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Going Old School on al-Qaeda: Charles Peņa
The Next Act: William S. Lind
Hamas Ascendance Years in the Making: S. Zunes
Iraq's Shias Head for Uncertain Govt: Dahr Jamail
GOP Loves Nation-Building: Logan/Preble

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Updated February 2, 2006 - 10:56 PM EST
Bush to Seek $120 Billion More for Wars
US Copter Fires Rockets Into Sadr City

Iraq Sunni Bloc Threatens Civil Revolt

Bush: US Would Defend Israel Against Iran

White House Backs Off Vow on Mideast Oil

Allies Signal Big Pullout From Iraq

Car Bombs Kill 16, Wound 90 in Baghdad

Five US Troops Killed in Iraq

Suicide Bomber Kills Five in Afghanistan

Stage Set for Iran Referral to United Nations

Russian Expert: Iran Incapable of Building Nuke

Senate Panel Rebuffed on Documents on US Spying
2 Times Reporters Queried in AIPAC Investigation
Ex-Occupation Official Pleads Guilty in Plot to Steal Reconstruction Money
GOP Loves Nation-Building
by Justin Logan and Christopher Preble
Does Secret Surveillance Require Secret Policy Making?  by Jacob Sullum
The Farcical Definition at the Heart of the War on Terrorism  by James Bovard
The Next Act  by William S. Lind
An Enemy of the Open Society
by Kaleem Omar
Reviving the China Threat
by Gregory Clark

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Poll: Americans Believe No One Is Winning in Iraq

Bush 'Calling for Iran Regime Change'

Bush Eases on North Korea, Singles Out Iran

Fitzgerald: White House May Have Destroyed CIA Leak E-Mails

Congress to Give PATRIOT Act Another Month

Memo: Army Allowed to Spy on US Civilians

US Wants Israel to Unblock PA Funds for Abbas

Hamas Ascendance Was Years in the Making
Insurgents Thwarting Iraq Reconstruction
Iraq Today

Bush Speech Draws Mixed Reaction in Iraq

Iraq's Shi'ites Head for Uncertain Govt

14 Killed in Iraq Violence
US Troops in Iraq Adopt 'Oil Stain' Strategy
Mosul Makes Gains Against the Chaos

Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 2

Hostage Crises

Iraqi Group Sets Hostage Deadline

Germany 'Disturbed, Shocked' by Iraq Hostage Video

New Plea for British Hostage

Al-Jazeera Calls on Kidnappers to Free Hostage US Journalist

What's Driving the Kidnappings in Iraq

Trying to Try Saddam

Saddam and Defense Team Boycott Trial

Saddam Trial Resumes Without Him

In Hussein's Absence, Witnesses Take Spotlight

Saddam's Lawyers Seek Judge's Ouster

Occupying Iraq
Japan Denies Withdrawing Troops From Iraq by May

Insurgents Force US to Cut Back Plans for Iraqi Reconstruction

Britons Promised 'Good News' on Iraq Withdrawal

Canadians Dispute Details of Iraq Shooting

Army Leaders Pledge Smaller Guard Role in Iraq


Iran Leader Vows to Resist 'Bully' Nations

Iran Vows to Complete Its Nuclear Program

Putin, Bush Discuss Iran Nuclear Standoff

Iran Sanctions Would Backfire: Russia

UN Agency: Black Market Nuke Docs Serve No Purpose Other Than Building Bomb

Iranians Hit Back in Nuclear Dispute

Iran Row Hits Belgian Spy Chief

Iran Vows 'Destructive' Response if Attacked

Ahmadinejad: Bush 'Up to His Elbows' in Blood of Other Nations

Kurdish Activist Claims She Was Tortured Into Confessions in Iranian Prison


Iraqi, Iranian, and Pakistani 'Terrorists' Seized in Afghanistan

World Pledges $10.5 Billion for Afghan Reconstruction

Karzai Returns From Conference With Fraction of Funds He Wanted

Diplomats Focus on Afghan Rights, Economy

Australia Could Send 200 More Troops to Afghanistan

British Troops to Stay in Afghanistan Until at Least 2010

NZ Soldiers Destroy Opium in Afghanistan

Sri Lanka

Tigers Threaten to Pull Out of Peace Talks

More Tamil Aid Workers 'Missing'


