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All the President's Power: Thomas Woods
Military Action Against Iran?: Ivan Eland
PATRIOT's New Police: Paul Craig Roberts
The Devastation We Inflict: Tom Engelhardt
Antiwar Stance Is Right, Not Left: Gary Benoit

In war, there are no winners.
Ramman Kenoun
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Updated January 24, 2006 - 11:17 PM EST
Bush Warns of Iranian Nuclear Blackmail
Rice Says Time for Talking With Iran Is Over
As US Money Runs Out, Contractors Leaving Iraq
Troubled Abruptly Saddam Trial Postponed Again
Saddam's New Judge Is Native of Massacred Kurd Town
Judge Orders US to Supply Gitmo Prisoner Names
12 US Servicemembers Killed in Iraq Since Friday
UN Security Council Tells Syria to Disarm Lebanon Militias
Halliburton Gave GIs Water 2x as Contaminated as Untreated River Water
War With Iran: Place Your Bets
by Michael S. Rozeff
Antiwar Stance Is Right, Not Left
by Gary Benoit
Unfathomed Dangers in PATRIOT Act Reauthorization  by Paul Craig Roberts
Civil War-Elect  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Devastation We Inflict
by Tom Engelhardt
'Disarming' Tehran  by Gordon Prather

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Fitzgerald Eyes Plame-Niger Conspiracy
Libby Wants to Use Classified Evidence
Iran's Approach: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Iraqi Rebels in Western City Turn Against al-Qaeda
Bomb Blasts Kill Six in Iranian Oil City
Campaign to Justify Spying Intensifies
World Bank Accuses West of Undermining Karzai
US Chooses Awkward Time to Transform NATO
US Promises Sri Lanka Aid Against Tamil Tigers
150 Media Deaths Makes 2005 Record Year
Today in Iraq
New Militia Formed to Protect Citizens in Rebel Stronghold
Iraq Rebuilding Badly Hobbled, US Report Finds
Grocery Prices Jump as Cost of Gasoline Soars Threefold
Sunnis Must Have Security, Leader Says
Iraqi Expatriates Return to Host Countries; Minister Advises Iraqis Abroad Not to Return
Iraq Pays $1 Billion Debt to Turkish Fuel Companies
Iraq Bonds Start Their Official Trading
Trying to Try Saddam
Bombs Rock Iraq on Eve of Saddam Trial
Two Top Judges Replaced as Saddam Trial Set to Resume
Saddam Slams 'Iranian Meddling'
Attacks Continue
Iraq Attacks on US Up 29 Percent in 2005
A Look at US Military Deaths in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 24
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 23
Hostage Crises
In Iraq, Specter of Kidnapping Keeps Journalists on Edge
Former Islamic Militant Calls for US Reporter's Release
Reporter's Dad Wants Dialogue With Captors
Germany Paid Ransom to Free Hostage in Iraq
Fate of Kenyan Hostages in Iraq Still Unknown: Official
Wife of Hostage in Iraq Pleads for His Release
Global Iraq Fallout
Bush: Blair Was Offered Option to Not Help in Iraq War
British Broker of Iraq Deals Still Arranging Contracts
Police Officer 'On Sick Leave' Worked in Iraq
Sanitized Images Hide Truth About War, Says Fisk
South Korean Indicted in Iraq Oil-for-Food Scandal
Palestinian Politics
Fatah Attacked for Taking US Funds
Hamas: Third-Party Talks With Israel Are Not Taboo
Factional Strife Could Sabotage Election for Fatah
Abbas Under Radar as Elections Loom
Profiles: Top Palestinian Candidates
Platforms in Palestinian Elections
Palestinian Elections at a Glance
What if Hamas Wins?
Exasperated Palestinians Question Authority
Gazans Have High Hopes of Election
Israel Bracing for Hamas-Fatah Clashes
East Jerusalem Arabs Watch Election From Afar
Hamas Campaign Ad Focuses on Corruption
Rice Urges Palestinians to Nix Terrorism
Hamas Tries to Exploit Its Pariah Status at Ballot Box
Fatah Invokes Memory of Arafat as Campaign Closes
Israeli Army Plans to Stay Out of Palestinian Cities During Vote
Over 900 Foreign Observers to Monitor Palestinian Vote
Israeli Labor Leader Would Seek 'Final Peace Deal' With Palestinians by 2010
Geographers Propose Transfer of Israeli Arab Towns to PA
Gaza Leaders Try to End Chaos by Taking Guns Off the Street
Israeli Soldier Lightly Wounded by Palestinian Gunfire Near Jenin
Report: Most Afghan Aid Bypasses Govt
Afghanistan Cautions on Chirac Nuclear Threat
Canadian, Afghan Troops Escape as Explosion Rocks Afghanistan
Afghanistan: TV Channel Rejects Government Allegations of Improper Broadcasting
Wounded Fight Battles in Hospital as Enemies Launch New Attack in Afghanistan
NATO Pressures Dutch to Send More Troops to Afghanistan
Dutch Debate May Hold Key to NATO Role in Afghanistan
UN Officials Push Anti-Narcotics Agenda in Afghanistan
Pakistan Seeks to Quell Anti-American Sentiments
Musharraf Vows to Move Against Foreign Terrorists
Reports: Pakistani Army Summarily Executing Baloch Rebels
Pakistan Legislators Urge Expulsion of US Envoy
Pakistanis Kept From Visiting Attack Site
