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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Charles Peña
Making the World Safe for Christianity: Ron Paul
Israeli Electorate Rebukes Bush: Paul Craig Roberts
An 'Alliance' of Violence: Dahr Jamail
'Democratizing' Iran: A Case of Déjà Vu: Leon Hadar

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.
Edward Abbey
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Updated March 30, 2006 - 11:17 PM EST
Iraq PM Warns US to Stop Interfering
US Tells Shi'ite Bloc It Opposes Jaafari as PM
American Hostage Jill Carroll Freed in Iraq
Iraq Politician Says 1,700 Sunnis Killed in Unrest
Bush Blames Saddam for Iraq Instability
Iran Rejects UN Demand to Halt Enrichment
Three Israelis Killed in W. Bank Settlement Attack
'Get Governing,' Bush Tells Iraqis
Sectarian Threats Purge 30,000 Iraqis From Homes
US Bans Contacts With Hamas-Led Government
Justices Hint That They'll Rule for Detainee's Challenge
Making the World Safe for Christianity  by Rep. Ron Paul
Israeli Electorate Rebukes Bush
by Paul Craig Roberts
Slick Tony Prepares for a New War
by Linda S. Heard
Fool Me Twice  by Joseph Cirincione
An 'Alliance' of Violence  by Dahr Jamail
Two Fronts in Iraq  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Battle at Afghan Military Base Kills 32 Militants, US and Canadian Soldiers
Christian Convert Snuck Out of Afghanistan, Now in Italy
In Iraq, Frontline Patience Wears Thin
US Propaganda Machine: Oh, What a Lovely War
Rights Group: Iraqi Women Worse Off Under Occupation
Far-Flung Deployment Saps Morale
General Voices Doubt on Iraq Files
Prosecutor, Agent Indicted for Alleged Misconduct in Terror Trial
Sadr Clash an Ominous Sign for US Troops
Today in Iraq
Iraq Mosque Crisis Highlights Shi'ite Militia Role
Confusion Surrounds Australia Resident's Iraq Death
Russian Company in Iraq Stops Operations After Abduction of 18 Employees
Iraq Interior Minister Says Battling Gangs in Police
Bulgaria Sends Non-Combat Guard Unit to Iraq
Iraq Detainee Beaten to Death by Fellow Inmate
Dinar Traders Bet on Iraq's Future
Attacks Continue
Gunmen Kill 14 Employees at Electronics Company in Iraq
War in Iraq Changing With Attacks on Companies
Two US Soldiers Killed, Three Wounded in Iraq
Developments in Iraq, March 30
Developments in Iraq, March 29
Hostage Aftermath
Kember Tells of Iraq Hostage Ordeal
Hostage: Captors Showed Us Movie About Jesus to Try to Keep Us Happy
Global Iraq Fallout
UK Army Deaths 'Were Probably Suicide'
Blair Leaves New Zealand Saying Focus Should Not Be on Iraq
Iraqi Detainee in UK Loses Court Appeal
Japan Reinstates Loans to Iraq
Afghanistan Fighting Deadliest in Months
Italy Welcomes Man Who Fled Afghanistan
US Soldier Pleads Not Guilty in Afghanistan Abuse Case
US Subway Ad Campaign Promotes Canada's Military Role in Afghanistan
Envoy Says Canada's Role in Afghanistan Underestimated
Pakistan Rejects Report on Secret Nuclear Help to Saudi Arabia
Pakistan Militant Leader Attacked
India Unveils New Anti-Maoist Strategy
Chinese Leader Backs Uranium Sales to India
Indian Navy to Induct New Spy Planes
Pakistan, India Plan Cross-Border Banking
Nepal's Government Asks Opposition to Break Pact With Rebels
Nepal's Royal Govt Warns Public Off Democracy Protests
Heading for a Showdown in Nepal
Nepal’s Army Plans Own Radio Stations
Japan, US Miss Deadline on Okinawa Base
Japan: Bill in Works to Officially Allow Military Use of Space
Japan Rejects Chinese War Claim
Rebels in Talks With Philippine Army Officers
Protesters Demand Thai PM Quit
Bush Urges Hu to Allow More Freedom in China
Audiences in Seoul Face the Music About North Korea
UN Orders Serbia to Hand Over Mladic
Serbia Urges Mladic Patience
Serbs Warn of Partition if Kosovo Wins Statehood
Croat War Crimes Suspect to Be Film 'Hero'
