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Fascism: Are We There Yet?: Justin Raimondo
Did Rumsfeld Lie – and When?: David Henderson
Bush's Unanswered Letter: Tom Porteous
The Weakness of Empire: Michael Vlahos
A Preschool Lesson on Iran: Rosa Brooks

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Updated May 15, 2006 - 11:24 PM EDT
Shi'ites May Form Iraq Govt Unilaterally
Iraq Sunnis Accuse US of 'Atrocity' Over Raids
Insurgents Down Chopper, Killing 2 US Troops
Iraq Violence Claims Another 60 Lives
7 GIs Killed Over the Weekend in Iraq
Feds Listening to ABC, NYT, Wash Post Phones
White House Dismisses Calls for Iran Talks
US Report Accuses Syria of Seeking Nukes
Notes Reveal Close Cheney Interest in Iraq War Critic
US Removes Libya as Terror Sponsor, Renew Diplomatic Ties
Turkish, Iranian Armies Build Up Forces Along Iraq's Only Quiet Area
After 7 British Deaths in a Week, Basra's Police Chief 'Linked to Terrorists'
Bush's Unanswered Letter
by Tom Porteous
The Lessons of War That Few Have Learned  by John Grant
This Time, It Really Is Orwellian
by Robert Parry
The Weakness of Empire
by Michael Vlahos
A Preschool Lesson on Iran
by Rosa Brooks
Contentment in Caracas  by John Pilger

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Brzezinski Calls for Direct Talks With Iran
Iran Putting Out Feelers for One-on-One Talks With US
Afghanistan Offers to Mediate in Iran Nuclear Row
Iraqi Police Often the Suspects
Pentagon Challenges Mental Health Report
Bush to Call for Thousands of Guard Troops on Border
Border Troops Would Be Temporary, US Tells Mexico
Langley, We Have a Problem
Palestinian Spouses of Israelis to Remain Banned From Israel
South Asia's Arms Race
Pentagon Worried That Iraqi Police Are Even Less Reliable Than Army
Today in Iraq
Iraq's Uniformed Killers Difficult to Identify
Iraqi Politics Complicated Beyond Sectarian Lines
Patronage Roils Iraqi Unity
Iraq PM Set to Unveil Cabinet Without Security Ministers
Witnesses to Appear Defending Saddam
Violence Robs Iraq of Christian Heritage
In Iraq, Soccer Field Is No Longer a Refuge
Attacks Continue
40 Killed in Violence Across Iraq
Car Bombers Kill 14 Near Baghdad Airport
Clashes in Iraq's Mosul Kill Policeman, Wound 3
Iraqi Foreign Minister’s Motorcade Attacked, 3 Bodyguards Dead
Developments in Iraq on May 15

