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Cut and Run? You Bet: Lt. Gen. William Odom
War With Iran?: Justin Raimondo
Exporting the American Model: Johnson/Engelhardt
Cold Assumptions: Alan Bock
Gitmo Releases Suggest Many Mistakes: Fisher

Don't regard yourself as a guardian of freedom unless you respect and preserve the rights of people you disagree with...
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Updated May 3, 2006 - 10:57 PM EDT

Jury Spares Moussaoui

In Reversal, Mexico's Fox Won't Sign Drug Law
In Iraq Chaos, One Project on Target
US General Urged 'Outer Limits' Iraq Interrogation
Iraq, Afghanistan Among Top Ten Failed States

Iraq: Bomb Kills 17; 37 Bodies Found

US Guards Kill Iraq Ambulance Crewman
Gitmo Releases Suggest Numerous Mistakes
US to Form Anti-Iran Coalition if UN Rejects Sanctions
Iraqi, 15, 'Drowned After Soldiers Forced Him Into Canal'
Exporting the American Model
by Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt
The War on Terror on the
Lodi Front
 by Alexander Cockburn
Comedy Is Other People's Misery
by Greg Mitchell
John Negroponte, Voice of Reason?  by Robert Parry
In Iraq, Chaos by Another Name
by Sami Moubayed
Torture Doesn't Work  by Steve Crawshaw

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US Does Not Consider Taliban Terrorists
Israeli Army Chief: World Has Military Means to Stop Iran's Nuclear Program
Algerian Terror Group Wants Zarqawi's Help
Iraq's Oil Industry on the Verge of Collapse
Iraq Says Iran Breached Border Twice in April
US Softens Tactics in Iraq After British Claims of Trigger-Happy Troops
Internal Feuds Develop Among Palestinians
Young Americans Can't Find Iraq on a Map
Today in Iraq
US, Iraqi Forces Kill Over 100 Insurgents in Ramadi
Baghdad Neighborhood Rises Up and Fights Back
Iraq's Cowboy General
German Hostages Freed in Iraq After Three Months
Iraq's Sunnis Press for Constitutional Changes
Attacks Continue
Suicide Bomber Attacks Iraqi Governor, 3 Dead
Eight Killed in Fresh Iraq Violence
Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq, US Military Says
Over 250 Foreigners Taken Hostage, Killed in Iraq

