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Dubai and Demagoguery: Justin Raimondo
How I Stopped Worrying…: Alan Bock
Gen. to Troops: Don't Nuke Iran: Jorge Hirsch
Wasted Chances and Dire Portents: Leon Hadar
The 51st State: Schwartz/Engelhardt

It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.
Robert H. Jackson
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Updated March 10, 2006 - 10:17 PM EST

US Plans for Iraq Civil War

Pentagon Admits Errors in Spying on Protesters

Judge Orders CIA to Turn Over Intel to Libby
US Hostage Tom Fox Killed in Iraq

House Panel Approves $91 Billion War Bill

Bush Signs Bill Renewing PATRIOT Act

US Military Expects Violent Afghan Spring

Dubai Company Caves, Will Dump US Assets

26 Die in Pakistan Landmine Blast
Friday Attacks Kill 17 Iraqis
Madrid Bombing Probe Finds No al-Qaeda Link
Gen. Pace to Troops:
Don't Nuke Iran
 by Jorge Hirsch
Wasted Chances and Dire Portents
by Leon Hadar
Counterterrorism Requires Accountability  by Aziz Huq
Driving bin Laden?
by Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren
Three Years and Counting  The Nation
Fighting Terror or Pushing Bigotry?
by Robert Parry

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Rumsfeld, Rice Say Iraq Not at Civil War

Sunnis Targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq

US Says to Close Iraq's Abu Ghraib Prison

US General: Iraq Shifting From Insurgency Toward 'Sectarian Violence'

GOP Senator: Pull Out if Iraq Civil War

Medical Experts Urge US to End 'Barbaric' Force Feedings

'Constitutional Crisis' as UK Govt Prepares to Force ID Cards Bill Through

China Uneasy Over US Nuclear Policies

Pentagon Fashion Police: Wear a Cheap Watch, Go to Gitmo
Iraq Today

Iraq Civilian Death Toll 'Highest Since End of War'

Iraq Hangs 13 for Insurgency Role

Russia Says Fewer Insurgents Entering Iraq From Syria

Surviving in Iraq

Traveling by Air an Adventure in Iraq

Dressed to Kill: Iraqi Tailors Live in Peril

Academics Become Casualties of Iraq War

Fuel Shortages Predicted for Iraq This Year

Hostage Crises

Iraq Probes Kidnap of 50 Guards by 'Police'

