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Updated May 9, 2006 - 11:28 PM EDT
Pentagon: Delay Not a Drawdown
Report: US Holds Back Troops, Mulls Force Cut
Major Powers Fail to Agree on Iran Strategy
US Gives in on Palestinian Aid
Bush Approval Rating Hits Another New Low
Blair: I'll Quit Next Year – Trust Me
Today's Attacks, Bombs Kill 40 Across Iraq
Darfur Refugees Riot, UN Workers Flee
General Who Eavesdropped on Public Is New CIA Chief
CIA Pick Faces Fight Over Wiretapping, Pentagon Ties
Recruiting Abuses Mount as Army Struggles to Meet Goal
Moussaoui Says He Lied About 9/11, Asks to Withdraw Guilty Plea
Korean Farmers Clash With the Empire  by Aaron Glantz
Foreign Policy, Monetary Policy, and Gas Prices  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Neocons Strike the UK Again
by David Clark
Why Are We Baiting Putin?
by Patrick Buchanan
The Final Say  by Eric Margolis
Dolts or Liars  by Gordon Prather

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Cui Bono? Negroponte or Rumsfeld?
Suicide Bombing More Frequent Than Ever Before
Russia Urges G8 Nations to Bury 'Cold War Ghosts'
Pentagon's Intelligence Authority Widens
Rumsfeld Denies Making Claims Iraq Had WMD
US Says Disorganization Worries al-Qaeda in Iraq
Brits Will Go in to Clear Up Iraq Militias if Required
Blair Resists Pressure to Retire After Party Losses
Iran's Nuclear Gambit
Today in Iraq
Lawmakers Consider Chalabi to Lead Iraq Interior Ministry
Despite General's Arrest, Kidnappings Continue in Iraq
Car Bombings Down in Iraq, Military Says
Iraq's PM Eyes Deal on Unity Government
Amid Iraq Violence, Kurds Unify Their Government
US, Iraq Troops Search for Insurgents
Nearly 300 Male Detainees Released in Iraq
Two Years Later, Slayings in Iraq and Lost Cash Are Mysteries
Attacks Continue
Monday Violence in Iraq Leaves 34 Dead
Two Soldiers, Marine Killed in Iraq
Car Bomb Near Baghdad Courthouse Kills 5, Wounds 10
Insurgents Bomb Iraqi Oil Pipeline, Kill Three Iraqis
Armed Group Raids Prison, Kills One in Iraq
Bodies of Missing Iraqi Police Found
Bodies of Two Iraqi Journalists Are Found in Iraq
First British Woman Soldier to Die in Combat in Iraq
Developments in Iraq on May 9
Developments in Iraq on May 8
Iraq Occupation
Blair Sees Iraq Troop Reduction Statement in Weeks
Korean Troop Reductions in Iraq Start Tuesday
Polish Minister Calls for Iraq Withdrawal Timetable
Iraq to Take on Running of USAid Projects
Former British Colonel Sounds Supply Warning for Iraq
Australia Announces Third Deployment to Iraq
Concerns for Aussie Troop Movements in Iraq
The New Iraq
Displaced From 2003 Still Homeless, Say Analysts
UN Report Cites Vast Under-Nutrition Among Children
Iraq Appeals for Help in Building Skills
Western Firms Still See Long-Term Potential in Iraq
Iraq: Wasit Residents Protest Fuel Shortages, Allege Official Corruption
US Military Says Airstrike Near Pakistani Border Kills 4 Taliban Militants
Militant Attacks Rock Afghanistan
Terror Video Claims to Show Attacks on US Forces in Afghanistan
Woman MP Is Attacked for Speaking Up in Afghan Parliament
2 Cops, 1 Taliban Killed in Afghanistan
For Aussie Troops, Afghanistan Worse Than Iraq
Coalition Forces Uncover Weapons in Afghanistan
Pakistan Miners Wounded in Air Raid
In Standoff With India, Pakistan Gives 35 Millimeters
Sri Lanka
11 Killed in Sri Lanka as Japanese Envoy Pushes Peace Bid
Sri Lanka Increases Security on Peninsula
South Korea Arrests 10 Anti-US Protesters
South Korea Eyes Court Martial for US Base Trespassers
'Dual Citizen' Soldiers Torn Between US, South Korean Armies
She's Fled Both Koreas, and Controversy Has Followed
Thai Court Orders Election Redo
Thai Opposition Backs New Polls
China Campuses' Internet Hall Monitors
Singapore Detains Opposition Leader After Poll
US Envoy Pledges Support to Tajikistan
Indonesian Islamic Moderate Warns of Militants
Japan, US to Boost Military Ties
UN Explores Role in Nepal Peace
Serb Split Looms in Mladic Hunt
Serb Official: Search for Mladic Is Ongoing
EU Calls for Members to Give Up Control of Terrorism, Organized Crime Policy
