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Bush Out of Touch With Iraq: Robert Higgs
Iran: Gulf War III? Charles Peña
Iran Offer May Be Problematic: Jim Lobe
Kurds Keep Eye on Independence: Mohd Salih
Too Stupid for Citizenship: Charley Reese

We have to show the American People that war is not patriotic.
Justin Raimondo
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Updated June 1, 2006 - 10:50 PM EDT

New Iraq Massacre Tape Emerges

DoD Probe: Haditha Killings Unprovoked

Iraqi Officers Say US Killed Other Civilians
Rice's Conditional Offer to Iran Is Problematic
Iran Rejects US Conditions for Nuclear Talks

US Reverses, Says Troops Fired at Kabul Crowd

US to Pursue Sanctions Against Iran if Talks Fail

Rising Terror Curve in Iraq

Blair Has Been Blinded by an Imperialist Illusion  by Simon Jenkins
Now Introducing the Office of Iranian Affairs  by Gary Leupp
Rampage at Haditha: Aberrant or Endemic?  by Patrick Radden Keefe
Iran: Gulf War III?  by Charles Peña
Iraq Is the Republic of Fear  by Nir Rosen
Too Stupid for Citizenship
by Charley Reese

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Iran's President Speaks (Interview)

Bush Alerted Olmert on Decision to Talk With Iran

ElBaradei: Iran Does Not Pose Immediate Nuclear Threat

Bush Vows to Punish Massacre Marines

Corporal: Haditha Marines Blinded by Hate

Iraqi Kurds Keep an Eye on Independence

From Israeli Jails, Hamas Activists Press Middle Way

US Soldiers Kill Two Iraqi Women as They Rushed to Hospital for One to Give Birth
Massacre in Haditha

Bush Braces Nation for Iraq Massacre Trial

Kin Say Marines Recorded Carnage

Haditha Revives Memories of US Military Abuse

Father of Dead Marine: Haditha Massacre Justified

Report: Marines Lied in Haditha Probe

Can the Military Effectively Investigate Itself?

After Haditha, a New Look at Military Training

White House: Haditha Details to Be Public

Attacks Continue

62 Killed Across Iraq

42 Bodies Found Across Baghdad in Past Day

Shooting of Pregnant Iraqi Sparks Outrage

Car Bomb Hits Iraqi Police Patrol in Mosul

Iraqi Sports Anchorman Gunned Down

Bomb After Bomb in Iraq

Developments in Iraq on June 1

Developments in Iraq on May 31

Cracking Down in Basra

Iraq PM Vows 'Iron Fist' in Restive Basra

State of Emergency in Basra Threatens British Withdrawal

Questions Abound About Basra's State of Emergency

Iraq Today

Where There Was One Enemy, Now There Are Many

Insurgent Attacks in Iraq at Highest Level in 2 Years

Iraqi Students Are Tested by Battle Outside

In the Struggle for Iraq, Tug of War Over One Baghdad Neighborhood

Saddam Defendant Ejected by Judge

Time Is Short for Iraq to Stabilize, US Envoy Warns

Iraq Occupation

Pentagon Report Touts 'Progress' in Iraq

Are British Soldiers Deserting Iraq?

