hostage Crises

Hostage Believed Iraq Peace Mission Was Worth the Risk

Christians and Muslims Pray for Iraq Hostage

No Word Yet on Fate of Western Hostages in Iraq


ElBaradei Urges US to Promise Not to Attack Iran

Iran Successfully Tests Surface-to-Sea Missile


NATO Forces Will Not Chase Taliban in Afghanistan's South

NZ Troops Head Home From Afghanistan

Two More Christian Aid Partners Killed in Afghanistan

US Military: Taliban, al-Qaeda Share Info in Afghanistan

Mine Blast Wounds Four Foreign Troops in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's US-Propped Govt Enforces Taliban-Style Speech Restrictions

Food Aid Given to Former Afghan Fighters

Karzai Appointments Criticized


Sudanese Reject War Crimes Allegations

UN: Miscalculations May Lead to Ethiopia-Eritrea War


Colombian Paramilitary Faction Disarms

Feared Colombia Paramilitaries Want Congress Seats

Maine, Cuba Ink Trade Deal

Bolivian Presidential Front-Runner Favors Legalizing Coca

Lebanon Burns, Syria Chafes

Syria Faces More Lebanon Pressure

MP Claims Hariri Link to Beirut Bomb

UN: No Sanctions on Syria Yet

War at Home

Congressional Moderates Want Civility in Iraq Debate

Democrats Seek Classified Briefing With Rice

Time Writer Says She May Have Given Tip to Rove's Lawyer

Battle Brews Over a Bigger Military Role

Bush Says Iraq's Path to Democracy Like That of US

I Don't Live in a Bubble, Says Bush

Hughes Intent on Improving US Image in the Muslim World

Bush's Back to Basic Plans: War and Taxes

Govt Report: $50-Plus Oil Here to Stay

Court May Hear Chinese Gitmo Detainees

US Activists Fast Outside Guantánamo Prison

ACLU Pushes for Release of Prison, Torture Documents

CIA Gulag

UK: No Record of CIA Detainee Flights

Britain's 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil' Approach to CIA Flights

Poland to Examine Claims of Secret CIA Jails


Terror Swoop Nets 30 Suspects in France

Bomb Blast Rocks Athens

Sydney City Council Pretty Sure Better Cameras Will Foil Terrorists

Putin: Russia Is the Defender of the Islamic World

Two Philippine Troops Dead, 11 Hurt in Clash With Islamic Militants

Iraq-Born Dutchman Faces Extradition to US for Attacking Forces in Iraq

German Army Could Be Deployed for World Cup

DHS: Security Grants Will Be Doubled Next Year

Middle East

Turkey Seeks CIA's Help to Fight Kurds

Mubarak Demands Review of Elections

Saudi Arabia Looks Past Oil

United Kingdom

Scotland Yard Doubles Anti-Terror Operations Since July

UK Soldier Who Killed Son Because of 'Trauma' From Iraq War Acquitted

Lawyer: MI6 Kidnapped, Tortured Men in Greece

Britain Buys Russian Missiles


Palestinian 'Third Way' Rises

Gunmen Shut Gaza Poll Office

EU Won't Publish Report Criticizing Israel

Israel Says EU Is Breaching International Terror Law

Spielberg Film Draws Israeli Criticism Before It Opens


China Admits Police Killed Village Protesters

Chinese Paramilitary Chief Held After Village Killings


Serbia Convicts 14 of War Crimes

Croat Suspect Denies War Crimes

Balkan Defense Overview: Developments and Prospects

France Opposes Macedonia's EU Bid

South Asia

US Alarmed as Banned Groups Provide Pakistan Quake Relief

Pakistan Wants India to Show Flexibility on Kashmir

New India-Pakistan Bus on Trial

Three Rebels, Civilian Die in Latest Kashmir Violence

Entire Kashmir to Be Opened for Tourism: PM

Bipolar Political Conflict Develops in Nepal

East Asia

South Korea, China Agree Koizumi Impeding Meetings

Nuclear Impasse to Be Discussed at Inter-Korean Ministerial Talks


Justin Raimondo
The Syrian Gambit Unravels

Ivan Eland
Making the World Safe for Theocracy

Sascha Matuszak
Setting the Stage

Alan Bock
Chinese Puzzles

Charles Peña
A Tale of Two Cities

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

Nebojsa Malic
Brave New Numbers

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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