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What I Didn't Find in the Middle East: Jorge Hirsch
What People Believe: Charley Reese
Iran's Snub Calls for New EU Offer: Praful Bidwai
Judy-Baby vs Time: Gordon Prather
Reversing Policy, US 'Froze' Iran Talks: G. Porter

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Updated May 20, 2006 - 11:04 PM EDT
Walkout Marks Fractured Iraqi Govt
Bush, Blair Hope for Exit Route After Iraq 'Deal'
Libby Lawyers Oppose Cheney Notes as Evidence
Jewish-Iranian MP Denies Badge Plan Reports
Israel Opposes US Nuclear Treaty Proposal
More US Troops Being Deployed to Iraq
26 Killed as Bombs Target Iraqi Workers
Reversing Policy, US 'Froze' Iran Talks in March
Riot at Guantanamo as Torture Watchdog Calls for Its Closure
Bomb Seriously Wounds Palestinian Intelligence Chief
Classified Pentagon Reaches Highest Level Since Cold War
Is There Any Good Reason for Staying in Iraq?  by Peter Hitchens
Don't Militarize the Borders
by Gene Healy
How the War on Terrorism Has Gone Way Too Far  by Carol Marin
What People Believe  by Charley Reese
Bush's 'Big Brother' Blunder
by Robert Parry
Judy-Baby vs Time  by Gordon Prather

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Nepal Declares Holiday as King Stripped of Powers
Fight Looms in Congress Over Aid to Egypt
US Fumes as Iraq Backs Israel Boycott
Air Marshal Says He Faced Retaliation for Bringing Up Security Issues
Is US Fading as Superpower?
House Panel Cuts Foreign Aid Request $2.4b
US Groups Hail Censure of Washington's 'Terror War'
Violence Changes Rituals of Death in Iraq
A Violent Place
Ethnic Cleansing Takes Hold in Iraq
Why Sunni Are Key in Sectarian Warfare
Will Baghdad Streets Ever Be Safe?
As Death Toll Mounts, Middle Class Flees Iraq
Iraqi Journalists Risk Their Lives to Get the Story
'I Hope He Is Still Alive'
Iraq Attacks Kill 10
Developments in Iraq on May 20
Developments in Iraq on May 19
Iraqi Politics
Prospects for Iraq Democracy Unclear
'Death Squad' Minister Moved to Finance
Will Iraq Wait Even Longer for a Cabinet?
+ Nuclear Scientist Set to Head Iraq's Oil Ministry
Iraq Occupation
More Troops Going to Ramadi
Basra, Britain's Mesopotamian Mess Revisited
General: US Troops Reductions Linked to Iraqi Job Growth
'Saddam's Mercedes' Seized From US Soldier
Iraq: 'We Are Running Out of Time,' the Officer Said
Hostage Crisis
Kidnapped Diplomat Said Released in Iraq
Brother: Can't Confirm UAE Envoy Freed
UAE Withdraws Top Diplomat After Iraq Abduction
Global Iraq Fallout
New UK Law Could Hand Out Life Sentences for Iraq Deserters
Villagers Fear Being Sent to Iran, Iraq
More Palestinian Refugees From Iraq Arrive at Syrian Border
Aussie PM Stumps for War
Afghan Officials Claim Taliban Commander Caught, Rebel Toll Nears 200
Coalition Skeptical of Afghan Arrest Claim
Taliban at 'War' With British Troops
Taliban Still a Force in Afghanistan
Brazen Taliban Attacks Raise Afghan Fears
Taliban's New Commander Ready for a Fight
Five Policemen, Eight Taliban Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Assault on Female Afghan MP Opens Wider Brawl
Canadian PM: Afghanistan 'Ready' for Reconstruction
Tribal Rebels Blow Up Two Gas Pipelines in Pakistan
Pakistani Officials Suggest Karzai Mind His Own Business
Indian Troops Kill Three Rebels Along De Facto Border With Pakistan
Nepalis Hail Move Against King
Nepal's Parliament Votes to Limit King' Authority Over Army, He's Also Told He Must Pay Taxes
Nepal Removes Word Royal From Government Institution Names
Nepal Rebels Back Move to Curb King, Want More
UN Rights Group Scorns New Nepal Govt
US Groups Caution Against 'Dangerous' Military Aid to Nepal Army
Sri Lanka
EU Outlaws Tamil Tigers as Terrorists
Where a Deserted Beach Means War, Not Paradise
North Korea May Be Preparing Missile Launch
Major Concern if North Korea Launches Long-Range Missile: US