Developments in Iraq on May 14

Brits in Iraq
UK Death Toll in Iraq Hits 111 as Roadside Bomb Kills Two Soldiers
UK Defense Chiefs: Deaths Will Not Halt Iraq Mission
British 'Engaging' Basra Police Despite Terror Link Charges
Sources: British DM's Cost-Cutting 'Will Put Troops in Peril'
British Troops Suffer Mental Health Problem in Iraq: Report
Global Iraq Fallout
Iranian Foreign Minister to Visit Baghdad
Uganda to Spy on Its Citizens Working in Iraq
South Korea Begins Bringing Troops Home From Iraq
New Afghan Disarmament Drive Threatens Force Against Militias
Afghanistan Slow to Bid Farewell to Arms
Four Policemen, 11 Taliban Killed in Afghan Battle
Security Official Killed, Teacher Wounded in Afghanistan
Police Arrest 6 Suspected Taliban in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Mixed Blessing for Expat Workers
Pakistan Rejects Taliban Claim
Beheaded Body of Kidnapped Pakistani Official Found
Bhutto, Sharif in Pakistan Opposition Agreement
Suspected Militants in Pakistan Kill 1
Pakistan Arrests 22 Over Police School Blasts
India's Longest-Range Missile Ready for Test Launch
Two Killed, 20 Wounded in India-Controlled Kashmir Blast
Cable Operators Resume Services in Kashmir Valley
Nepal's New Government Set to Take Control of Army: Analysts
Nepal's Parliament Sets Fast-Paced Agenda
Nepal Maoists Turn to Democracy in Bid for Power
Sri Lanka
Violence Kills 19 in Sri Lanka
As Sri Lankan Port City Erupts, a Nation's Bloody Past Echoes
Heightened Activity at North Korean Nuclear Plant
South Korea Appeals for US Understanding in Dealing With North Korea
South Korea to Push US Base Relocation, Protests Go On
Manila Pledges to Flush Out Sayyaf Rebels From Hideouts
'They Cut Off His Hands and Feet and He Bled to Death'
Bangladesh Sentences 10 Islamic Militants to Life Terms
Russia to Start Military Hardware Pullout From Georgia on May 15
ETA Reaffirms Demand for Basque Self-Rule
French Spy Chief Refuses to Testify in Fraud Case
Berlin’s First Mosque Meets With Strong Resistance
Hugely Popular but Nagged by Troubling Questions, Colombia's Leader Heads to Reelection
Colombian Presidential Candidate Leyva Bows Out
Brazil Gang Attacks Leave 52 Dead
Presidents of Bolivia, Venezuela Speak Against US 'Empire'
Riot Breaks Out at Haiti's Main Prison
Australian Authorities: Anti-Australian Books Don't Violate Sedition Laws
Iran Rejects Incentives to Halt Enrichment
Ahmadinejad: EU Talks Relic of 'Colonialist World'
UN Inspectors Seek Tests for Iran Machinery Samples
Al-Qaeda-Linked Militants Kill 12 in Iran
Hardline Sunni Militant Group Claims Iran Roadside Killings
Chavez Warns US Over Iran Policy
Muslim Leaders Support Iran
Spying on Americans
Hayden's NSA Agenda: Wiretaps at Expense of Reforms
Negroponte Had Denied Domestic Call Monitoring
Bush Aide Defends Acts by NSA
Inside Bush's Secret Spy Net
Qwest Goes From the Goat to the Hero
Mining Data to Nab Terrorists: Fair?
US Military
Secret New Military Rulebook Is Supposed to Prevent Abuses
Graduation Day, Then Right Back to Deployment
A Surgeon on the Front Line
The War at Home
Mothers Whose Sons Died in Iraq Lead Activists' Call for Peace
War Moms Honor Fallen Sons
Border Security Plan Worries Texas Town
Iraq Is Political Fault Line in Contested New Mexico District
Moussaoui Arrives at 'Supermax'
Battles of Britain
MI5 Kept Parliament in Dark Over 7/7 Bombings
Inquiry Call Over 'Bomber Tapes'
UK Chancellor: Human Rights Act Will Not Be Axed
Blair Stung Into Review of Human Rights Law
London Memorial Honors Conscientious Objectors
Human Rights Watch Praises Syria for Accepting Refugees
Syria Says It Accepts 'in Principle' Opening Embassy in Lebanon
Lebanon's New Resolve on Palestinian Issue
Jumblatt Accuses Syria of Dragging Feet
Palestinians in Crisis
Islamic Jihad Said Planning to Assassinate Abbas
Iran Denies Supplying Weapons to Hamas
Haniyeh Urges West to Deal Directly With Hamas Govt
Hamas Will Not Cave in to Economic Pressure: PM
In the West Bank, an Escort for Palestinian Pupils
Fuel Crisis in West Bank, Gaza Ends
Israeli Troops Kill Seven Palestinians
Israel Seizes Explosives-Filled Boat Near Gaza
American Teenager Wounded in Tel Aviv Bombing Dies
Jordan Demands Hamas Send Team to Find Weapons
Five on Trial in Jordan for Plots Against Israel
Torture of Detainees 'Routine' in Jordan
Turkey's Detente With Kurds Wavers

Four Soldiers and Rebel Killed in Southeast Turkey

Turkey Threatens France With Sanctions Over Armenian 'Genocide' Law
Middle East
EU in Mideast Spotlight Over Iran, Palestinians
Yemen Takes on al-Qaeda With Poetry
Rival Militias Sign Cease-Fire in Somalia
Somalia Unrest: Both Sides Regroup
Warring Somali Ministers Warned
DR Congo
Militia Fighters Raid Congo Base; 53 Dead

UN Says Congo Remains World's Deadliest Catastrophe

Six Killed in Protests in Sudan's Darfur Region
Darfur Rebel Resists Pressure to Join Peace Deal
Report: Security Forces Find 28 Bodies in Cave Used as Hideout by Algerian Militant Group
Desperate Zimbabwe Moves to Lure Back White Ex-Farmers
Coup-Prone Comoros Holds Peaceful Vote

Justin Raimondo
Fascism: Are We There Yet?

David R. Henderson
Did Rumsfeld Lie – and When?

Charles Peña
Collision Course With Iran

Nebojsa Malic

Ivan Eland
The Intelligence Reorganization Needs Reorganizing

Praful Bidwai
Iran Won't Be Bullied

Alan Bock
Cold Assumptions

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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