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It's Not About Democracy: Charles Peña
Two Years After Abu Ghraib: Jim Lobe
War Crimes and Consequences: Dahr Jamail
Turkey Masses Troops on Iraqi Border: Aaron Glantz
Is the War Party Reduced to This? Randal Mark

Our modern states are preparing for war without even knowing the future enemy.
Alfred Adler
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Updated April 27, 2006 - 11:27 PM EDT

Projected Iraq War Costs Soar

House Backs Tighter Iran Sanctions

Judge Won't Dismiss Case Against Libby

Khamenei: Iran Won't Attack, but Will Retaliate

Pentagon May Cut 30,000 in Iraq

Blast Kills 3 Italian Soldiers, 1 Romanian in Iraq

Impunity Endures Two Years After Abu Ghraib
Turkey Masses Troops on Iraqi Border
Gunmen Kill Iraq Vice President's Sister

Pakistan's Pro-Taliban Tribes Unite Against Army

War Crimes and Consequences
by Dahr Jamail
Is the War Party Really Reduced
to This?
 by Randal Mark
Are There No Innocents at Gitmo?
by Jacob Sullum
A War on Iran Is a War on America
by Jonathan David Morris
The Long War Posture  by Gregory D. Foster
No, It's Not Anti-Semitic  by Richard Cohen

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Rove Spokesman Says He Didn't Receive Target Letter

Rove Unsure if He Will Be Indicted in CIA Leak Case

Rice and Rumsfeld Bury the Hatchet for Iraq Visit

Pentagon Says Iraq Forces Not Ready

Hamas, Sudan Say 'No Thanks' to Osama

Turkey Denies Sending Troops Into Iraq

EU Probe of Detainee Transfers Finds Many CIA Flights

Majority in Army Times Poll Think Rumsfeld Should Resign


Human Rights Watch: More Than 600 Implicated in US Detainee Abuse

The War Goes On

Video Shows 'Less Radical' Side of Zarqawi

Zarqawi Shows His Face to Fire Revolt

GIs Kill 13 in Raid on Iraq Safehouse

Developments in Iraq on April 26

Iraqi Politics

Iraqi PM Reaches Out to Sunnis, Kurds

Iraqi Leader, Rebel Chief Vie for Support of Sunnis

Iraq PM-Designate to Go by His Real Name

Arabs Stake a Claim in Iraq

Iraq Today

Iraqis Faking Their IDs to Hide Religious Affiliations

Young Lovers Court Danger From Iraq's Puritan Moral Militia

Increasing Numbers of Displaced Iraqi Families in Need of Assistance

Widow Numbers Rise in Wake of Violence

Iraqis Building Makeshift Roadblocks

Military Enforces Labor Law in Iraq

Harvard Honors Slain Iraqi Journalist

Global Iraq Fallout

Iraqi Strife Seeping Into Saudi Kingdom

Soldiers' Families Demand Iraq Showdown With Blair

Wrong Australian Soldier's Body Returned Home

Australian DM Rejects Account of Soldier's Death

Syria Agrees to Take 181 Palestinian Refugees From Iraq


Bomb Kills Four Afghan Soldiers

Two Civilians Injured in Kabul Rocket Attack

Anti-Drug Entity to Build Three Power Plants in Afghanistan


India, Pakistan Discuss Nukes

Musharraf Promises to Pull Troops From Tribal Areas if Tribesmen Expel Terrorists

