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The Ongoing War on Truth in Iraq: Dahr Jamail
Greeting Hu With a 21-Gun 'Salute': Klare/Engelhardt
Birth of an Empire: Nebojsa Malic
Ritter Gets It Wrong: Aumand/Breyman
Some Republicans Seek Talks on Iran: Jim Lobe

History is littered with wars which everybody knew would never happen.
Enoch Powell
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Updated April 19, 2006 - 11:15 PM EDT
Fears Grow of Sunnis Backing Rebels
Troops Under Fire as Rebels Exploit Vacuum
Bush Won't Rule Out Nuclear Strike on Iran

Bush Spokesman Quits; Rove Sheds Policy Role

Top Army Officer Ordered to Testify on Abuse

2 Teachers Killed in Class, 8 Other Iraqis Killed

News Outlets Resist Scooter Libby Subpoenas
Baghdad Street Battle Smacks of Open Civil War
Conflicting Accounts Obscure Identity of Combatants in Baghdad Fighting
Greeting Hu With a 21-Gun 'Salute'
by Michael T. Klare and Tom Engelhardt
Ritter Gets It Wrong
by Maureen Aumand and Steve Breyman
Robbery, Not Reconstruction, in Iraq  by Derrick Z. Jackson
Breaking the Silence  by Juan Cole
Iraq War, Round Two  by Robert Dreyfuss
Bush's Latest Nuclear Gambit
by Lawrence S. Wittner

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Amid Threats, Some Republicans Seek Talks on Iran
Iran War Drumbeat Has a Familiar Rhythm
Report: Blair Will Not Back Iran Strike
UK Officer Likens US Generals to Gung-Ho Movie Stars
New Rift in Iraq Unity Government Talks
Iraq's Insurgency: Where's Zarqawi?
More Americans Say Bush Authorized Iraq Leak
Oil Hits Record $74 on Iran Fears
Today in Iraq
At Heart of Iraqi Impasse, a Family Feud
Signs of Panic in Mixed Iraq Neighborhood
Iraqi Forces Search Baghdad's Sunni Bastion for Rebels
Sunni Sheik Calls for Jihad Against Foreign Terrorists
Combat in Baghdad Unnerves Residents
Attacks Continue
Clashes Continue in Sunni Area of Baghdad, 13 Killed
Bomb Under Couch at Baghdad Cafe Kills 7
Two Killed in Baghdad Roadside Bombing
Blast in Eastern Baghdad Kills Two, Two Bodies Found Killed

