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Case for Peace & Liberty in 2006: Anthony Gregory
Pluses but Mostly Minuses: Charley Reese
Diplomatic Rout: Gordon Prather
Closer to Orwell's Big Brother: T.J. Rodgers
Coalitions Reject Election Results: Jamail/Hamed

All war is based on deception.
Sun Tzu
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Updated December 31, 2005 - 10:49 PM EST
Report: US Prepares Iran Strike
US Death Toll in Iraq for '05 Nears '04 Level
Justice Dept. to Probe Leak of Spy Program
White House Denies Calling for Probe
Coalitions Reject Iraq Election Results
Iraqi Sunnis Grasp Election Olive Branch
General Backtracks After Publicly Contradicting Rumsfeld
Parents to Pentagon: Stop Flying Dead GIs as Commercial Air Freight
British, US Spying Draws Us Closer to Orwell's Big Brother  by T.J. Rodgers
An Affront to the Constitution
by Alamdar S. Hamdani
More Important Than Halting Nuclear Proliferation  by Bill & Kathleen Christison
Pluses but Mostly Minuses
by Charley Reese
Needed: An Honest War Museum
by Ira Katz
Diplomatic Rout  by Gordon Prather

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Iraq Replaces Oil Minister; Chalabi Back in Charge
Insurgents Halt Petrol Delivery to Baghdad
US Wonders: How to Guard Iraq's Overcrowded Prisons?
Berlusconi Govt Stalls Pursuit of Wanted CIA Kidnappers
Former Syrian VP: Assad Threatened Hariri Months Before Assassination
US Government Warns It's Running Out of Cash
US Plans to Invade Canada?
Fuel Crisis Deepens in Iraq With Lines Forming at Pumps
Today in Iraq
Word Spreads in Iraq of Refinery Shutdown
US General Says Inspectors Find Iraq Jail Problems
Fate of Iraq May Depend on Condition of Its Army
Iraqi Police Commandos Say They Use Tea Not Torture
Iraqis Try to Preserve Some Sense of Celebration on New Year's Eve
Florida Teen on His Way Home After Running Off to Iraq
Iraqi Election
US Dreams of an Iraqi Secular Democracy Suffered in Elections
Iraq Vote Review Welcomed by Opposition
Annan Welcomes Iraq Vote Probe
Attacks Continue
Baghdad Blasts Kill Six as General Says Capital Is Safer
Two More GIs Killed in Iraq
Iraq Attacks Leave 15 Dead
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 31
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 30
Hostage Crises
Sudan to Close Baghdad Embassy in Hopes of Saving Hostages
France Stresses No Military Presence in Iraq After Hostage Death
Global Iraq Fallout
Two-Thirds of Australians Don't Believe Iraq War Was 'Worth It'
South Korea Cuts Iraq Troops by a Third
US Commander 'Confident' NATO Will Aggressively Fight Taliban
4 Police Killed in Bomb Explosion in South Afghanistan
Canadians to Take Leading Role in Afghanistan
Pakistan Cabinet Committee: Police a Source of 'Terror' for Citizens
Pakistan Destroys Militant Camps in Balochistan
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Slipping Back Into Civil War
Officials: India Has 'Limited Role' in Sri Lanka Peace Process
Sri Lanka Clergy Urges Tamil Rebels to Resume Peace Talks
Journalists Protest at Dismissal of Beijing Editor
Journalist Walkout Protests Chinese Censorship
Bomb Blast Kills 8, Wounds 45 in Indonesian Province
Two Convicted US Marines Allowed to Leave Philippines
US Threat Over North Korean Food Aid
Russia-Ukraine Crisis
Russia Prepares to Turn Off Gas to Ukraine
Gazprom Rejects Ukraine Call for Freeze on Gas Price
EU Calls Crisis Talks on Russian Gas War
Russia Takes Reins of G-8 Amid Criticism of Putin
Russian Liberals Fear the Rising Threat of Nationalism
Russia Beats US in Bid to Try Ex-Minister
Forgotten Force Still Keeping Watch in Bosnia
Without Americans, Future of Small Bases in Bosnia Uncertain
Germany to Put Muslims Through Loyalty Test
Poland Set for Baltic Air Patrols
ETA Bomber Jailed for 100 Years
Belarus Ends Probe Into Reporter's Death
Bolivia Leader Won't OK Coca Eradication
New Bolivian Leader Visits Cuba
Prisoner's List Proves Gurkha Lifeline
Weekend Reviews
The Mirage of Empire
How Iraq Looks to One on the Ground
The War on Munich
US Officials: Gitmo Hunger Strike a 'Publicity Stunt'
UN 'Concerned' as US Force Feeds Gitmo Detainees
British Torture?
Former Diplomat: Britain Received Intelligence From Tortured in Uzbekistan
Papers Pick Up UK Torture Memos as Site Goes Dead
War on Terror
Bush Will Sign PATRIOT Act Extension, Still Hopes It Will Be Permanent
CIA Covert Action Program Biggest Since Cold War
ACLU Slams DOJ Investigation of NSA Whistleblower, Says Govt Must Independently Investigate Violation of Wiretap Laws
US Military
Prosecution in Afghanistan Abuse Cases Has Been Difficult
US Air Force Base in Germany Closes
Illinois Governor Urges Rumsfeld to Push Pentagon Ban on Human Trafficking
People Calling Veterans Help Line 'More Likely to Receive Wrong Answers Than Right Ones'
Marines Identify More Defective Outer Tactical Vests
Mother of Four Gets Ready for Iraq
Abu Ghraib Figure England Burned in Prison Mishap
Family: Lynndie England Being Abused in Prison
NY Woman Shot Dead by Drunken Soldier on Leave
Navy Secretary Resigns, to Be Rumsfeld's Deputy
Iran Says Still Wants to Enrich Uranium at Home
Russia's Nuclear Chief to Travel to Iran
British Hostages Freed in Gaza Strip
The Story of a Kidnapping
Fatah Jerusalem Candidates Withdraw From Elections
Russia Denies Supplying Grenade Launchers to Hezbollah
Israeli Troops Dismantle West Bank Outposts
Rafah Border Crossing Reopens as PA Police End Standoff
Suicide Bomber Kills Israeli Army Officer
A Palestinian House Faces Settlement
Middle East
Egyptian Police Kill at Least 20 Sudanese Migrants in Refugee Camp
Deal to Free Hostages in Yemen Collapses
Lebanese Army Sappers Defuse Rockets Intended for Israel
Chad Rebels Form Alliance
Chad Angry at World Bank Over Oil
EU Aid Freeze Unacceptable, Says Ethiopia
Yemen to Mediate Ethiopia-Eritrea Crisis
Zimbabwe Govt Suspends Another Opposition Mayor
Swaziland Charges 12 With Treason After Bombings
Sierra Leone Bids Farewell to UN Troops
Spain Blow to Eq. Guinea Dissident as They Withdraw Asylum From Opposition Leader
More US Oil Firms Return to Libya
UN Warns of Growing Catastrophe in Sudan
Peru Revolt Leader to Run in Elections
Shining Path Resurgence 'Financed by Cocaine Money'
Peru OKs Military-Civilian Judicial Panel
Haiti Postpones Elections Yet Again
OAS Officials Abducted in Haiti
Philippines to Send 155 Troops to Haiti

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2006: The Year of Revelation?

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Building on Realism

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Troubles Yet to Come

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Bush's Presidency Most Resembles That of LBJ

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Let's Keep Our Eyes on the Prize

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Drums in the Streets

Charles Peņa
Syriana: It's Not About the Oil

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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