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Top Secret: Charley Reese
Drums in the Streets: Sascha Matuszak
Why the War Has Already Been Lost: Gareth Porter
Lump of Coal for Condi: Gordon Prather
Soldiers Against War: John V. Denson

The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault.
Major Ralph Peters, US Military
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Updated December 25, 2005 - 11:29 PM EST
100 Sunni Candidates Banned After Vote
Shi'ites Dismiss Fraud Claims, Talks Continue
Top Insider Turns Iraq War Critic
2 US Soldiers Killed in Baghdad on Christmas
Bombs, Protests Mark Tense Christmas in Iraq
Lone GOP Senator, Unknown, Holds Up Intel Bill
Congress Approves Another $600 Million in Aid to Israel
After US Release, Iraq Seeks Re-Arrest of 'Dr. Germ,' Other Suspects
Why the War Has Already Been Lost  by Gareth Porter
If US Leaves, al-Qaeda Will Not Inherit Iraq  by Christopher Preble and Justin Logan
Iraq: The Ultimate Quagmire
by Pepe Escobar
Top Secret  by Charley Reese
Lump of Coal for Condi
by Gordon Prather
The Hidden State Steps Forward
by Jonathan Schell

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Moscow Offers to Move Iranian Enrichment
Former Ambassador to Iraq Glaspie Said to Be Under Gag Order
Domestic Spying Indicates Changes at the NSA
NSA Spy Program Broader Than Bush Admitted
Plans for US Cuts in Iraq Suggest More Reductions
US, Citing Abuse in Iraqi Prisons, Holds Detainees
Russia Deploys New Nuclear Missiles
Saudis Deny Jet Deal With Britain Worth $70 Billion
Report: Al-Qaeda Man Targeted Bush, Musharaff
Al-Qaeda's Zawahri Praises Taliban in Audio Tape: TV
Pope Appeals for Mideast Peace
The Christmas Truce:
When the Guns Fell Silent
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Detainees Held by UK Protest Being Held Without Charges
Rumsfeld Tells Troops They'll Win Iraq War
US Officers Dispute Claims of Civilian Casualties in Iraq
Residents of Kurdish Town Worry Saddam Conviction Will Preclude Their Day in Court
Saddam's Iraqi Lawyer Echoes Abuse Charges
Some Reconstruction Spending Up in Iraq
US Soldiers Hunt for Iraq Bomber Who Killed Their Comrades
Iraqi Election
Pro-Iran Official Arrested in Iraq for Election Fraud
Iraqi Leaders Seek to Defuse Election 'Crisis'
Shi'ites, Sunnis Trade Accusations About Validity of Iraqi Elections
Shi'ites Call on Iraqis to Accept Results
Attacks Continue
4 US Soldiers Killed in Western Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 25
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 24
Hostage Crises
Iraq Militants Threaten to Kill Jordanian
Iraq Vows All-Out Efforts to Free Kidnapped Sudanese
Muslim Group Issues Kember Plea
Americans Keep Dying
Family: Alabama Marine Shot to Death Sleeping in Iraq Barracks
Guam Family Mourns Soldier Killed in Iraq
North Texas Family Mourns Soldier's Death
Marine (TX) Comes Home
Family Buries Puerto Rican Soldier Who Died in Iraq
Sergeant (KY) Killed in Afghanistan Remembered as 'Man of Valor'
Utah Soldier Dies After Aneurysm in Iraq
Family Mourns Death of Soldier (PA) in Iraq
Sri Lanka
Tsunami Failed to Bring Peace in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Emergency Talks Falter
Six More Killed in Sri Lankan Violence
Diplomats Rush to Save Sri Lanka Truce After Deadly Clashes
Sri Lankan Legislator Shot Dead
Generals, Landlords 'Conspiring' Against Musharraf
Several Hurt as Pakistan Army Convoy Ambushed
Musharraf: No Army Operation in Balochistan
East Asia
China Condemns US Comments About Hong Kong
Japan Proceeds on Joint Missile Defense With US
North Korean Vice Premier Arrives in China for Talks With Top Leaders
North Koreans Attend Ideology 101
North Korea, Japan Discuss Abductions, Nuclear Program
Forced to Follow the Stars, Myanmar Civil Servants in the Dumps
Family Defends Captured Uzbek Cleric
Weekend Reviews
The Lyin’, the Bush, and the War Crime
Sweet Land of Militarism

Reports From the Front

The Christmas Truce
Christmas Tale From Long-Ago War Kindles Hope for Peace
Remembering a Time When Even Soldiers Made Peace
Short Peace in a Terrible War
Soccer and the Christmas Truce
Faded Letter Leaves Record of Famous Truce
Peace Breaks Out on Christmas Eve
Christmas Truce Still Stirs Europe 90 Years Later
Short Outbreak of Sanity; War the Only Casualty
The Astonishing War Story That a Nation Chose to Forget
The Truce Is Stranger as Fiction
Joyeux Noel: New Film on the Christmas Truce of WWI
Brit Troops in Iraq to See Film on the Christmas Truce
In Memory of the Christmas Truce
The Story of the Christmas Truce
Letter From a Soldier
Christmas in the Trenches
Homeland Security
Bush to Face Tough Questions Over PATRIOT Act, Spy Orders
Post-9/11 Rush Mixed Politics With Security
US Muslim Group: FBI Radiation Snooping 'Disturbing'
Federal Agents' Visit Was a Hoax
US Military
Penetrator Bunker-Buster Bites the Dust
Military School Sexual Harassment Persists
Pilots Say New US Stealth Fighter Has No Equal
Showdown Over Iran Atom Drive Looms Despite New Talks
Pro-Israel Group Criticizes White House Policy on Iran
Sharon Approves Gaza Security Zone
Israel Says It Will Impose 'Aerial Siege' on Gaza
Qureia Won't Run in Palestinian Elections
Arab League Slams Israel's 'Dangerous' Jerusalem Vote Ban
Thousands Celebrate Hamas Anniversary in Gaza
Patriarch Calls for Peace and Fall of Israeli Barrier
Bethlehem Alive With the Sound of Christmas
Bethlehem 'Has Become a Prison'
Egyptian Opposition Leader Jailed for Five Years
US Wants Egypt Politician Freed
Ethiopia and Eritrea Fail to Ease Border Tension
Horn Border Tense Near Deadline
Displaced Eritreans Just Want to Go Home
DR Congo
UN, DR Congo Troops Capture Militia Town, Kill 30
New Congo Constitution All but Approved
African Union Seeks to Defuse Chad-Sudan Tensions
Ex-Rwanda Minister Found Dead in Belgium
French Tribunal Opens Rwanda Genocide Probe
Suspected Islamist Radicals Arrested in Madrid
Ashdown Urges Bosnian 'Justice'
Colombia Finds Bomb Materials Near Uribe Farm
Castro Slams 'Mad' US Plan

Justin Raimondo
Christmas in Malaysia

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Alan Bock
Toward a Peace Culture

Charles Peña
Syriana: It's Not About the Oil

Nebojsa Malic
The Road to Serfdom

Ivan Eland
George W. Bush's Impeachable Offenses

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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