Developments in Iraq on April 19

Developments in Iraq on April 18
Tomorrow in Iraq
Ministry Copes With Rising Numbers of Orphaned Children
Aid Agencies Focus on Children Detainees
Newborn Baby Among Six Injured by US Fire in Afghanistan
US Troops on Mission of Frustration in Afghan Villages
Taliban Commander Killed in Raid in Southern Afghanistan
Soldiers Kill Five Militants in Eastern Afghanistan
Afghanistan Calls for Pakistan to Crack Down on Terrorism
Former Gunmen Surrender Arms, Return to Civilian Life
Pakistan Blocks Part of Its Afghan Border
Pakistan Arrests Four Islamist Militants
Balochistan Gas Pipeline Blown Up
Top Indian Official Accuses Pakistan of Supporting Militancy in Kashmir
India to Expand Air Force
25 Officials Held in Nepal Protest
Thousands Yell 'Down With Monarchy' at Nepal Protest
Nepal Turmoil Hits Supply Convoy
Time Running Out for Nepal King: Analysts
Strike Eases in Nepal but More Protests Loom
Nepal Events Reaching a Climax, Say Diplomats
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka – Talks or War?
Sri Lanka Offers Compromise to Save Peace Bid
China's Hu Lands in US Bearing Deals
Mr. Hu Goes to Washington
America Meets the New Superpower
Hu Puts Business Before Politics on Trip to America
China's Hu: Well Liked, Little Known
Senior Chinese Adviser Calls for Rapprochement With Japan
China Begins Probe of Detained Researcher
South Korea to Deploy 18 Patrol Ships Near Disputed Isles: Report
North Korea Terms Disputed Isles 'Inalienable Part of Korea's Territory'
White House Puts Face on North Korean Human Rights
South Korea Seeks Military Ties With China
US Pressure on 'Criminal' North Korea
US Asks China to Be Assertive to Break Korea Nuclear Logjam
Thailand Extends Emergency Rule in South
UNHCR Leaves Uzbekistan Under Orders From Govt
Japanese City Could Accept US Nuclear Ship
50 Injured in Dhaka Clashes
Italians Still Waiting for Vote Results
Court to Give Poll Victory to Prodi
Russia Lodges Protest With US Over Chechnya Seminar
UN: Serbs to Choose Kosovo Return Sites
Blast in Western Ethiopia Kills 3, Wounds 37
Kenya: Oromo Rebels to Blame for Attacks, Says Ethiopia Govt
Somalia: Islamists and Warlords Fight for Mogadishu
Clashes Worsen Somalian Food Crisis as Drought Sets In
Zimbabwe's President Threatens Critics
Central Africa: Congo Rejects Uganda Envoys
President Says Rebels Will Not Delay Chad Poll
In Other News
Hesitant US Stalls UN Renovations
Six Aussie Police Injured in Solomon Protests
Rumsfeld Under Fire
Here's Donny! In His Defense, a Show Is Born
Rumsfeld Defends His Record Against Critics
Pessimism About Iraq Is a Common Thread Among Rumsfeld's Critics and Defenders
The Anger of the Generals
Rumsfeld: I Won't Quit
Rumsfeld Ties Criticism to Changes in the Military
Rumsfeld Won't Be Called in Prison Case
Iran Says Any Attacker Will Regret Action
Ahmadinejad Insists Iran Army Must Be Ready
Many Arabs Favor Nuclear Iran
Russia Still Opposed to Sanctions on Iran
US Envoy: Iran Sanctions Discussed
Faith-Based Frenzy That Unites Iran With the Oil Speculators
Iran Parades New Arms
Canada's Harper Backs US Nuclear Standoff With Iran
Iran Denies Executing Political Prisoners
Fashion Still a Passion for Some Iranians
War on Terror
Witness Says Moussaoui Is 'Paranoid Schizophrenic'
Moussaoui Mocks Psychologist's Testimony
FBI Wants Access to Dead Writer's Papers
US Admiral Says Manhunt Sidelines bin Laden
Report Criticizes US Terror Info Sharing
No Cops to Face Charges in Menezes Shooting
Labor Races to Introduce ID Cards
The War at Home
Most Americans Do Not Trust Bush on Iran
Approval Rating of Congress Near Lowest
US Contractor Bloom Pleads Guilty in Iraq Bribery, Fraud Case
Harlem Grandmas Hit the Warpath Over Iraq
Anti-Gay Church Hounds Military Funerals
Bush Vow on Hariri Murder Probe
Lebanon's PM Says Middle East 'Less Stable' Since Iraq War
US Urges Political Changes in Lebanon
Tel Aviv Blast Aftermath
Israel Blames Hamas Government for Tel Aviv Blast
Olmert Against Military Response to Bombing
Israel Signals Tough Response to Bombing
Israel Arrests Father of Palestinian Suicide Bomber
Militants Demand Abbas Apology for Condemning Tel Aviv Attack
Hamas Feels Diplomatic Heat After Tel Aviv Bomb
'Even Though I Am Suffering, My Suicide Bomber Son Was a Hero'
Two Cousins, Two Bombings in Same Restaurant
Palestinians in Crisis
Saudis to Give Palestinians $92 Million
Israel Considers Strikes on Hamas
4 Hamas Lawmakers Can't Live in Jerusalem
Israel's UN Envoy: PA, Iran, Syria Statements Declaration of War
Fatah-Loyal Media Taking Hamas to Task
Jordan Accuses Hamas of Smuggling Weapons
Norway Ready to Meet Hamas Representatives
Turkey: Hamas Statements Not Helpful to Political Process
Saudi Arabia
BBC Man in Saudi Arabia 'Was Unlawfully Killed'
Saudis Arrest Five for Attack on Oil Facility
Egypt Detains More Than 100 After Violence
Egyptian Riots Reveal Wide Religious Divide
Egypt's Grand Mufti Issues Fatwa: No Sculpture
Middle East
OPEC Believes Oil Prices Are Too High
Why So High? Oil Markets Riding New Currents
7th Yemen al-Qaeda Escaped Prisoner Surrenders
US Army Probes Marijuana Smuggling Into Kuwait
Chavez Says US Warships Threaten Venezuela, Cuba
Chávez Seeking to Militarize Venezuela
US Seeks Colombian Rebels' Extradition
US Giving More Coca Eradication Planes to Colombia

Justin Raimondo
The Revolt of the Generals

Nebojsa Malic
Birth of an Empire

Ivan Eland
Should Retired Generals Speak Out Against Rumsfeld?

David R. Henderson
Why Cal Thomas Is Wrong

Charles Peņa
Iran: The Nuclear Option

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Takes Flak, No Eject Option

Alan Bock
France: Reinforcing Addiction

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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