Pakistan to Screen First Indian Movie in 40 Years
For India and US, a Delicate Nuclear Dance
Kashmir Policemen Arrested for Militant Ties
India History Spat Hits US
Nepal Ends Curfew Restrictions, Lifts Ban on Demonstrations
Nepal Pledges to Hold Local Elections
Nepal Opposition Parties Call Strike
Poll Candidate Gunned Down in Nepal
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Attacks Ahead of Last-Ditch Peace Bid
Sri Lanka Agrees on Geneva as Peace Talks Venue
Venezuela VP Tells McCain 'Go to Hell' for Wackos Jibe
Venezuela Supports Reducing OPEC Output
Canada's Conservative Party Scores Win
US Channels Millions Through Nat'l Endowment for Democracy to Sway Haitian Electorate
Castro Blasts US Cuba Messages
Bolivia's Morales Rejects US Domination
Spying on the Russians
The British Spy Operation Found Lurking Under a Rock
A Lump of Rock, a Sophisticated Spying Device, and an Embassy Left Red-Faced
High-Tech Spy Scandal as Russia 'Catches' British Diplomats
Behind Russia's British Spying Allegation
Blair Evades 'Spy Ring' Questions
Russian NGO Rejects Spy 'Smear'
Spying on Americans
Democrats Aren't Alone in Questioning Wiretaps
Bush Officials Ratchet Up Defense of Domestic Eavesdropping
Bush Says Surveillance Legal and Necessary
Lawmakers Say They Will Press Bush on Spying
Former NSA Chief Says Surveillance 'Limited'
Bin Laden
Bush Aide: Bin Laden May Still Be Able to Mastermind Attacks Against US
Can New Technology Get bin Laden?
Lawmakers Taking bin Laden Tape Seriously
War on Terror
Blair: UK Being as Open as It Can About US Rendition Flights
Lords Deal Another Setback to Blair Over ID Cards
Rights Group: Europe Turned a Blind Eye to CIA Detentions
Muslims Accuse US of Rights Violations in Depositions
TSA Will Require Airline Passengers to Give Access to Financial Data
US Military
Plan Seeks More Elite Forces to Fortify Military
Jury: No Jail Time for Officer Convicted for Death of Iraqi General
Veterans' Funerals Overwhelming Honor Guards
Group Presses US Military on Jailed Journalists
Pentagon: Closed-Door Meeting 'Gratifying'
Pentagon Draws Up Shopping List to Meet Future Adversaries
Air Force Computers Sold Before Data Erased
Minnesota National Guard Preparing for Largest Single Deployment Since WWII
New Super-Gun to Be Tested in February
Soldiers Seek Ways to Get Out of Military
The War at Home
National Security vs. Whistleblowing
Iraq War Vets Increasingly Turning to Politics
A Look at Some of the Iraq Veterans Running for Congress
NY War Protester Sentenced for Trespassing
ElBaradei Rejects Request for Special Report on Iran
Bush's Iran Options Limited by Iraq, Perils of Military Action
Iran Calls for More Nuclear Talks
Iran Threatens Full Uranium Enrichment
Iran Mocks West Over 'N-Weapon Design' Request
Why US Doesn't Trust Iran on Nukes
OPEC Risks Being Dragged Into Conflict Between Iran and West
Iranian Report: Mossad Agent Arrested on Border With Turkey
Kuwait Emir Agrees to Abdicate
Kuwait Crisis Threatens to Delay Decision on Investment
Yemen Attempts to Rein in Outlaw Tribes
Yemen to Try Ex-Guantanamo Prisoners
Sudan to Drop Bid to Head African Union
Amnesty Slams Sudan's Detention of Rights Activists
Ugandan Rebels Kill Eight Guatemalan UN Peacekeepers in Congo
Guatemala Keeps Troops in Congo After Rebel Attack
Militants: No Deal on Nigeria Hostages
Cape Verde Ruling Party Wins Poll
East Asia
Taiwan's Chen Warned Over China
Yamaha Tied to Sensitive China Exports
Chinese Envoy: Security Ties With Philippines Pose No Threat to Region
US Briefs South Korea on North Counterfeiting Charges
Al-Qaeda May Threaten US-Philippine Exercise
Philippine Military Confirms Possible Coup Plot
Southeast Asia
Papuans Storm Local Parliament
Ruling Party Wins Cambodia Poll
UN Calls for Calm After Death of Kosovo Leader
Rugova's Death Delays Kosovo Talks
Desperate Georgia Gets Some Gas
Georgia on Track to Join NATO by 2008
Yushchenko Hopes Offer of March Elections Will End Deadlock
Ukraine Judge Closes Parts of Trial of Former Policemen Accused in Journalist's Killing
Catalonia Granted 'Nation' Status
Milosevic in Moscow Health Plea
Euro Military Police Force Set Up
Transnistria 2006: Is Regime Change Underway?
In Other News
Peacekeeper Waste Rampant, UN Says
Aussie Army Base Expansion Approved
Turkish Court Drops Case Against Novelist

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Hebron for Beginners

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Iran Opens Nuclear Locks – and a Hornet's Nest

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Our Friends, the Peacekeepers

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Drums in the Streets

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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