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Christmas in Malaysia: Justin Raimondo
Toward a Peace Culture: Alan Bock
Humanitarian Murder: Brendan O'Neill
A New Salvo of Lies: Norman Solomon
Will GOP Senators Save the Republic?: R. McGovern

There should be an honest attempt at the reconciliation of differences before resorting to combat.
Jimmy Carter
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Updated December 23, 2005 - 11:24 PM EST
Bush OKs Small Iraq Troop Reduction
Hundreds of Thousands Protest Iraq Vote Results

House Extends PATRIOT Act for 1 Month, Not 6

Italy Issues Warrants for 22 Purported CIA Agents

Two US Soldiers Killed by IED in Iraq
Padilla Case Challenges White House Strategy

Chalabi's Defeat Puts US Friends in Quandary

Indicted Officials May Sue AIPAC
Shoot the Moon and Forget About the Bell Curve  by Elizabeth de la Vega and Tom Engelhardt
Will Republican Senators Save the Republic?  by Ray McGovern
Scratching the Surface of Iraq's Election  by Steven Clemons
Bad for Freedom, Bad for Business
by Robert B. Reich
Edmund Burke vs. the Busheviks
by William Norman Grigg
A New Salvo of Bright Spinning Lies  by Norman Solomon

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News of Surveillance Is 'Awkward' for NSA

New Life for PATRIOT Act Is No Bush Win

Daschle: Congress Denied Bush War Powers in US

Rumsfeld Says Quick Iraq, Afghanistan Pullout Would Spur Terrorism

UN's Inability to Avert Iraq War 'Haunts' Annan

GOP Blocks Action on Intelligence Bill

US Soldier Investigated in Italian Agent's Death

UK Troops Oust Afghan Governor
In Visit to UK Troops in Basra, Blair Backs Off Pullout Talk
Iraq Today

Iraqi Court Upset Over US Release of Prisoners

British Troops in Iraq Sent Back to Bases Ahead of Pullout

Bulgaria, Ukraine Begin Troop Pullout

Iraq War Has Had a Crippling Effect on Iraq's Orange Growers

Bush Likens Iraq to Postwar Japan

Iraq Elections

Sunnis, Secularists Seek Iraq Election Rerun

Dozens of Iraq Opposition Groups Threaten Boycott Amid Election Complaints

Attacks Continue

12 Die in Iraq Violence

Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 23

Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 22

Saddam Trial

Saddam Trial Adjourned for a Month

Hussein Disrupts, but Doesn't Impress Iraqis

'No Evidence' Saddam Was Tortured

US Complains of Saddam Trial Coverage

Outbursts Dominate Hussein Proceeding

Saddam Could End Up Implicating Himself


Iran Sees 'Diplomatic Victory' in Nuclear Talks

Diplomats: EU and Iran Deeply Divided

US Grants Visa for Iran's New President to Visit UN


Afghan Policeman, Two Militants Killed as Rumsfeld Visits Troops

Death for Aid Worker's Captors

Court Frees Afghan Journalist Jailed for Blasphemy

Dutch to Send More Troops to Afghanistan

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Seeking Greater Indian Role in Peace Talks

Tamil Rebels Abduct Three Sailors in Firefight With Sri Lankan Navy

Maoist Menace

State of Emergency in Peru After Maoists Kill Eight Police

Sri Lankan Rebels Training Indian Maoists

Indian Maoists Plan Raids on Jails

Nepal Maoists Kidnap 400 Civilians

Maoists Threaten to Disrupt Nepal Elections

Maoists Padlock Five Schools in Nepal

Nepal Maoists 'Will Cooperate With UN'

UN Hails Nepal Maoists' Recognition


Two Power-Supply Towers Blown Up in Balochistan


Uganda to Discuss Reparations With Congo

UN Battles Militia in East Congo

Ethiopian Leader Clamps Down on Dissent

Eritrea, Ethiopia 'On Verge' of War

AU Delegation Off to Patch Up Chad-Sudan Relations

Nigeria Oil Attack Prompts Alert


Charges That US Stole Anti-Aircraft Missiles Hurt Bolivia Ties

Bolivia Winner Prepares for Power

Spanish Radio Joker Welcomes Bolivia's Morales to 'Cuban-Venezuelan Axis'


Colombian Rebels Agree to New Talks

Haiti Election May Be Postponed for Fourth Time

Some Paraguayans Fear US 'Secret Agenda'

Watchdog Says Fujimori Should Be Sent to Peru

War on Terror

Key House Republican Balks at PATRIOT Act

Judge Says Unable to End 'Unlawful' Detention

On Leaks, Relying on a Faulty Case Study

British Pizza Hut Waiter Could Face 10 Years for Terrorism for Possessing Anti-Western DVDs, Pistol

US Asked Germany Not to Free Terrorist

France Approves New Anti-Terror Laws Inspired by UK

Man Charged in Failed London Bombings

Met Chief: I Was Not Kept in the Dark Over Menezes Slaying

War at Home

Congress Finally Challenges Bush

Clinton Officials Argued President Could Conduct Warrantless Physical Searches

Nun Who Defaced Missile Silo Released From Prison

ACLU Asks State if It Is Providing Data to FBI

Bush to Sign Bill Banning Torture
US Military
US Lawsuit Could Dent Global War-Contractor Boom

Sexual Misconduct Reports Decrease at Air Force Academy

Europe's Reaction to the Bush Administration’s Covert Actions Overseas

Torture Ban May Improve US Image Abroad

Middle East

US Halts Arabic Magazine Meant to Boost US Image

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Calls Holocaust a 'Myth'

Saudi Arabia to Spend $17 Billion on War Planes

Wary of Dissent, Tunisia Makes War on the Web

Writer Fined for 'Turkish Insult'


Syria to Help UN Murder Probe

'Hell Is Better Than Prison in Syria'


Q&A: Palestinian Elections

Factions Warn Abbas Not to Delay PA Vote

Israeli Army Completes Evacuation of West Bank 'Protest Outpost'

Israeli VP: No Response Can Be Ruled Out Against Gaza

Israeli Troops Kill Three in West Bank

Israeli 'Collaborator' Jailed for Three Years

Israeli Police 'Tied Palestinian to Galloping Mule'

Israeli Secrecy a Hurdle in US Terror Case: Lawyer

Freed Aussie Hostage Urges Peace in Gaza

Israeli Army Chief in Turkey to Discuss Military Cooperation


Bomb Explodes Near Greek Ministry

Moscow Seeks to Use Petro-Power as Political Tool

Ukraine Raps Russia for 'Confrontational' Stance in Gas Row

George Galloway Facing Fresh Inquiry by Charity Watchdog


US Embassy Warns: Attacks in Indonesia Possible Before New Year

Muslims Guard Jakarta's Christians


China's Military Secrecy Alarms Japan

China Vows Peaceful Use of Its Power

Japan FM: China Becoming a 'Considerable Threat'


Justin Raimondo
Christmas in Malaysia

Alan Bock
Toward a Peace Culture

Charles Peña
Syriana: It's Not About the Oil

Nebojsa Malic
The Road to Serfdom

Ivan Eland
George W. Bush's Impeachable Offenses

Sascha Matuszak
Livelihoods at Stake

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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