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Hating Arabs: Justin Raimondo
A Quailhawk's Cakewalk: Tom Engelhardt
Tenuous Gitmo Terror Ties: William Fisher
Totalitarian Tony: Eric Margolis
Peeling Back War Lies: Jay Bookman

War is the unfolding of miscalculations.
Barbara Tuchman
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Updated February 22, 2006 - 11:29 PM EST

Attacks Bring Iraq to Brink of Civil War

Pressure on Iran as Russia Deal Tanks

US Links Iraq Highway Patrol to Death Squads

'Golden Mosque' Nearly Destroyed by Bombs

Nigeria Cartoon Fallout Toll Reaches 66

Afghan Bomb Kills 1, Injures 12 by NATO Troops

GOP Senator Pushes for Law to Nix Bush Spying

Reports Find Tenuous Terror Ties at Guantánamo

Worst Attack in Weeks Kills 23 in Baghdad

US Reclassifying Thousands of Innocuous Public Files
A Quailhawk's Cakewalk
by Tom Engelhardt
Bush and Blair Have Brilliantly Done bin Laden's Work for Him  by Simon Jenkins
America's Fleecing in the Name of Security  by Veronique de Rugy and Nick Gillespie
Totalitarian Tony  by Eric Margolis
An Antiwar Conservative vs. the Police State  by Richard Reeves
Bush Even More Dangerous Than He Appears  by Paul Starr

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Iraq PM Tells US to Butt Out

US Still Planting Stories in Iraq Media

Federal Court Hearing on AIPAC Dismissal Delayed a Month

War Request Hides Half Billion for Bases in Occupied Countries

Bush Threatens Vetoing Bid to Stop Port Deal

Chinese Media Hit Google for Operating Without License

48% of South Korean Youth Would Support North in Case of US Attack

Belgrade Denies Mladic Arrest Reports
Sadr Offers to Mediate Beirut-Damascus Spat
Attacks Continue

Iraqi Minister Survives Bomb Attack on Convoy

British Base in Iraq Attacked With Rockets

Security Incidents in Iraq,
Feb. 22

Security Incidents in Iraq,
Feb. 21

Iraqi Politics

Turf Battles in Iraq Delay Government's Formation

Iraq Reconciliation Meeting Set for Early June

Baghdad Bomb Hinders Straw's Unity Bid

Iraq Today

US Counts on Sheiks to Help in Ramadi

Kidnapped Jordanian Released in Baghdad


Iran: Enrichment Facilities Can Survive Air Strikes

Iran Spurns Russian Nuclear Proposal

Russia's Nuclear Initiative Fails

Iran Says Russia Nuclear Talks Constructive


Australia Sends 200 More Troops to Afghanistan

Albania Sends 22 Troops to Afghanistan

Three Policemen Killed in Afghanistan, Top Hotel Targeted

US General Expects More Violence in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Five Ex-Commanders Surrender Arms to UN

South Asia

Pakistan Sentences 11 to Die for Attempt to Kill General

Militants Kill Two, Bomb School in South Waziristan

Kashmiri Separatists Reject Peace Talks


Nepal Courts Free 17 Leaders After Royal Crackdown

Nepal Opposition Plans to Step Up Protests


Curfew After 13 Killed in Nigeria Sectarian Riot

Nigerian Militants Step Up Attacks

Nigerian Militants Seek End to Crisis


NATO Mulls More Aid for Sudan Peacekeepers

Somali Warlords Battle Islamists

Zimbabwe Has Little to Cheer on Mugabe Birthday

Uganda's President Warns of 'Foreign Meddlers' as Election Nears

Ugandans Put 'Big Man' Politics to Vote

Central Asia

Tensions Remain High in South Ossetia

UN Shocked by Chechnya Abuse

Kazakhstan Intel Agents Suspected in Opposition Murder


Chile Court Nixes Fujimori's Release on Bail

Aristide Is Willing to Return to Haiti

Colombia Army Chief Resigns Over Hazing Scandal

US Shrugs Off Chávez Threat to Cut Off Oil


Bosnian Serb to Face Hague Trial

Serbs, Ethnic Albanians Don't Reach Deal

New London Antiwar March Plans Unveiled

Jewish Leaders Want Ahmadinejad Banned in Europe

Germans Investigate CIA Kidnap of Innocent Citizen

Spain Buys Thousands of Missiles From Israel

War on Terror

Three Ohio Men Indicted in Alleged Iraq Plot

Bin Laden Stays Tuned to Larry King

Pentagon Papers Offer Insight Into al-Qaeda, Inc.

Germany Considers Tougher Anti-Terror Law

Yemen Frees Suspected al-Qaeda Operative

Danish T-Shirt Company Shut Down for Supporting Colombian, Palestinian Terrorists

Guantánamo Movie Actors Questioned at UK Airport

UK Plans 'Stop-and-Search' Checks for Nuclear Bombs

Musharraf: Unresolved Disputes in Kashmir, Palestine Creating Terrorism

Occupational Abuse

Straw Says British Military Investigating Violations

Final Reservist Set for Trial in Afghanistan Abuse Case

US Court Puts Off Guantánamo Case Dismissal Ruling

Gitmo Horrors Are Exposed by British Victims

US Military

Gitmo Guard Force to Be Reduced

Georgia Base Feels Strain of War

Higher Health Costs Proposed for Military Retirees

Now Running for Office: An Army of Iraq War Vets

US Port Controversy

Security Programs, Unions Would Stay at Ports

Arab Americans See Bigotry Behind Ports Uproar


Hamas Faces Battle to Govern in Isolation

Abbas to Ask Hamas to Form Government

Rice Wants Arab Allies to Pressure Hamas

Egypt Rebuffs US on Hamas

Olmert: Peace Deal Not Impossible Despite Hamas Rise

Poll: Most Hamas Voters Don't Want to Destroy Israel

Hamas PM Won't Respond to Demand to Stick With Israel Agreements


Explosion at Main Israel-Gaza Commercial Border Crossing

Israeli Businessmen: Sanctions on Palestinians Could Backfire

New Israeli Ultra-Nationalist Party Vows to Oppose New Pullouts

Olmert Sees Hope for Peace Despite Hamas Rise to Power

Three Palestinians Wounded by Israeli Gunfire

Middle East

Kurdish Rebels Press Turkey for Dialogue After Hamas Talks

Drive to Unseat Pro-Syrian Splitting Lebanon

Saudi Arabia Shuts Youth Daily for Reprinting Cartoons

Travelers to Bahrain Warned to Watch Out for Terrorist Attack

Rice Embarks on Middle East Tour


China, Japan to Have High-Level Meetings

Arroyo Brushes Off Coup Rumors

US Congressman Says Taiwan Needs US-Built Subs

Myanmar Escalates Campaign Against Rebels


Chinese Diplomat in US in Bid to Break Korean Nuclear Deadlock

US Sanctions Hit North Korea Where It Hurts


Justin Raimondo
Hating Arabs

Ivan Eland
Dubai Ports World: Commercial Racial Profiling

David R. Henderson
I Don't Have to Fight You

Praful Bidwai
Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Alan Bock
Diagnosing Decline

Charles Peña
More Defense Spending,
Less Security

Nebojsa Malic
A Resurgence of Lies

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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