Questions Grow About Mass Kidnapping at Sunni Company

Iraq Media Campaign to Free Jill Carroll Continues

Report: Two German Hostages in Iraq Still Alive

Iraqi Politics

Holdout Iraq Politician Relents on Parliament

Iraq's First Parliament Meeting Delayed

Government Delay Pulls Iraq's Oil Sector Down

Attacks Continue

Bombs Kill 11 as Dust Storm Coats Baghdad

Baghdad TV Presenter Killed by Gunmen

Developments in Iraq, March 10

Developments in Iraq, March 9

Iraq Occupation

Aussie Minister Rejects Plea for Extra Iraq Troops

US Leaving Abu Ghraib Within 3 Months

US Expands Training to Address Iraqi Police Woes


US Airstrike Leaves 2 Dead in East Afghanistan

Pull Troops From Afghanistan, Canadian Mothers Say

In Afghanistan, to Teach Is to Live in Fear


Unrest in Pakistan Setback for Terror War

Pakistan to Mine, Fence Afghan Border

Growing Strength of Pakistani Taliban Worries US Officials


Indian City Bustling Again After Bombings

India Report: Train Fire That Sparked Gujarat Slaughter a Malfunction

74 POWs Among 600 Indians Still Held in Pakistan


Three Nepal Soldiers Killed in Maoist Attack

US Calls on Nepal to Restore Democracy


Feds Order US Banks to Sever Syria Ties

Assad Supporters Disrupt Rights Demo in Syria

Lebanon's Anti-Syrian Opposition Questions Need for Hezbollah


Three Dead in East Turkey Blast

Turkish General Accused in Bookshop Bombing


Egypt Closes Opposition Newspaper, Arrests at Least 27

Clearing the Path for Scion of Egypt


Darfur Needs UN Force, Says Sudan's Opposition

Darfur's Turn for the Worse

Little Aid Being Spent in Sudan


Zimbabwe Threatens to 'Eliminate' Opponents

Nigerian Rebels Fight for 'Justice,' Economic Development

Ethiopia-Eritrea Border to Be Discussed


Paramilitaries Still Sway Colombian Votes

Rice Heads to Chile to Improve US Standing


Bolivia's Morales to Meet Condoleezza Rice in Chile

Ex-Bolivian Leader in Treason Charge Over Missiles


Kosovo's Likely Leader Wanted for War Crimes

Tymoshenko Best-Seller Rekindles Fire of Revolution

ETA Plants Bombs on Day of Strike

In Other News

Marshall Islanders to Seek Nuclear Damages From US

British Tycoon Was Under Investigation for War Crimes Just Before His Death


US Plan Seeks Allies for Sanctions on Iran

US Pushes UN for Strong Iran Statement

Iran Digs in for Confrontation With United States

Iran Rejects Western 'Bullying'

Israel: Our Missiles Can Blast Iran's Missiles

Former Army Chief: Israel Has Military Option Against Iran

Jordan, Pakistan Urge Diplomacy in Iran Nuclear Row

Iran Detains 50 Over Oil City Bombings

British Official: Iran Can Get Nukes Within a Year

War on Terror

Flight Instructor Recalls Vague Suspicions About Moussaoui

Gitmo Briton 'Told FBI He Trained With al-Qaeda'

Blair Finally Apologizes for Menezes' Death

Al-Qaeda Fugitive Surrenders in Kuwait


I Was Tortured, Says Australian Held in Iraq

Soldier Released in Iraq Film Probe

Spying on Americans

Internal Justice Dept E-Mail: Justification for Wiretapping 'Weak'

FBI Admits Many Spying Violations

GOP Plan Would Allow Spying Without Warrants

White House Briefs Senate Panel on Spying

War at Home

Marines to Conduct Urban Training in Downtown Toledo, Ohio

Book Groups to Continue Fight for Reader Privacy

Contractor Bilked US on Iraq Work, Federal Jury Rules

Scientists Aim to Regenerate Soldiers' Lost Limbs

Port Controversy

Arab Ally Senses Bush No Longer Has Control in Washington

Why the Dubai Deal Collapsed

Dubai Gets Offers for Its US Terminals

Overseas Firms Entrenched in US Ports

Foreign Airline Control Raises Concerns

US Rights Report

State Dept's Annual Report on Human Rights Violations Lists US for First Time

Iraq: Government Calls US Human Rights Report Unfair

China Lashes Back at US on Human Rights

Damascus Blasts US Rights Report

US Lumps Zimbabwe Among Worst Dictatorships

US Report Slams Cuba, Venezuela and Haiti

US Rights Reports Criticizes Russia, Belarus

US Rights Reports Name North Korea, Burma, Iran Among Worst Violators

Palestinian Politics

Hamas Presents Palestinian Coalition Proposals to Fatah

Hamas Aims to Bid Up Islamic Aid

Israeli Politics

Olmert Sees Permanent Israeli Borders by 2010

Olmert Will Build in Disputed West Bank Area

Abbas' Alleged Backing a Kiss of Death for Olmert

Pro-Israel Activists, Out of Touch With Israelis and American Jews, Cheer Cheney, Netanyahu


Israel Reopens Key Gaza Crossing

Palestinians Complain of Mistreatment at Checkpoint; Ha'aretz Probe Gets Border Opened

In Gaza, There's No Milk, No Sugar, and Tomatoes Are Rotting on the Vines
North Korea

US-Japan Test Follows North Korea Missiles

North Korean Missiles Fired Toward China 'By Mistake'

Seoul Plays Down North Korea's Missile Fire


Japan-China Row Turns to Taiwan

Outspoken Chinese Blog Reappears After Blackout

3 Japanese Soldiers Commit Suicide Back Home From Iraq

Southeast Asia

Intellectuals Warn Indonesian Islamists: Seeking Sharia Could Get You 'Slaughtered'

Philippine Army Questioning More Officers Over Alleged Coup Attempt

Cambodia Steps Slowly Toward a Genocide Trial


Thai King's Chief Adviser's Home Bombed

Thai Bomb Injures British Tourist

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia Criticizes Ukraine Customs Rules for Transdniester, Breakaway Moldovan Region

Belarus Opposition Member Jailed

Thousands Protest Georgian Government


Justin Raimondo
Dubai and Demagoguery

Alan Bock
How I Stopped Worrying…

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Democracy in Action

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Nuclear Assistance to India: Building a Future Menace?

David R. Henderson
War Is Good for the Economy – Isn't It?

Charles Peña
Defense Transformation at the Crossroads

Praful Bidwai
Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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