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Israel Crosses the Line: Justin Raimondo
The Age of Empire: Doug Bandow
Israel's Failed Strategy: Leon Hadar
Sexual Terrorism in Iraq: Rosen/Engelhardt
Iran Poll Shows Strong Nationalism: Jim Lobe

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Updated July 14, 2006 - 11:24 PM EDT

Israel Hammers Lebanon, 85 Dead

Bush Nixes Plea to Support Cease-Fire
Hezbollah Vows War After Israel Hits Leader's HQ
4 Israel Troops Missing as Ship Hit Off Lebanon
Israel Says Missile Hits Civilian Boat Off Lebanon
UN Snubs Lebanese Plea for Cease-Fire
Israeli General: Nothing in Lebanon Is Safe

Olmert Orders More Intense Lebanon Strikes

Iran: 'Fierce Response' if Israel Strikes Syria

At Least 30 Dead in Friday Iraq Attacks
Defiant Iran Threatens to Quit Nuclear Treaty
Iran Dismisses Israel Charges That Soldiers Heading to Iran

India Officials Claim Pakistan Intel Behind Train Bombings

Plame Sues Cheney, Rove, Libby Over CIA Leak

Iran Poll Shows Strong Nationalism, Anti-US Sentiment
Bush Should Channel Nixon in North Korea  by Robert Scheer
Israel's Failed Strategy: The Writing Is on the Wall  by Leon Hadar
Does a State of War Give Bush a Right to Commit War Crimes?  by Dave Lindorff
Sexual Terrorism in Iraq
by Ruth Rosen and Tom Engelhardt
Soviet Economics in Iraq  by Lew Rockwell
Hidden Toll: Civilians Killed Accidentally  by Trudy Rubin

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Lebanese Tremors Rock Syria

Israeli Air Strike Kills Entire Lebanese Family of 12

Israel: Hezbollah Attack Is Lebanese Declaration of War

Lebanon Recalls US Ambassador as Bush Vows Support for Israel

S. Korea Suspends Food Aid to North

Can Bombings Derail India-Pakistan Peace?

Judge Allows Padilla to See Secrets

Oil Hits New Record: $78/barrel

Israeli Jets Bomb Beirut International Airport, Bridges, Army Bases, and Major Highways
Iraq Attacks Continue

Attacks Across Iraq Kill at Least 14

Gunmen Kill Iraqi National Wrestling Coach

Iraq Insurgents Switch Targets From US Troops to Other Iraqis

Iraq Today

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Blames 'Jews' for Financing Sectarian Violence