Kidnapping 'Endemic' in Pakistan Frontier Province


Soldiers Shoot Six Dead in Nepal

Nepal's Maoist Rebels Call Three-Month Truce

Maoists to Lift Nepal Blockades

Nepal's 'Victory of the People' Boosts Economic Confidence

Nepal's Rebels Now Face Difficult Choices

Sri Lanka

Thousands Flee as Air Force Attacks Sri Lankan Rebels

Sri Lanka Fears Civil War

South Asia

Six Killed, 28 Injured in Kashmir Violence

US Senators Blast India Nuclear Deal


Ugandan to Testify to Civil War Horrors

Uganda Behind World's Bloodiest Conflict

Groups Plan Rally in DC to Protest Darfur Violence


Major Myanmar Offensive Uproots 11,000 Civilians

Embattled Solomons PM Steps Down

Andijan Massacre Raises Questions Over UK Arms Trade

Dismissed East Timor Soldiers Bring Chaos to Streets

China Strikes Back as Modern Artists Push Boundaries


Move to Nullify Thai Elections

Thai Judges Heed King's Appeal


Bolivia, Cuba, and Venezuela to Ink People's Trade Treaty

Bolivia Threatens to Pull Out of Andean Bloc

Ottawa Defends Soldier Media Ban


Venezuela Plans Drill During US Exercises

Venezuelan Soldiers Accused of Bombings to Be Freed by US, but Not Extradited


Israel Claims Iran Procures Missiles Capable of Hitting Europe

Rice Seeks Greek, Turkish Help to Pressure Iran

A Defiant Iran Banks on a Split at UN

Azerbaijan Leader Staying Out of Iran Fray

Iran Clergy Angry Over Women Fans

War on Terror

California Man Found Guilty of al-Qaeda Links

Moussaoui Jury Out for Third Day

Port Workers' Names to Be Checked Against Terror Watchlist

Head of Visitor Tracking Program Wants Global ID System

Global War on Terror

Experts: Britain's Nuclear Waste 'Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack'

Major Terror Alert in London as Artwork Mistaken for Bombs

China, Russia, Central Asians Plan Anti-Terror Drill

Saudi Arabia Releases al-Qaeda Sympathizers

'Hundreds' Involved in Prisoner Abuse

Abuse Charge Set for a US Colonel

Uncharged Gitmo Detainee Has Tried to Commit Suicide a Dozen Times

French Former Gitmo Inmates Face Terror Trial

War at Home

Iraq Funding Bill Draws Bush Veto Threat

Senate Shifts Iraq Funds to Borders, Ports

Pain at Pumps May Be Felt at Polls


Fired CIA Officer Likely Won't Face Charges Over Leak

Daniel Ellsberg Says Whistleblowing Worth Prison Risk

US Military

Army's Dubious Definition of Torture Leaves in Doubt Exact Number of Victims

GAO Says Government Pesters Wounded Soldiers Over Debts


Suicide Bombers Strike at UN Troops in Egypt

Egyptian Security on High Alert After More Attacks

Egypt Links Dahab Attacks With Sinai Blasts of 2004 and 2005

Searching for Clues in Egypt's Resort Blasts

Bedouins Fear Reprisals After Egypt Blasts

Implications of the Sinai Bombings

Palestinian Govt

Hamas Says It Could Adopt Arab Peace Plan

Arab League Vows to Give Hamas Funds

Hamas Appeals to Banks to Help End Funding Crisis

Wary of Iran, Gulf Will Quietly Fund Palestinians

EU Says Israel Key to Avoiding Palestinian Crisis


Abbas Calls for Peace Talks With Israel

Israelis Rebuff New Overture From Abbas

Palestinian Security Prevent Attack on Gaza Border

Fatah Gunmen Say Will Set Up New Militia

Police Probe Building of West Bank Settlement Neighborhood

Olmert Orders Speed-Up in Jerusalem Wall Construction

Middle East

Syria Rejects Accusations on Hamas Weapons in Jordan

US to Seek UN Resolution to Pressure Syria Over Lebanon

US Blocks Hariri Suspects' Assets

Political Transition in the Republic of Mauritania: Real Change or More of the Same?

In UAE, Tradition Yields to Times


Experts Say IRA Leaders Pursuing Peace

Wartime Bosnian Croats on Trial


Justin Raimondo
John Fund vs. the Truth

Charles Peña
It's Not About Democracy

Nebojsa Malic
Interesting Times

Ivan Eland
Bush-Hu Meeting
a Blown Opportunity

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

David R. Henderson
Why Cal Thomas Is Wrong

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Takes Flak, No Eject Option

Alan Bock
France: Reinforcing Addiction

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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