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What Has America Wrought? Justin Raimondo
Iraq Three Years On: Alan Bock
Blaming the Media for Bad News: Norman Solomon
'Base' Intentions in Iraq? Jim Lobe
Three More Years in Iraq? Charles V. Peņa

You've got to forget about this civilian. Whenever you drop bombs, you're going to hit civilians.
Barry Goldwater
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Updated March 24, 2006 - 9:20 PM EST
Powers Try to Break Impasse on Iran
US: Iraq on Own to Rebuild
51 Killed in Iraq Today, Including 2 GIs

Rumsfeld: US Troops May Still Be in Iraq in 2009

US Envoy Accuses Iran of Duplicity on Iraq

Judge in AIPAC Case: Espionage Act Not an Issue

ABC News Says Saddam Ok'd bin Laden Contact
Afghan Christian 'Probably' to Be Released

Did Russian Ambassador Give Saddam the US War Plan?

Kadima to Give Up Some of Jerusalem to Palestinians
Blaming the Media for Bad War News  by Norman Solomon
The PATRIOT Act and Attention Deficit Democracy  by James Bovard
The Aging Effects of War  by Miles Woolley
Three More Years in Iraq?
by Charles V. Peña
Dissent as Terrorism  by Geov Parrish
A 'Little NATO' Against China
by Purnendra Jain

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Sistani Fatwa: Kill Homosexuals in the 'Worst, Most Severe Way'

Woman Named as Syrian Vice President

Afghan Clerics Demand Convert Be Killed

We Don't Need Reason to Hold You, Acquitted US Palestinian Told

North Korea Threatens Action Against US

Britain Is Likely Base for Missile Defense System


Baghdad Bombings Kill at Least 58 Thursday

Iraq Today

Danish Soldier Dies in Iraq Bomb Blast

US Military Asserts Most of Iraq Peaceful

Reporters in Iraq Under Fire There, and From Critics

No Escape for Fearful Palestinians in Iraq

Iraq Urged to Rein in Death Squads

Developments in Iraq, March 24

Developments in Iraq, March 23

Christian Peacekeepers

Troops Free Three Western Hostages in Iraq

Christian Peace Group Calls for End to Iraq Occupation

Aid Group Plans to Continue Work in Iraq After Hostages Freed

Joy at Western Hostages' Release

Christian Peacemakers Celebrate Release

Iraq: Aid Workers Remain Under Threat, Say NGO Officials

A Look Back at Foreign Hostages in Iraq

Global Iraq Fallout

Soldier Who Killed Iraqi Girl in 2004 Discharged, No Criminal Charges Filed

Iraq Abuse Trial Is Again Limited to Lower Ranks

Poll: Spaniards Believe War Made Iraq Worse

Bush Uncle Set to Earn Millions From Company That Profited From Iraq War

Australian PM: If Put to Vote, Troops Wouldn't Remain in Iraq


UN Council Presses Afghanistan to Rein in Taliban

Pakistan Protests Killings of 'Tourists' by Afghan Soldiers

Authorities Investigate Killings by Afghan Troops Near Pakistan Border

NATO Troops to Destroy 15,000 Landmines in Afghanistan

Afghan District Police Chief Shot Dead

'Free' Afghanistan

Afghan Judge in Convert Case Vows to Resist Foreign Pressure

US Steps Up Pressure Over Case of Afghan Christian

NATO Is Concerned as Afghan Christian Faces Death for Converting

Western Leaders Step Into Case of Afghan Christian Convert

Western, Muslim Worlds Clash Again Over Religion


Leave Pakistan or Die, Musharraf Warns Militants

Blast in Southwestern Pakistan Kills One

Pakistani Military Drops Leaflets in Waziristan, Warns Tribesmen of 'Jews and Hindus'


Indian Army to Vacate All Government Buildings in Kashmir

US Lobbies for Nuclear Trade With India

Sonia Gandhi Quits Indian Parliament


Communist Rebels Open Fire in Busy Market in Nepal: 3 Wounded

Police Arrest Key Nepal Opposition Leader

Nepal's Maoists, Parties Try to Turn Up Heat on King

Nepal: Human Rights Crucial at Dangerous Political Crossroads

East Asia

China Tries to Charm Couple of Senate Skeptics

Uncertainty Deepens on Fate of Times Researcher

Japan-Taiwan Ties Blossom as Regional Rivalry Grows

Central Asia

Is Russia Looking for a Fight With Georgia?

