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Understanding Why Iraq Is a Disaster: T.G. Moore
Fear Mongering on 9/11 Anniversary: Ivan Eland
Slipped His Moorings by Charley Reese
Bolton and the PSI Posse: Gordon Prather
Pondering 'Surrender': Anthony Gregory

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Updated September 12, 2006 - 9:22 PM EDT
Al-Qaeda Replaces US Politically in Iraq's Anbar

Attacks Across Iraq Kill 27

  Report: Iraqi Elections Have Worsened Divisions
  US Excluded Car, Suicide Bombs From Iraq Murder Toll
  Lawlessness and Terrorism Rule Iraq Five Years After 9/11
  Iraqi PM Heads to Iran Seeking 'No Interference'
  Sadr Holds Out Against Plan to Divide Iraq
  Top Aide to Sadr Outlines Vision of a US-Free Iraq
US: Nuclear Double-Standard on Iran Justified
  Iran Text Hints at Flexibility on Nuclear Talks
  Rice Indicates Slight Shift in Stance on Iran Sanctions
NATO Rejects Appeal to Boost Afghan Troops
  Afghan Violence Creeps to Kabul
  Rice: US Surprised by Taliban Strength in Afghanistan
  Canadian Troops Making Things Worse: Afghan Legislator
Gunmen Attack US Embassy in Syria
Bomb Kills 7 in Turkey's Kurdish Region
Understanding Why Iraq Is a Disaster  by Thomas Gale Moore
Cheney, 9/11, and the Truth About Iraq  by David Corn
Bolton and the PSI Posse  by Gordon Prather
Pondering 'Surrender'  by Anthony Gregory
Slipped His Moorings  by Charley Reese
What Lies Beneath  by Meron Rapoport

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Time Running Out on Bolton Nomination
Zawahri: Gulf, Israel Next Targets
Fallujah Under Threat Yet Again
US Wants to Send Suspect to Iraq Court
The British View: What Is Neoconservatism, and How Influential Is It Today?
UK Tory Leader Hits Out at US Foreign Policy
Musharraf to Meet With Karzai in US
Iran's Automakers Prepare for a Bumpy Ride
5 Years After
As America Mourned, the Impact of the 'War on Terror' Was Felt Worldwide
5 Years After 9/11, Many Angry at US
Wrestling With the Lessons of 9/11
Does 2001's Shadow of Fear Still Linger?
On 9/11, US Allies Vow to Renew Fight on Terror
9/11 Casts Cultural Shadows
Afghanistan Five Years After 9/11
For US Soldiers, Iraq Is Still About 9/11
Memories of 9/11 Drive US Troops in Afghanistan
Arabs Pay Price for 9/11 Outcome
World More Dangerous, Aussies Say
New Zealand PM Says Iraq Invasion Has Made World Less Safe
Global Media Abhors US Response to 9/11
Today in Iraq
Pentagon Weighing Report on Anbar
Arabiya TV Banned in Iraq Over Federalism Law: Speaker
Al-Zawahri Urges Iraq's Kurds to Rise Up
Rising Sectarian Tension in Iraq Nearly Puts End to Mixed Relationships
A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Iraqi
Iraq to Boost Military at Oil Facilities
Iraq Attacks Continue
Blast as Iraq Recruiting Center, Attacks Elsewhere Kill 29
Iraq Insurgents Blow Up Shia Mosque, Kill Seven
Va. Marine Felt Calling After 9/11 Attacks
2,670 US Military Deaths in Iraq
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 11

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 12

Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam Trial Resumes After 19-Day Break
Saddam Says Genocide Trial 'Dividing Iraq'
Saddam Defends Iraq National Flag During Trial
Saddam Accuser Targets Foreign Arms Merchants
The War at Home