Deadlock Over Italy's President
4 Protestants Arrested in Northern Ireland Attack
Bolivia Nationalization Further Sidelines US
Bolivia's Populism Steps on Brazil
Nobel Laureate Returning to Lead Divided Costa Rica
Chile Misidentified 'Dirty War' Victims
Hot Destination: Colombia
Iran Sends Bush a Letter
Iran Writes to Bush Over Nuclear Impasse
Text: Ahmadinejad's Letter to Bush
Oil Falls on Iran Letter to Bush
Iran Letter to Bush Could Be 'Opening'
White House Initially Unaware of Iranian Letter
US: Iran Letter May Be Timed for UN Debate
Iran Plays Trump Card in Standoff Against West
Experts Speak: No Good Military Options in Iran
US Looks to Financial Sector to Raise Pressure on Iran
US Seeks De Facto Financial Sanctions on Iran
Peres Warns Iran, Says It Could Also Be 'Wiped Out'
Blair: Nuking Iran 'Absurd'
A Timeline of Relations Between Iran, US
Iran Seeks Diplomatic Support From Neighboring Turkey
UN Resolution on Iran Concerns China
Seven Hurt as Two Bombs Explode in Iranian City
Iran to Battle Satellite Dish Owners
Iran Supreme Leader Vetoes Women in Stadiums
CIA Shuffle
Can Hayden Clear Senate?
Profile: Michael V. Hayden
Report: Scandal May Have Played Role in Goss Resignation
Hayden Faces Uphill Fight at CIA
CIA Official Quits; FBI Probes Role in Defense Contracts
'War on Terror'
US Officials Respond to UN Questions on Torture
Potential Evidence Surfaces of Bush's Illegal Spying
US Military
US: More Than 100 Courts Martial for Mistreatment in Iraq, Afghanistan
Armored Suits Are 'Too Goofy' Say US Troops
Guard Faces Phase-Out of Combat Role
The War at Home
Support for Action Against Iran Drops in US
Rove Is Using Threat of Loss to Stir Republicans
HBO Considering Comedy Based on Iraq War
Exiles in 'Tehrangeles' Are Split on How US Should Sway Iran
Tycoon Wyatt Wants Iraq Kickback Charges Dismissed
Upset Vet Gives Back His Medals
Palestinians in Crisis
Hamas, Fatah Rival Factions Battle in Gaza, 3 Dead
Hamas PM Vows to Prevent Civil War After Three Killed
Hamas, Abbas Fail to Agree on Way Out of Palestinian Crisis
Palestinian Authority in Danger of Collapse: World Bank
Palestinians See No Way Out in Standoff
Fire Breaks Out in Palestinian Parliament
Israeli Troops Hold Up Abbas Convoy at Gaza Entrance for Two Hours
Israeli Troops Fire More Than 300 Artillery Shells at Northern Gaza
Settlers in West Bank Fight Back as Israeli Police Move in to Evict
Jerusalem Barrier Prompts Arabs to Move Across Town
Israel Maps West Bank Outposts Ahead of Demolition
Israeli Police Evict Jewish Squatters From Palestinian Property
Israel Intent on Keeping Jordan Valley
Middle East
Khaddam Rejects Syria Summons
Egypt Arrests 20 Activists for Offending Mubarak
Turkey Recalls Ambassadors Over Armenian Genocide
Bush to Dispatch Rice for Darfur
Bush Seeks More Peacekeepers for Sudan
Bush Vows to Boost US Aid to Sudan, Urges Other Nations to Join
US Submits Draft Urging UN Force in Sudan to Back AU Peacekeepers in Darfur
Darfur Refugees Kill Translator in Sudan
Darfur Peace Accord a Battle of Its Own
19 Dead as Somali Militias Battle
Group: UN Peacekeepers Trading Food for Sex
Rwanda: Congo No Longer Supports Rebels
Liberal Tunisia Opts for Stability Over Political Freedom
South African Ex-Deputy President Acquitted of Rape Charges
In Other News
64 Nations Seek Seats on New UN Council
Donors in Denial on Graft, Warns World Bank

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Cold Assumptions

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Gasoline Prices and Energy Policy, True and False

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It's Not About Democracy

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Interesting Times

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Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

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Getting a Piece of the Pie

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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Et Tu, Pat?

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