Kyrgyz Leader Defends His Record


Sudan: No 'Happily Ever After' Just Yet

Sharia Row Hits Sudan Peace Deal


UN Still Mum on Guatemalan Troops' Deaths in Congo

EU Gives Congo Mission Green Light

Chad Government Forces, Rebels Clash on Sudan Border


American Jailed in Deadly Bolivia Bombings

Bolivia's Morales Irks US With Bombing Remarks


Venezuela Demands US Hand Over Cuban Terrorist

Chile Open to Ties With Bolivia, but Without Bolivian Access to Sea

Argentina to Open Secret Dirty War Archives


Diplomats Report Little Progress on Iran

Iran's Nukes Concern Some Arab Countries

Rice, Straw Seek Russian Agreement on Iran at UN

Japan Vows to Keep Developing Giant Iran Oil Field Despite US Objections

ETA Gives Up Violence

Under-Pressure ETA Left in No Position for Hard Bargaining

ETA Truce Starts but Spain and Europe Demand More

ETA Calls for Positive Response

Joy and Caution Greet ETA Ceasefire

Basque Joy, and Caution, Greet ETA Cease-Fire News

The Irish Priest Who Brought ETA Killers to Peace

Contrast: Spanish Pact Recognizes Catalan Nationality

War on Terror
Moussaoui Shouts His Intention to Take the Stand

US Witness Tells UK Bomb Trial How He Joined Jihad

The al-Qaeda Informant Who Wanted to Wage War in Britain

Armed Guards and a Hint of Kevlar at the Old Bailey

London Rescuers Were Paralyzed by Fears of a Second Bomb

US Military

Air Force May Combine Commands

Training Accident Causes Nearly $7 Million in Damages to Air Force Plane

Pentagon Orders Investigation of Cunningham's MZM Earmark

War at Home

Libby's Lawyers Suggest State Dept Bears Blame for CIA 'Leak'

US Hiring Hong Kong Firm to Scan for Nukes in Cargo

Palestinian Politics

Hamas Says Won't Arrest Militants Behind Attacks

US Delays Aid Decision Until After Hamas Sets Govt

Arab League to Consider Boosting Aid to Palestinians

Israeli Politics

We'll Be Big Losers of Israeli Elections: Palestinians

Jewish Settlers May Be Forced Out of Some West Bank Areas

Alienated Arabs Shun Role in 'Jewish Game'

Olmert: Only Parties That Accept West Bank Pullout Can Join Coalition


Israel Kills Two Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli Arabs Rough Up Jewish Fascists Over 'Emigration' Campaign

Gaza Rations Food as Israel Cuts Supplies

Israel's Jericho Raid Was Business as Usual

Bird Flu Forces Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation

Abbas: Peace Deal Can Be Reached Within One Year


In Lebanon's Mass Graves, an Issue Buried but Not Put to Rest

US Freezes Lebanese Media Assets

Israeli Warplanes Illegally Overfly Tense Lebanon Border

Egypt Hosts Syria-Lebanon Talks


First Woman Candidate Breaks Taboo in Kuwait

Kuwaiti Women Face Obstacles in Campaign

Middle East

Egypt to Lift 25-Year-Old Emergency Laws

Islamic Activism Sweeps Saudi Arabia

Al-Jazeera May Hold Off on English Channel

On a Desert Trek, Former Enemies Form New Bonds

Imams, Rabbis End Congress With Call to Respect Each Other's Religion


North Korea Bristles at US-South Drills

South Korea: North Seeks Nuclear Talks Return

Angry North Korea Allows South Korean Families to Leave After Brief Detention

Australian Air Force Uses Seized North Korean Cargo Ship for Target Practice


Lukashenko Reelection Confirmed

Minsk Square Buzzes as Activists Press On

Belarus' State-Controlled Media Ignore or Denounce Protests

UN Urges Belarus Prisoner Release


Ukraine's Former PM Seeks Return to Power

Ukraine's New, Bumpy Path


Belgrade Pursues Milosevic Wife

Protest Turns Violent in Heart of Paris


Justin Raimondo
What Has America Wrought?

Alan Bock
Iraq Three Years On

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Conservatives Advocate a Big Government Solution to Iraq

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The Myth of US Prosperity During World War II

Praful Bidwai
India's Russia Card Ups Nuclear Stakes

Charles Peņa
Fixing Intelligence

Nebojsa Malic

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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