Nepalese King Defends Royal Coup

Nepal's King Vows to Hold Elections

Nepal's King Claims Success Against Rebels

Maoist Rebels Attack Nepal Town as King Promises New Elections

At Least 19 Killed in Nepal Communist Raid


Two Militants Killed, a Soldier Injured in Kashmir

1,086 People Killed in Kashmir Conflict in 2005, India Says

Middle East
Bomb Targets Beirut Army Barracks

English Language al-Jazeera Will Launch in Spring

Bush Aims to Build on US-Kuwait Ties


Philippine Army Conducting Sweep for Rebels

Indian Insurgents Extend Truce


Thousands of Students Detained in Ethiopia

Ethiopian PM Rejects Abuse Accusations


Ecuador to Send War Planes to Border With Colombia

Chilean Judge Questions Fujimori

Chávez Presses Spain for Answer on Military Sales

Telesur and al-Jazeera Sign Deal

War at Home
Poll: Iraq Withdrawal Tops US Wish List for 2006

Lawsuit: Teacher Was Told 'Not to Mention Peace' in Class

Bush Begins Series of Speeches With Talk on Iraq and Terrorism

Federal Judge Sentences 31 Nonviolent Rights Activists to Prison

Sheehan's Shirt

DC Police Concede Sheehan Didn't Violate Any Laws

Cindy Sheehan on Her Arrest at the State of the Union

The Capitol's Tempest in a

Sheehan Says She'll Sue, Wasn't Intending to Be Disruptive

Shirt Tales Differ for Sheehan, GOP Wife

US Military
Joint Chiefs Pen Letter To Washington Post to Protest 'Reprehensible' Cartoon

'Marlboro Man' Turns Against War He Symbolized

Pentagon Review Calls for No Big Changes
New Team Plans to Identify Nuclear Attackers

Nightline Investigation: Wounded Soldiers Told They Owe Money to Army

Second US Soldier Found Guilty of Afghan Assault

War on Terror

Bush Plays Up War on Terror as 'Fantastic Opportunity'

ACLU Seeks Government Info on Student Spying Program
AT&T Sued for Helping NSA Spy on Americans

Blair's Terrorism Plans Lie in Tatters

Pursuing Terrorists in the Great Desert

Hamas and Fatah

Abbas Sets Tough Conditions for Hamas Government

Tension Erupts Between Fatah, Hamas in Gaza

Abbas Not Demanding Hamas Recognize Israel: Official

Hamas Ready to Discuss Truce With Israel

Hamas Rejects Bush's Call to Disarm

Can Militants Make Peace?

West Bank Border Town One of Fatah's Few Bright Spots

Hamas Accuses Bush of Pro-Israel Bias

Fears for Women After Hamas Victory

Global Reaction

Saudi Arabia, Qatar Pledge PA Aid

Egypt Calls on Hamas to Recognize Israel

State Department to Investigate Failure to Foresee Hamas Victory

Choking Off Gaza

Economic, Humanitarian Problems Created by Gaza Crossing Closure

UN: Checkpoint Closures Cost Gaza Farms $500,000 a Day

World Bank: PA Fiscal Problems 'Unsustainable'


Israelis Complete Settlement Evacuation

Settlers Clash With Israel Troops

Olmert: Violent Protests During Outpost Evac 'Crossed Line'

The Heir to Israel's Troubles

Israeli DM Settles Out of Court With Palestinians Tortured by Troops

Poll: Hamas Victory Weakened Likud

East Asia

Japan Says It Doesn't Regard China as a Threat

Japan Presses North Korea on Abductions

North Korea Accuses US of Aerial Espionage for War

China's Leaders Reach Out to People, but Under Guard


Ambassador Defends Diplomat in Spying Row

Russia to Build 40 Nuclear Reactors by 2030

Human Rights Court Orders Russia to Pay for Torture

Rights Groups: US Largely Ignoring Russian Crackdown

Rebels Cleared of Beslan Charges

United Kingdom

100th Iraq Death Dominates Papers

Vigils Held as British Deaths in Iraq Hit 100

Reports of IRA Disarmament Contradict One Another

In Other News

OPEC Issues Warning on Bush Oil Pledge

European Dailies Defend Right to Publish Prophet Caricatures

New Zealand Troops to Stay in Afghanistan and Bosnia


Justin Raimondo
Why We Fight

Charles Peņa
Going Old School on al-Qaeda

Praful Bidwai
Iran Confrontation in the Cards

Ivan Eland
Political Earthquake in Palestine

Alan Bock
Breathtaking Power Grab

Nebojsa Malic
An Insult to Gandhi

David R. Henderson
Conversation with a US Military Officer

Ran HaCohen
Hebron for Beginners

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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