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John Fund vs. the Truth: Justin Raimondo
McCarthyism: Mary and Joe: Ray McGovern
Tribes, Veils, and Democracy: Jon Basil Utley
Interesting Times: Nebojsa Malic
Defining Democracy Down: James Bovard

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Updated April 26, 2006 - 11:16 PM EDT
Senate Shifts Iraq Funds to US Borders

Pentagon Announces Iraq Troop Cuts

US Envoy: America Is Facing Long Stay in Iraq
Iraqi PM: Militias Could Spark Civil War
Iraqi Insurgents Killed 123 in Past Week
More Top Brass Blast Rumsfeld

Rove to Testify to Grand Jury in CIA Leak Case

Suicide Bombers Strike at UN Troops in Egypt

Zarqawi Shows Face for First Time Since Start of Insurgency
Rumsfeld, Rice Visit Iraq to Meet With Iraqi, Military Leaders
Leaks of Military Files Resume in Afghanistan
Bush Plan Will Do Little to Ease Pain at the Pump
Rice Pledges US Help to Turkey Against Kurd Rebels
Despite Arrests, Responsibility for Egypt Bombings Baffles Experts
Defining Democracy Down
by James Bovard
Tribes, Veils, and Democracy
by Jon Basil Utley
Let's Call the Israel Lobby the Israel Lobby  by Molly Ivins
What We Know About Iran  by David Isenberg
McCarthyism: Mary and Joe  by Ray McGovern
America's Carrhae  by Eric Margolis

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Osama bin Laden on the 'Zionist-Crusader War'
Fox's Tony Snow Is White House Press Secretary
Poll Suggests Iraq PR Push Falls Short
Bush Orders Probe Into Alleged Gas 'Price Gouging'
Greek Protesters Gassed During Rice Visit
Rice Gets No Backing From Greece on Iran
GAO Deems 8 Iraqi Provinces Unstable
Build Your Own Iraqi Police Squad for a Little Cash
Coverage of Fallen Canadian Soldiers Banned
Afghan Farmers Fight Ban on Poppy Growing
US to Release One-Third of Prisoners at Gitmo
Today in Iraq
Rumsfeld Expects US to Continue Cutting Iraq Troop Levels
Kurds Quietly Angle for Independence
Al-Maliki to Neighbors: Don't Interfere
New PM Says Iraq Cabinet to Be Ready in Two Weeks
Hussein Prosecutors Wrap Up Their Case
Sectarian Lines Divide Iraq's University System, Too
Iraq Oil Industry Crippled by Graft and Attacks
Iraq Occupation
US Tries to Curb Iraq Human Trafficking by Contractors
Rebuilding of Iraqi Pipeline as Disaster Waiting to Happen
GIs in Iraq Learn Fights Often on Schedule
Attacks Continue
Iraq Insurgents Kill 15
Judge Killed in Baghdad
Car Bomb Kills Two in Baghdad
Bodies of Two Tortured Men Found in Baghdad

