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Iran: The Nuclear Option: Charles Peņa
The Poor Man's Air Force: Davis/Engelhardt
China Lobby to the Israel Lobby: Leon Hadar
New Military Offensive Against Rumsfeld: Jim Lobe
Violence Drives Iraqis Away: Brian Conley

[T]he essence of so-called war prosperity; it enriches some by what it takes from others. It is not rising wealth but a shifting of wealth and income.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated April 13, 2006 - 11:25 PM EDT

Cruel April in Iraq

White House Decries WMD Report

Iran Rebuffs UN Atomic Chief on Nuclear Program

US Says Iran Could Make Nuke in 16 Days

Analysts Say a Nuclear Iran Is Years Away

Car Bomb Near Baghdad Market Kills 13

US Death Toll in Iraq This Month Hits 35

Pressure on Shi'ites Giving US New Ally in Sunnis

From the China Lobby to the Israel Lobby  by Leon Hadar
The Poor Man's Air Force
by Mike Davis and Tom Engelhardt
Claiming Perch Above Law Portends Long, Painful Fall  by Chris Kelly
Iran: Send in the Marines?  by William Arkin
Now Powell Tells Us  by Robert Scheer
Hawk-Tied Democrats  by Robert Dreyfuss

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New Military Offensive Against Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld Denounces Retired Generals Who Criticize War

Insurgent Chief Negotiated Jill Carroll's Release

Violence Driving Iraqis From Homes, Country

Centcom: The 'Long War' Will Last at Least 20 Years

Iran Underlines Intention to Grow Nuclear Program

Hersh: Bush Intensifies Planning for Attack on Iran

Bush Willing to Release Israeli Spy if Israel Asks

New Attacks Foment Fear in Afghanistan

Retired US Iraq War General Calls for Rumsfeld's Resignation
Attacks Continue

Bomb Kills 26 at Iraq Mosque

Gunmen Kill Three Iraqi Government Workers

Developments in Iraq on April 13

Developments in Iraq on April 12

Iraq Today

Iraq Claims Death Squads Not Linked to Govt

Violence-Weary Iraqis Turn to Dominos, Oprah

Shi'ite Exodus From Mixed Towns

Iraq: Amid Violence, Health Workers Appeal for Blood Donations

Saddam Trial Session Lasts Just 5 Minutes

Will Iraq Follow Lebanon's Path to War?

Iraq Reconstruction Teams Delayed at State Department

Iraq's Oil Output Shrinks as Fuel Shortages Mount

Basra Child Mortality Is Rising

Iraqi Politics

Shi'ites Increase Demands for Power in New Govt

Iraqi Parliament to Convene in Effort to End Govt Talk Deadlock

Iraqi Parliament Not Waiting Around for Next PM

Allawi Says New Political Terrorism Grips Iraq

Iraq's UN Envoy Moves to Washington as Ambassador

Arab League on Iraq

Arab League Voices Support for Iraq in Gathering Boycotted by Baghdad

Arab League Regrets Iraq Boycott


Six Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan

US Military Looks Into Data Sales in Afghanistan

US Secrets for Sale at Afghan Bazaar

People in Northern Afghanistan Complain of Torture and Illegal Taxes by Warlords


Karzai: Pakistan Working Hard to Catch bin Laden

Pakistan Set to Buy F-16s From US

Troops Step Up Patrols in Karachi After Bomb Blast

Youths Riot a Day After Pakistan Bombing

South Asia

India Begins Work on Space Weapons Command

Nepal Troops Kill Another Protester

Sri Lanka Violence Leaves 16 Dead

Middle East

Egypt Frees Hundreds of Islamic Militants

Denmark Reopens Syria Mission

Rights Groups Condemn Detention of Jordanian Islamists Protesting Fuel Prices

Political Islam's Opportunity in Jordan

Lebanese Court Drops Terror Charges Against Australian


32 Killed in South Sudan Militia Clashes

Chadian Army Recaptures Town

Arrests, Injuries at Swaziland-SA Border Protests Against Tyrant King


UK Doctor on Trial for Refusing to Serve in Iraq: US on Par With Nazi Germany

US Is Close to Announcing a Missile Defense Facility in Czech Republic or Poland

Covert Flights Landed in Prague

One in 10 UK Soldiers Is Recruited Overseas


Canadian Military Chief Seeks More Troops, More Funds

Leftist Leads Vote Into Runoff for Peru President

Venezuela Marks Coup Anniversary


US Options on Confronting Iran Limited

Experts: Iran's Boast May Mean Little

Iran Enrichment Draws International Ire

Russia Joins Criticism of Iran's Atomic Advance

ElBaradei Arrives in Iran for Nuclear Talks

No Quick Action on Iran Seen in Divided UN Council

Ordinary Iranians Not Preoccupied With New Nuclear Role

Israel Says US Should Take Lead in Dealing With Iran's Nuclear Program


Prodi Confirms Withdrawal From Iraq by End of Year

Italy-US Ties Likely to Change

Italy Won't Ask US to Extradite CIA Kidnappers

Italy's Voters Offer Country a Divided Future

Italy Vote Rigged: Berlusconi

Prodi Dismisses Vote Challenge, Tells Berlusconi to 'Go Home'

War on Terror

At Moussaoui Trial, Flight 93 Myth Finally Becomes Reality

Pentagon Officials Testify in 9/11 Trial

Iraq Vet on Terror Watch List

Kentucky Using DHS 'Anti-Terror' Grant to Probe Bingo Halls

Prosecutors Drop Appeal in Librarian Case

Gitmo Aussie's Lawyer Urges Britain to Work for His Release

British Hacker Could Be Sent to Guantánamo

UK Anti-Terror Laws in Turmoil After Judge Lambasts House Arrest

EU Draft Would Change Official Term for Terrorists

Terrorists' Web Chatter Shows Concern About Internet Privacy

War at Home

America's Secret Police?

National Intelligence Office 'Not Doing Much'

Government Spending Hits Record in March

FBI Bid to Win Over American Muslims

Longtime Yale Chaplain, Vocal Vietnam War Critic Dies

US Military

US Reneges on Chemical Weapons Agreement

Military Recruiters, Confronted by Crowd, Leave Campus Job Fair

Children Get Taste of Their Parents' Military Life

US: Force Fields Will Protect Vehicles From Grenade Attacks


Israelis Kill Two Gunmen in Gaza

Israeli FM: Palestinians Who Kill Israeli Troops Aren't Terrorists

Hamas Willing to Recognize Israel

Palestinians in Financial Crisis Despite Arab Aid Promises

British MP Urges Sanctions Against Israel for Killing UK Citizens

Holy Land's Christians Caught in Midst of Conflict

Olmert Seeking World Support for West Bank Pullout Plan


Taipei Calls for Tourism and Flights Deals With Beijing

China Marks Post-1949 First With Buddhist Forum

Google Launches Chinese Service


Japan Resists US Request on Iraq Project

North Korea Forum Ends in Deadlock

Malaysia Halts Singapore Bridge

Assassination Attempt in Kyrgyzstan Underscores Slide Toward Instability


Justin Raimondo
Smear and Fear

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Iran: The Nuclear Option

Nebojsa Malic
The Unbearable Smugness of Being

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Is Veneration of the Military Good for the Republic?

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Takes Flak, No Eject Option

Alan Bock
France: Reinforcing Addiction

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

David R. Henderson
Conversation With a Few Good Men (and Women)

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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