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Who Lied Us Into War? by Chris Moore
Krauthammer's Right: Fred Branfman
India Milks the Double Standard: Praful Bidwai
The War on Sedition: Matt Welch
Iran Attack Stories a Ploy: Gareth Porter

The slightest acquaintance with history shows that powerful republics are the most warlike and unscrupulous of nations.
Ambrose Bierce
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Updated January 26, 2006 - 11:16 PM EST
Hamas Captures Election Majority
Palestinian Govt Resigns After Hamas Victory

Ex-Pentagon Chief: Wars Weaken US

US Tries to Pressure Iran with Attack Stories
How US Lost Billions in Gamble to Rebuild Iraq

Putin Links Espionage to NGO Funding

'We Must All Be Prepared to Torture'  by Fred Branfman
Who Lied Us Into War? Ask George Tenet  by Chris Moore
Just Remember Not to Call It 'Napalm'  by Sydney H. Schanberg
The War on Sedition  by Matt Welch
Let History Judge  by Scott Ritter
Reagan and Iran: A Quarter-Century of Cover-Ups  by Robert Parry

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Rumsfeld: US Military Not Overextended

Five Female Prisoners to be Released in Iraq

Blix Advises Carrots Not Sticks for Iran

A Press Pullout in Iraq?

Pakistan Senate Condemns US Air Strike

Swiss Investigator: Covert Activity by US 'No Big Secret'

Sunni Leaders Urge Followers to Defend Homes in Wake of Police Raids

Cubans Demand Extradition of Accused Terrorist in Havana Protest

Bush: New bin Laden Tape Justifies Warrantless Wiretaps
Iraq Today

Iraqi Army: Light and Friendly?

Audit Describes Misuse of Funds in Iraq Projects

British Forces Hold Iraqi Police in Corruption Probe

Decline in Oil Output Dims Iraq's Recovery

Iraqi Kurd Writer Sentenced to 30 Years to Be Retried

Iraq: Violence and Threats Hamper Freedom of Expression

Number of Iraqis Living in Poverty Increasing

In Iraq, a Reporter Confronts a Life Without Her Twin
Trying to Try Saddam

Iraq: Saddam Praises Trial Judge

Iraqis Angry at Saddam Trial Delay

Iraqis Enraged, Entertained, Bored by Troubled Saddam Trial

Saddam Trial Divides Iraqis

Hostage Crises

US and Iraqi Forces Hunt for Kidnapped Germans

Kidnappers of 2 Germans in Iraq Remain Unknown

Germany Trying to Save Iraq Hostages

Motives for Kidnapping German Engineers in Iraq Unclear

Iraq Detainee Release May Help Free Kidnapped US Reporter

Iraqi Politics

Iraq: Delays Expected Over Appointments for Top Posts

Shi'ites Name Four PM Candidates

Iraq's Sunnis Insist on Shelving Federalism

Iraqi Sunnis and Shi'ites Pursue Coalition Talks

Violence Continues

Iraq Journalist Shot Dead in Ramadi

Arab League Chief Willing to Discuss Troops for Iraq

Iraqi Police Shoot Dead Sunni Cleric

Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 26

Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 25


Iran 'Positive' on Russian Uranium Enrichment Plan

Many in Congress Hawkish on Iran

US Action Against Iran Risks Backlash

In Beijing, US Envoy Says Iran Strategies Differ

Experts Doubt Expediency of Attacking Iran

Iran Accuses UK of Bombing Link

Iran Ready to Send 'Investigators' to Nazi Death Camps

Iran Pulls Cash Reserves From Italy

Israeli UN Ambassador: Iran Is 'Lunatic Regime'


Two US Soldiers Wounded in Blast in Eastern Afghanistan

Afghans Arrest Two Suspected Suicide Bombers

Up to 4,000 British Troops to Deploy in Afghanistan

UK 'Not Satisfied' With Troop Configuration for Afghanistan

Finnish Troops Fired on in Afghanistan


Bush Vows to Work With Pakistan, Ignores Questions About Air Strike

Pakistan Denies Reports of CIA Infiltration of Intel Service

Six Killed in Balochistan Blast

Pakistan Freezes Accounts of Suspected Taliban Firms

Pakistan PM Warns Against Arms Race in Asia

Pakistan Downplays 'Unfriendly' Statements From Kabul


Musharraf Rules Out Independence for Kashmir

Pakistan PM Seeks Active US Role on Kashmir

India Holding Secret Meetings With Kashmir Leaders

Kashmir Officer Kills Colleagues

South/Central Asia

US Threatens India Nuke Deal Over Iran

Sri Lankan Govt, Rebels Agree to Long-Delayed Peace Talks

Kyrgyzstan Sets Conditions for US Base

Eight Killed in Nepal Violence

Maoists Carry Out Fresh Attacks in West Nepal Town


African Union Wants to Keep Control of Peacekeepers in Sudan's Darfur

AU Rights Commission Challenges African Leaders


Venezuela's Vice President Says Military Officers Caught Sending Information to US