Khalilzad Seeks to Broker Deal With Insurgents

Marines Held in the Slaying of Iraqi Man

US Hopes of Iraq Troop Withdrawals Fading

Global Iraq Fallout

CBS Correspondent's E-Mail Before Blast Haunts Co-Workers

Iraq War Fires Up Minnesota's Senate Race

Iraq Veteran Sues Filmmaker Over Antiwar Portrayal in Fahrenheit 9/11

German Women Converts Planned Iraq Suicide Attacks

South Asia

31 Injured in Attack on Two Kashmir Tourist Buses

Nepal's King Set to Lose Remaining Legislative Role

Balochistan Feeds Taliban's Growing Power

Frustration Mounts Between US, Pakistan


Somali Clerics: US Responsible for the Mass Death in Mogadishu

Somali Islamists Seize Warlord Base


Suffering Persists After Zimbabwe Razing Campaign

Peacekeeping Force in Ethiopia and Eritrea Trimmed

Deadline for Darfur Peace Deal Passes


Bolivian Opposition Accuses Venezuela of Arming Ruling Party

Bolivian Farmers Plan Private Armies to Repel Government Attack

Bolivian President Accuses US of Assassination Attempt


Venezuela Beefs Up Military Supplies


Milosevic Not Poisoned, UN Finds

Turkish Cypriot Chief Rips EU Over Failing on Pledge to End Isolation


Bush's Realization on Iran: No Good Choice Left Except Talks

Shift in US Stance Shows Power of Nuclear Weapons

Kuwait Urges Iran to Accept US Nuclear Offer

Russia, China Welcome US Offer on Iran

Saudi Envoy Urges US Not to Attack Iran

Iran's Military Prepares to Resist Invasion by US

US Lawmaker Calls for NATO 'Ring of Deterrence' Around Iran

Iranian Drone Plane Buzzes US Aircraft Carrier in Persian Gulf

Bush and Blair Meet Iranian Opposition

Iran to Build Oil Refinery in Venezuela

Iran's Bahai Religious Minority Says It Faces Raids and Arrests

Plowing Down Afghans

Afghan Lawmakers Ask US to Turn Over Soldiers

Americans Fired Into Crowd, Afghan Says


Canadian Troops Told al-Qaeda, Taliban Have No Rights as POWs

Attack Kills Afghan Police Chief

Militants Briefly Take Control of District in Southern Afghanistan

Taliban Rebels Kidnap 40 Police

Official: Taliban Suspect Killed Afghan Police Chief

Four Arrested for Killing Afghan Aid Workers

German Army Takes Over in Unsettled Northern Afghanistan

War on Terror

Anti-Terror Funding Cut in DC and New York

Cities to Get $740m in Anti-Terror Grants

Gagged Librarians Break Silence on PATRIOT Act

CA Terror Suspect Cleared on Charges

US Tightens Security on New England-Canada Border

Abu Hamza's Fanatical Rhetoric Inspired London Bombers

Jordan Islamists Condemn Anti-Terror Law

Turkish Guantanamo Detainee May Be Freed

Austrian FM: US Must Close Gitmo

War at Home

CIA Leak Case Heats Up Hazy Summer

Dozens Pepper-Sprayed, 22 Arrested as Washington Antiwar Protest Continues

VA Data in Format Not Widely Used

East Timor

100,000 Flee East Timor Capital

East Timor PM Refuses to Step Down

East Timor Rebel Chief Won't Give Up Till PM Quits

Machete-Wielding Youths Fight in East Timor


Hamas Proposes Job Cuts to Avert Financial Collapse

UN: Passage of Abbas Plan Unlikely to Ease Sanctions on Hamas

UN Seeks 80 Percent Increase in Aid to Palestinians

Israel in First Gaza Raid Since Pullout

Islamic Jihad Says It Fired New Longer-Range Rocket at Israel

Gazans Play Down Tensions, Focus on Israel Shelling

Many Israeli Settlers Would Leave Peacefully: Poll

Israeli Troops Destroy Toilets of Palestinian Cave Dwellers

Israeli Police Come Under Hail of Stones From Settler Youth

Collateral Damage: Entire Gaza Family

Middle East

Saudi Women Rise in Defense of the Veil

Top US Oil Investor in Syria to Quit

Pro-US Arab States Mobilize Against Israeli Unilateralism

Egyptian Prime Minister Blames Protesters for Police Brutality


Plan for Nuke Plants in North Korea Killed

South Korea's Opposition Party Sweeps Local Elections


UN to Seek Burmese Opposition Leader's Freedom

China Holds Uighur Activist's Children During US Congressional Team Visit

Hiroshima Memorial Honors Chinese Victims


Justin Raimondo
Faux 'Terrorism'

Ivan Eland
Honor the War Dead but Question America's Wars

Praful Bidwai
India, US Tighten Nuclear Handshake

Doug Bandow
Searching for the Next Enemy

Charles Peña
Cycle of Violence

Nebojsa Malic
Claiming the Black Mountain

Alan Bock
Spooks and Libya

David R. Henderson
Did Rumsfeld Lie – and When?

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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