Developments in Iraq on April 26

Developments in Iraq on April 25
'Bombing al-Jazeera'
Pair Plead Not Guilty in London in 'Bomb al-Jazeera Memo' Case
US Air Strike, Rebel Attacks Kill 13 in Afghanistan
NATO Warns Member Countries to Prepare for More Casualties in Afghanistan
Massive Anti-Militants Operation Goes on in Afghanistan
Taliban Threat to Kill UK Troops
Czech Anti-Terrorist Unit Deployed in Afghanistan
RAF Squadron to Stay in Afghanistan
New Cabinet in Afghanistan Includes No Women
Russia Ignores US, Delivers Nuclear Fuel to India
India Confident US Congress to Pass Nuclear Deal
Pakistan, India Begin Talks to Reduce Nuclear Risk
Pakistan Nixes 40-Year Ban on Bollywood Films
Mine Blast, Grenade Attack Wounds 28 in Indian Kashmir
Soldier Killed in Pakistan Clash
Distrust in King Grows as Maoists Threaten Blockade
Nepal Calms as Coalition Picks a Premier
Nepalese Maoists Rain on People's Power Parade
In Nepal's Democratic Revival, Maoist Rebels Dubious
Part Victory, Part Protest on Nepal Streets
Nepalis Celebrate, Call Off Protests
Sri Lanka
Woman Suicide Bomber Kills 10, Wounds Sri Lanka Army Chief
'Pregnant' Bomber Takes Sri Lanka to the Brink of Civil War
Revenge Attacks on Tigers as Army Chief Is Hurt in Blast
South Korea to Confront Tokyo Over Islands
Six Party Talks on North Korea in 'Terminal Decline'
Ex-Philippine President Named in Spy Plot
US Envoy Accused of Near Crash With Kazakh Leader
Chinese Take Lead in War on Terror
Serbia Charges Eight Policemen With Kosovo Killing
Paris and London Consider Mideast Oil Trip
Rice Warns Against Russian Gas Monopoly
Rice Looks to Set Ukraine on Track to Joining NATO
UN Votes Sanctions Against Four Sudanese Over Darfur
AU Proposes Draft Darfur Peace Deal as Deadline Nears
Denmark Nixes UN Request to Imprison Liberia's Taylor
UN Security Council Approves EU Force for Congo
US Official in Chad for Talks on Oil
ExxonMobil Evacuates Staff From Nigeria Oil Terminal
Ethiopia Commission to Probe Post-Election Violence
Mexico Election Race Now Open as Favorite Stumbles
Mexico Conservative Takes Lead in New Election Poll
Venezuela Plans More Oil Discounts
Preval Works to Unite Haiti With Party's Wins
Dozens of Chile Dictatorship Victims Were Misidentified
Iran Threatens to Hide Nuclear Program
Iran to Shun IAEA if Hit by Sanctions
US Says ElBaradei's Report on Iran Will Be Negative
Iran 'Would Share Nuclear Technology'
US 'Concerned' Over Iran Sharing Nuclear Technology
Israel Raises Iran Alert Level
US Still 'On Diplomatic Course' in Iran Nuclear Dispute: Rice
China Insists Diplomacy Can Still Resolve Iran Nuclear Issue
India Urges Against Confrontation With Iran
Former Iran Reformist MP Gets Jail Term, Fine
Rice Vows 'Action' on Tehran Aide With Green Card
War on Terror
Sen. Roberts Seeks Delay of Intel Probe
New Hampshire Leads Revolt Against Federal ID Rules
Port Workers to Undergo Background Checks
Abu Ghraib Fueled Terror Plot, Snitch Testifies
Moussaoui Lawyers: Let Him Die in Prison Like a Common Criminal
Moussaoui: Crazy or Not Crazy?
Mistrial Declared in California Terrorism Case
Jury Convicts Calif. Man in Terrorism Case
Va. Terror Case Sent Back to Lower Court
Red Cross: Guantánamo Conditions Improved
The War at Home
White House Vows Veto of Spending Bill
Senate Panel Considers Hearing on Rumsfeld
Clinton: Draft Generals for Iraq Hearings
Bush Says He Has No Doubts on Iraq Choice
Senators Want to Pressure Iraqis to Form a New Government
Boeing Nears Settlement on Investigations
New Film Documents Dissent in a Time of War
US Military
Brain Injuries Common for Iraq War Vets
Army Officials to Pursue Charges Against Abu Ghraib Officer
30 Arrests Made in Egypt Resort Attack
Dahab Blast Was 'Inevitable,' Say Locals
Arabs Question Why Muslims Are Targets of Bombs
Blasts Expose Egypt's Soft Underbelly
Bombs in Egypt Point to Desert Terrorists
Hunt for Clues After Egypt Blasts
Egypt Counts the Cost of Red Sea Blasts
Cleanup Starts After Deadly Resort Blasts
Tourists Defiant After Egypt Bomb
Egyptian Resort Reeling From Terrorist Bombings
In Egypt, Resurgence of Militant Islamists
Arab World Outraged by Egypt Explosions
Leaders Condemn Egypt Blasts
UN Hariri Panel Questions Assad
Jordan Says Hamas Leaders in Syria Ordered Attacks
Syria Agrees to Take Group of Palestinian Refugees From Iraq
Rice Wants Turkey to Challenge Anti-US Views, Support Iraq
Turkey Demands Compensation From Iraq for Pipeline
Palestinians in Crisis
Palestinians Say Banks Afraid of US
Palestinians Will Not Cross 'Red Line' of Civil War: Abbas
Hamas' Big Win Leads to a Huge Loss in Financial Support for Palestinians
Hamas Government Makes Urgent Appeal for Funds
Israeli Army Arrests Hamas Official in West Bank
Hamas Accuses Abbas of Stoking Palestinian Tensions
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Pledge $97.5m in Aid to Palestinian Authority
Hamas Security Force in Action
Russia Launches Israeli Satellite to Spy on Iranian Nuclear Program
Israeli Premier Cautions Iran, Praises Bush
Prospects for Two-State Solution in Mideast Receding: UN Coordinator
Palestinian Seriously Wounded by Israeli Fire in Nablus-Area Clash
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's Plan to Stop Suicide Attacks
Solomons MP Faces Riot Charge

Justin Raimondo
John Fund vs. the Truth

Nebojsa Malic
Interesting Times

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Bush-Hu Meeting
a Blown Opportunity

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Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

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Why Cal Thomas Is Wrong

Charles Peña
Iran: The Nuclear Option

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Takes Flak, No Eject Option

Alan Bock
France: Reinforcing Addiction

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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