Activists Rally in Caracas Against Iraq War

Cuba Builds Wall to Block US Billboard

US Threatens to Pull Bolivian Aid Package

Last Protest March for Argentine Mothers of 'Disappeared'

Spying on Russia
Russian Duma to Lodge Protests With Britain, EU Over Spy Activities

Spying a Russian Growth Industry

Putin: British Spies Prove Need to Crack Down on Rights Groups

Spying on Americans

Gonzales: Constitutional Power to Wiretap Overrides Law Requiring Warrants

Gonzales: Lincoln, Roosevelt Also Wiretapped With Impunity

Rift Between Parties Over NSA Wiretapping Grows

White House Dismissed '02 Surveillance Proposal

In 2002, Justice Department Said Eavesdropping Law Working Well

War on Terror

Judge: US Must Submit Papers to Moussaoui Team

UN Gets a Copy of bin Laden's Tape

Britain 'Ordered Torture of 9/11 Suspect'

Why Mexico Helps US Fight Terror

India, Saudi Arabia Sign Pact to Fight Terror

Chemical Weapons Site Tightens Security

War at Home

Lawsuit: US Using PATRIOT Act to Keep Out Scholars Who Criticize Policies

Some US Church Leaders Step Up Antiwar Moves

LA Times Writer Defends Column Slamming Soldiers
ACLU Releases Government Photos of Antiwar Surveillance
Suit Turns DC Arrests Into Free Speech Victory

NSA Accused of Psychologically Abusing Whistleblowers

Charges Against 2 NSA Protesters Are Dropped

US Military

Iraq Abuse Lenience Affects US Image

Former Abu Ghraib Officer Says Top Brass Ducks Blame

Mild Penalties in Military Abuse Cases

Only 29 Soldiers Seek Reimbursement for Gear Paid Out of Pocket

Pentagon Whistleblower Suspended for 'Insubordination'

DoD Reviewing Policy on Returning Servicemembers' Remains

Navy Converting Nuclear Subs to Strike Terrorists

Highly Trained Officers Discharged Due to Pentagon's Gay Policy

$20 Ice Trays Rile Whistleblower but Not Pentagon

Palestinian Elections

Big Poll Turnout Sees Power Shift for Palestinians

Fatah's Monopoly on Palestinian Politics Ends

High Turnout in Palestinian Election

Palestinians Vote Without Problems

Israel Roots for Fatah Victory in Palestinian Polls

Vote Could Herald the Age of Hamas

Hamas Narrows Gap With Fatah

Hamas: Political Campaigns and Guns Not Mutually Exclusive

US Pressures Abbas to Exclude Hamas From Cabinet

Bush Says US Won't Deal With Hamas Until It Recognizes Israel

Impoverished Gazans Vote for Change

Fatah Supporters Carry Arafat to Jerusalem Polls

PFLP Leader Casts Palestinian Vote in Prison

Militants Briefly Abandon Guns for Palestinian Vote

Look Parties in Palestinian Elections

Palestinian Elections: Voters' Views


Israel Orders Barrier Built Faster

Abbas Ready to Resume Talks With Israel


US Puts China, South Korea on the Spot Over Korean Nuclear Crisis

Pressure From US Angers South Korea

East Asia

US Envoy Warns China Over Iran Nukes

Google's Dilemma: Privacy vs. Police

US Now Quick With Apologies in Japan

United Kingdom

Blair Tried to Get Islamic Parties Banned After London Bombings

Prince Harry Could See Action in Iraq as He Joins Cavalry

Daily Telegraph Loses Libel Appeal Against Galloway

Middle East

Sea Change for Gulf as Kuwait Ousts Emir

Jordan on Alert for New Suicide Attacks

In Other News

Aussie Wheat Board Admits to Deceiving UN Over Iraq Trade

Ukraine and Russia Delay Deal


Justin Raimondo
Spy With a Heart of Gold?

Praful Bidwai
Bumpy Ride for Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Nebojsa Malic
An Insult to Gandhi

Ivan Eland
Military Action Against Iran?

David R. Henderson
Conversation with a US Military Officer

Alan Bock
Dealing With Iran

Charles Peņa
Rethinking Nuclear Nonproliferation

Ran HaCohen
Hebron for Beginners

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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