Seoul Vigilant Over Report of North Korean Missile Launch

Some Lawmakers Cool to Idea for China Military Ties
Sino-Russian Ties Gaining Momentum
Merkel to Raise 'Awkward Demands' With China
Israel Censures China Over Invitation to Hamas
Annan in China With North Korea, Iran on Agenda
US Facility Faces Eviction From Kyrgyzstan
US Renews Myanmar Sanctions
East Timor PM Survives Challenge
Russian Relations With US Lowest in 20 Years
Russia Takes Over Presidency of European Rights Body
Montenegro Likely to Sell Base to US or Russia
Serbia Calls for Another Round of Kosovo Final Status Talks
Afghans Threaten to Jump From Irish Church
Peru's Former President Released From Jail
Venezuela's Chavez to Visit Russia, Fighter Talks Weighed
IMF Warns Bolivia of 'Consequences' of Nationalization
Ecuador Seeks to Soothe Oil Dispute With US
Canada's Next Move on Missile Defense
Fiji to Have Multi-Ethnic Cabinet
Uprising at Guantanamo as 'Armed' Inmates Attack Guards
Ambush: Gitmo Detainees Tricked Guards With Fake Suicide
US Describes Intense Fight With Guantanamo Inmates
UN Panel Urges US to Shut Guantanamo, End Torture
4 Men Cleared of Terrorism Links but Still Detained
Fifteen Guantanamo Saudis Freed
Iranian Negotiator Promises Full Cooperation With UN Inspectors
Report of Iran Badges for Non-Muslims 'Not True'
EU Offers Reactors, Fuel in Draft Iran Nuclear Proposal
EU Asks US to Consider Plane Sales to Iran
Diplomats Believe Iran Using Chinese Uranium Gas to Speed Enrichment
Iranian Foreign Minister, in Syria, Warns Against Possible Regional Crisis
Iranian Lawmakers Debate Women's Clothing
Iran Sees Foreign Link Behind Unrest in Southwest
Oman Urges Direct US-Iran Talks
'War on Terror'
'Skipper' Sheriff Buying Boats With Fed Anti-Terror Funds
Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by Man Held in Terror Program
Hayden Would Inherit Agency in Transition
The War at Home
House Panel to Examine Iraq Raid Probe
Lawyer Disputes Claim Powell Aide Focus of CIA Leak Probe
Democrats Ask Bush for Intelligence Update on Iran
US State Department Limits Use of Chinese Computers
Senators Offer New Plan to Shield Journalists' Sources
Ex-Senator Linked to Oil-for-Food Claims
Los Angeles Produces Anti-Suicide Bombing Ad for Iraq
Iraq War Tensions Challenge Sen. Lieberman's Senate Seat
US Military
CIA Choice Says He's Independent of the Pentagon

Air Force Brass Under FBI Investigation

Some Iraq War Vets Go Homeless After Return to US
Lebanese Soldier Dies in Clashes
UN Move Could Deepen Lebanon-Syria Tension
Syria Dissatisfied With Hariri Murder Inquiry - Minister
EU Slams Syria
Palestinians in Crisis
Civil War Feared as Palestinian Factions Flex Muscle
Israeli FM, Peres to Meet Abbas in Egypt
Olmert Denies Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza
Gunfight Erupts Between Hamas, Fatah Forces in Gaza City
In Gaza, Politics at the End of a Gun
Moderate Voices Vie for Clout Within Hamas
Abbas Orders Probe Into Hamas Official Caught With 500,000 Euros
Tensions Rise After Hamas Aide Caught Smuggling Cash
Dozens of Gunmen Demand Release of Hamas Spokesman at Rafah
Israel’s West Bank Wall Offers Example for Barrier on Mexican Border
Israel Carried Out 1979 Nuclear Test
Border Issue Seen Leading Olmert Agenda
Palestinian Woman Arrested for Smuggling Data From Hezbollah
Egypt Keeps More Than 300 Pro-Reform Protesters in Custody
Egypt Rejects US Criticism Over Nour Case
Cairo Plays Down Islamist Threat
Suspect in Egypt Blasts Killed Near Israel
Jordan's King Warns Against Unilateral Israeli Withdrawal
Jordan, Hamas Play Hardball
Violent Rebel Rift Adds Layer to Darfur's Misery
Darfur Effort Said to Face Collapse
UN Envoy to Start Darfur Mission
UN to Halve Eritrea-Ethiopia Force After Border Talks Fail
Eritrea, Ethiopia Trade Blame for Failure of London Border Talks
Zimbabwe Arrests Opposition Group Ahead of Poll

Zimbabwe: Churches to Defy State Ban on Anniversary of Eviction

DR Congo
German Congo Mission Faces Opposition Fire


UN: Congo Troops Responsible for Most of Investigated Rights Violations
Nigerian Militants Win Oil Drilling Licence
UN Gives Senegal Habre Deadline
Militias: Court Ruling Derails Colombia Peace Plan
Rebel Attack Downs Key Colombia Oil Pipeline: Army

Justin Raimondo
Is America Becoming a Police State?

Praful Bidwai
Iran's Snub Calls for New EU Offer

Doug Bandow
A Foreign Policy of Fools

Nebojsa Malic
No Game of Chess

Ivan Eland
Abolish Both the Hayden Nomination and NSA

David R. Henderson
Did Rumsfeld Lie – and When?

Charles Peña
Collision Course With Iran

Alan Bock
Cold Assumptions

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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