Developments in Iraq on May 3

Developments in Iraq on May 2
Iraq Occupation
US Changes Guidelines for Troops to Lessen Everyday Tensions With Iraqi Civilians
UK Official: Baghdad 'Ready to Take Over in Two Years'
Site of New US Embassy in Iraq
Grandmother Deployed to Iraq 10 Months Before Retirement
US Soldier in Iraq Dies After Having Heart Attack
Global Iraq Fallout
Bush Snubs Norway's Premier Over Iraq
Japan to Go Ahead With Iraq Exit
US Asks Japan to Expand Mission in Iraq Early
No Danish Decision to Reduce Troops in Iraq, Premier Says
Italy Honors Its Soldiers Killed in Iraq
First Australian Soldier Killed in Iraq Is Buried Amid Mystery Over Death
Taliban Threat Is Said to Grow in Afghan South
Suicide Attacks Challenging NATO Forces in Afghanistan: Commander
'After the Opium Harvest, It's Jihad'
Suicide Bombings in Afghanistan Increase Sharply
Suicide Car Bomber Targets Coalition Convoy in Afghanistan
UK Presses India to Send Troops to Afghanistan
Karzai Inducts 20 Ministers in Cabinet
Two Dead in Afghan Suicide Attacks
Kashmir on Strike Over Killings
India Sends More Troops to Hunt Kashmir Killers
Pakistan Hails Cease-Fire by Militants Near Afghanistan
Pakistan Official Says Afghanistan Can Fence, Mine Border
Pakistan Permits Charities US Calls Terrorist
India, Pakistan Begin Talks on Trade
Indian Government Imposes Curfew to Stop Sectarian Riots
Push for Justice in India Riots
Al-Qaeda Fugitive Detained by Pakistan
Sri Lanka
Civil War in the Jungle: The Demons That Haunt Sri Lanka
Two Killed as Gunmen Storm Sri Lanka Newspaper Office
Canada Pinches Tamil Tigers' Pocketbooks
US and Japan Finalize Troop Consolidation Deal
Japan Opposition to Turn Up Heat on US Troop Deal
China Urges Japan to Be More Responsible About Wartime Past
Kyrgyz Cabinet Ministers to Stay After 'Resignation'
US Envoy Rules Out 'Favors' for North Korea
Nepal to Talk to Maoists
EU Backs Free Movement Principle
We Will Be Missed, Says Berlusconi as He Bows Out Loudly
Serbia's Failure to Hand Over Mladic Will Halt EU Talks
Bolivia Takeover Alarms Powerful Allies
Bolivian Nationalization Alarms Investors
Nationalization Fuels Fears Over Morales' Power
Bolivia Plans to Nationalize More Sectors
Morales: Power for the People, or for Himself?
GOP Senator Questions White House Data on Coca Growth in Colombia
Experts: Drug Spraying Failing in Colombia
Iran Will Hit Israel if US Does 'Evil': Agency
US Confident of Iran Sanctions
UN Powers Divided Over Iran; US Threatens Sanctions
Iran Says Russia and China Will Not Back Sanctions
EU Nations Outline UN Iran Resolution
US Says It Won't Yield on Iran
Iran Leader Plays Populist Game
Iran Discovers New Uranium Deposits
Europe Puts Sanctions at Top of UN's Iran Agenda
War on Terror
Feds Go All Out to Kill Spy Suit
FBI and the USA PATRIOT Act in the Spotlight as Congress Considers How to Fight Terror
EU Chief: No Proof of Secret Prisons
Senators Question FBI Director
The War at Home
Libby's Lawyers Seek Media Records
Top CIA Official Under Investigation for Bribery
Senate OKs Amendments to ’06 Emergency Spending
Bush Holds Back on Bold Statements on Iraq
Security Firm Sees Business Growth in Iraq, Afghanistan
US Military
ACLU Says Military Knew of Iraq Abuse
Administration Conducting Research Into Laser Weapon
New Press Secretary Named at Pentagon
Palestinians in Crisis
Mideast Envoy: I'm Not Paid Enough to Face Hamas
Hamas Leader Asks Militants Not to Attack Crossings
Hamas Leaders in Dispute Over Ideology
Hamas PM Pleads for Arab Aid
Hamas Moves to Fix Salary Crisis
Israel's Olmert to Meet Abbas After US Summit: Peres
Hamas: We'll Consider 2002 Arab Peace Plan Only if Israel Accepts It First
Palestinian Business Calls for Unity Government
Pollard: Israel Abandoned Me Out of Fear
Israelis Close File on Britons Shot in Gaza
Blast in North Gaza Kills Two Security Officers
UN Complains to Israel Over Lebanon Airspace Violation
Syria Lashes Back at UN as France, US Warn of 'Harsher' Resolution
Beirut Asks Syria to Remove Border Posts Inside Lebanon
Syria Eyes Western Tourists to Help Economy
Islamic Jihad Team Holds Talks in Cairo
US Criticizes Extension of Emergency in Egypt
Egypt Bombing Toll Rises to 19
Middle East
Resurgence of Shia Arouses Ancient Fears Among Sunni
Saudi Arabia Braced for More Attacks
Jordan King Calls Next 2 Years Decisive for Middle East
Yemen Ends Ban on Newspapers for Prophet Cartoons
Heavyweights Join Darfur Talks
Bush 'Very Clear' in Urging Sudan Peace Deal: Spokesman
Bush Calls President of Sudan to Urge Further Darfur Talks
Aussies Hint at Sudan Deployment
15 Killed in Congo Attacks
UN Envoy Calls for Increased Security in Somalia
Ethiopia Condemned as Opposition Leaders Are Put on Trial for Treason
Zimbabwe: World's Most Failed Economy
Morocco: Terror Suspect Arrested
Media Freedom
A Look at Global Media Freedom
North Korea, Burma Top List of Most Censored Countries
Asian Governments Among the Worst Enemies of Internet Freedom
2005 the Deadliest for Journalists in a Decade

Justin Raimondo
War With Iran?

Alan Bock
Cold Assumptions

Ivan Eland
The United States May Have to Live With a Nuclear Iran

David R. Henderson
Gasoline Prices and Energy Policy, True and False

Praful Bidwai
Iran Defiant, but Ready to Deal

Charles Peña
It's Not About Democracy

Nebojsa Malic
Interesting Times

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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