Russia, West Weigh in on Ukraine Coalition Talks
Ukraine's Former PM Calls for Coalition
Putin Accuses US of Delaying Russia's WTO Entry
Bush Affirms Intent to Go to Russia Summit
Spain's Leaders Fail to Heal Rift on Basque Peace Plan
China Outraged at Berlusconi's Claim They Boiled Babies
Canadians Happy to Have 'Big Fence' Between Them and US
Wealthy Bolivian Region Seeks Autonomy
Mexico's Presidential Race Gets Down and Dirty
Moussaoui Death-Penalty Case Heads to Jury
In Closing, Moussaoui Trial Rests on His Lies
Terrorists Say Moussaoui Off Base
FBI Agent Says Moussaoui Was Looking to Make a Deal
War on Terror
Court Appears Wary of Terror War Tribunals
Judge in Padilla Case Sets Rules on Secret Materials
A New Name in 9/11 Plot Surfaces
Lawyer: Gitmo Tribunal Violates Geneva Convention
Officials: DC Still Unprepared for Terror Attacks
Man Gets 30 Years for Bush Plot
Lords Deal Clears Way for ID Cards in the UK
Date for Compulsory ID Cards in Britain Put Back to 2010
The War at Home
Vets on the March: 'if You Start Looking at Them as Humans, Then How Are You Gonna Kill Them?'
Democrats Offer National Security Strategy
WMD in Iraq? Take a Look for Yourself
Documents Describe US Auditors' Battles With Halliburton
John Dean to Testify at Censure Hearing
Bush Urges Syria to Strengthen Iraq Border Controls
US Army Relaxes Tattoo Rules
Security Council Message to Iran 'Unmistakable': Rice
'The Iranian Government Is Strong. But Not That Strong.'
Germany: Iran Has to Prove It Doesn't Want Nukes
Using Force Against Iran 'Counter-Productive': Russian FM
Full Text of UN Statement on Iran
Israeli Politics
Olmert Considers Options After Slender Victory
Kadima: West Bank Withdrawal Will Take a Year to Finalize
Israeli Rightists See Olmert's West Bank Plan Failing
Olmert to Bush: I Will Perpetuate Sharon's Legacy
Ex-Spymaster Gains in Israeli Election
Settlers Prepare for Battle as Olmert Seeks Coalition
Olmert Issues Border Warning on West Bank
The New Israel: Plans to Redraw Border on West Bank
Israeli Voters Turn to New Issues, Parties
Israel's New Pragmatic Center
Israeli Shares Slide After Poll
Palestinian Politics
Hamas Dismisses Israeli Vote
Hamas: Israeli Policies Remain Hostile
Hamas Formally Takes Over Government
US to Reevaluate Contacts With Palestinians
Arabs Expect Little Change From Israeli Election
Palestinian PM Won't Oppose Talks Between Israel, Abbas
Pullout Won't Bring Palestinian State Soon
Hamas Seeks Access to Palestinian Investment Fund
Arab Leaders Reject Unilateral Efforts to Fix Israeli Borders
Abbas Urges Olmert to Alter Course
Canada Suspends Assistance to Palestinians
Israeli Court Orders Arabs Evicted From Jerusalem
Israeli Military to Probe Shooting of Palestinian Shepherdess
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Nab 40 Militants
Saudi Arabia Refuses to Host Next Arab Summit
Middle East
Syria's Assad Calls for Better US Ties
Three Killed as Kurds Riot in Turkey
Liberian Ex-President
Former Liberia President Arrested in Nigeria
Taylor Sent to War Crimes Court
Nigerian Notes Changed Mood at White House
Arabs Offer to Fund Darfur Troops
Arab Funds for Darfur Force Too Late, Says AU Official
Top Algerian Islamist Slams al-Qaeda, Urges Peace
44 Race for DR Congo Presidency

Justin Raimondo
Fasten Your Seat Belt

Charles Peña
The Good, the Bad,
and the Ugly

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City on the Edge of Forever

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Top Ten Mistakes the Bush Administration Is Repeating from Vietnam

Alan Bock
Iraq Three Years On

David R. Henderson
The Myth of US Prosperity During World War II

Praful Bidwai
India's Russia Card Ups Nuclear Stakes

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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