Iraqi Prime Minister to Visit White House

Mahdi Army Patrols Shi'ite Neighborhoods

Iraq Given Control of Quiet Province

US Frees Sadr Followers

The Hatred Incubator

City of Vengeance

Occupying Iraq

Iraq on the Right Path, US Ambassador Tells Congress

Democrats Challenge Assessment of Iraq

US Crew Survives Copter Crash in Iraq

General Casey: More Troops May Be Sent to Baghdad


Iran Shrugs Off Threat to Refer It to the UN Security Council

Iran and US Should Talk, Ex-Hostage Says

Assad Jumps on the Iran Bandwagon

Beijing, Moscow Toe Line on Iran

US Christian Group to Meet in DC, Advocates Attacking Iran


Coalition, Afghan Forces Kill 19 Rebels in Southern Afghanistan

Karzai Orders Probe Into Deaths From US Airstrike

Karzai Urges Farmers to Switch From Poppies to Pomegranates

Italy Debates Afghanistan Funding


India Says Mumbai Blasts Point to Pakistan Inaction

Pakistan and India Trade Barbs Over Bombings

Mumbai Blasts: 4 Pakistanis Held in Nepal

India Names Suspects in Train Attacks

Hundreds Held in Mumbai

India Verifying Claim al-Qaeda Has Set Up Network in Kashmir

Mumbai Resilient After Attacks

North Korea

US: No Breakthrough on North Korea

Japan-S. Korea Rift Widens Over Missiles

North Korea Walks Out of Talks

North Korea Shuns Chinese Diplomacy

Poll: Americans Plead for Diplomacy With North Korea


Five Dead in Latest Indian Kashmir Violence

Tourists Fleeing After Attacks in Kashmir

Sri Lanka

Tamil Rebels Kill Three Sri Lankan Soldiers


F-16 Sale to Pakistan Hits Snag in Congress

Pakistan PM Rejects Balochistan Amnesty

Pakistan Acquits Man in Musharraf Assassination Plot


US Mulls Separation of Forces With South Korea

Philippine Rape Victim Wants to Kill Soldiers


Russia Claims WTO Breakthrough, US Says No Deal

Britain Hits Back at Russia as G8 Tension Escalates


Hundreds in Somalia Surrender to Militia

Somalia Military Movements Increase as Talks Near


Ugandan Rebels Fly to Sudan for Talks

Uganda to Attend Peace Talks Despite Rebel Leaders' Snub


US Official Says Venezuela Has Close Ties to Terrorist States

Bush's Cuba Agenda Draws Praise, Concern

Israel Attacks Lebanon

Israel Plans Prolonged Offensive Against Lebanon

Lebanese Told to Flee Southern Beirut

Israel Blocks Lebanon Ports

A Second Front Opens for Israel

US Defends Israel

Israel's Lone Defender: The US

US Vetoes UN Condemnation of Israel Over Gaza

Rice Urges Israel to Exercise Restraint

Syrian Envoy Asks US to Impose Restraint on Israel

World Reaction

Qatar Circulates Revised Israel Resolution

Israel Operation in Lebanon Denounced Internationally

Allies at Summit Divided on Israeli Incursion

Arab Leaders Scramble to Contain Mideast Flare-Up

Saudi Arabia Blames Hezbollah

Pakistan Condemns Israeli Attack

UK Urges Israel to Keep Military Action 'Proportionate'

Hezbollah Attacks Israel

Two Killed, Dozens Hurt as Missiles Rain Down on Northern Israel

Hezbollah Attack Widens Cracks in Divided Lebanon

Israeli Town in Shock at Barrage From Hezbollah

The Nation of Hezbollah

Attacks Could Erode Hezbollah's Support

Gaza Under Siege

Israeli Army Kills Palestinian in Gaza

On a Gaza Street, Waiting for Water to Spring

Dominoes? Leb., Syria, Iran

Tensions in Lebanon Test US Diplomacy

Lebanon Communications Minister: Syria Holding Lebanon Hostage

Tourists Flee Lebanon to Syria

Other Mideast Crisis News

Parallel Rise of Violence in Gaza, Lebanon

Crisis Allows Israel to Pursue Strategic Goals

Israeli Extremist Group Kidnaps Palestinians to Trade for Soldiers

Overextended US Weighs Its Options in the Mideast

Two Sides — One War

Developments in the Middle East on July 13

'War on Terror'

Senate Insider on Military Justice

How the Bush Administration 'Recruits' Muslim Informants

Top Officials Split on Treatment of Detainees

Watching Finances of Terror Suspects Discussed in 2002

Mounties Had Mole in Alleged Terror Cell

Is Using Informants in Terror Cases Entrapment?

Morocco's War Against Terror Prompts Charges of Torture

Jordanian Court Sentences Syrian for Terror Threat

American Hamas Bomb Victims Want Ancient Iranian Tablets Sold


Bush Officials Send Congress Mixed Signals About Military Tribunals

Bush Administration Insists Congress Ratify Military Tribunals

McCain: Bush Won't Seek Military Tribunals

War at Home

CIA Leak Case Source No. 1 Still a Mystery

Army Reshapes Training to Keep More Enlistees

Bill to Squash Use of Slain Soldier's Pictures, Info

Senate Bill Would Permit Court Review of Spy Program

White House Agrees to Review of Surveillance Program


China Jails Reporter Over Essays on Graft

Hundreds Riot in China, Attack Police, Smash Cars


RAF Fighter Skims Above Car Before Fiery Crash

Opposition Leader May Get Jail in Belarus


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Israel Crosses the Line

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The Meaning of July 4th

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The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

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Getting a Piece of the Pie

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