Cheney Backs Off His Claim of a Dying Iraq Insurgency

Americans Would Decrease Global Military Presence
GOP Senator Lindsey Graham: US 'Screwed Up' in Iraq
President Tries to Win Over a War-Weary Nation
In Prime-Time Address, Bush Says Safety of US Hinges on Iraq
President Bush's Address to the Nation
In Unpredictable District, Some Say Bush Is Politicizing Terrorism
Court Rejects Blogger’s Appeal on Contempt Charge Over Protest Video
'War on Terror'
CIA: 5,000 Terrorists Captured or Killed Since 9/11
Man Charged With Attending UK Terrorism Camp
Britain Charges Four Men After Terror Raids
Merkel Attacks Bush Over CIA Prisons
Republican Senators Visit Guantanamo Bay Prison
Pakistani Says Life in Ruins After Guantanamo Jail
San Francisco-Bound Flight Diverted Over Lost E-Mail Device
Plane Diverted, Train Station Closed After Brief Terror Scares
North Korea
US Mulling Nuclear Talks Without North Korea
US Warns North Korea on Nuclear Test
Afghan Governor's Funeral Bombed; 6 Dead
Assassination Could Destabilize East Afghanistan: Academic
Taliban Attacks Coalition Convoy in East Afghanistan
Seven al-Qaeda Suspects Arrested in Eastern Afghanistan
Afghan Army Recaptures District in South Afghanistan
New Zealand to Look at Longer Stay in Afghanistan
Canada Set to Send Tanks to Afghanistan
Class War: Battle to Educate Afghan Girls and Boys Hindered by Fear of Taliban Retribution
Afghan Envoy Seeks Military, Financial Aid
Suspected Militants Kill Pakistan Elder
Pakistan Rape Reform Fails After Musharraf Caves In
Homegrown Terrorism of Increasing Concern in India
Three Killed, Three Seriously Wounded in Violence in Indian Kashmir
Sri Lanka
148 Killed in 5 Days of Sri Lanka Combat
Sri Lanka Shelling Continues, Army Vows to Strike
Sri Lankan Army 'in Rebel Area'
Tamil Families Take to the Sea as They Flee Horror of a Savage War
Sri Lankans Wearied by Tsunami, War
Land Mines Kill Nearly 1,300 in Nepal
Nepal Govt Criticized for Choice of New Army Chief
China Rift a Priority for Likely Future PM Abe
Japan to Launch Third Spy Satellite
Iran Sets Conditions on Enrichment Suspension: Diplomat
Russia Won't Abandon Nuclear Plant in Iran
Iran Says US Sanctions on Bank Saderat 'a Mistake'
Ahmadinejad to Visit Senegal, Cuba, Venezuela En Route to New York
Iran Closes Down Two Opposition Newspapers
Former Iran President Condemns bin Laden, Praises Hezbollah
Khatami Urges US, Iran to Use Restraint
Hezbollah: 90 Percent of Arsenal Intact
Hezbollah Says 'Arms Will Stay'
Hezbollah Tackles Challenges of Rebuilding South Lebanon
Pride in Hezbollah Fades as Lebanese Query War's Toll
Hezbollah Holds Defiant Rally in Heavily Bombed Beirut Suburb
Lebanon UN Force
China Plans to Send Up to 1,000 Peacekeepers to Lebanon
Russian Engineers Dispatched to Lebanon
Lebanon Asks Germany for Naval Involvement
Al-Qaeda Condemns UN Peacekeepers as Enemies of Lebanon
Poll: Peacekeeping Mission Backed by Italians
Finland President Approves Lebanon Force
Former Malaysian PM Slams Government's Offer to Send Troops to Lebanon
In Lebanon, Blair Is Greeted With Rage
Blair Pledges British Help in Rebuilding Lebanon
Lebanon to Seek Israel Compensation Over Oil Slick
ADL Slams Extremist Israeli MP's Call to Oust Arab Legislators
Pressure Mounts on Olmert for State Probe on Lebanon War
Olmert Upgrades Lebanon War Inquiry
Wife Seeks Help in DC for Israeli Soldier's Return
Settler Found Guilty of West Bank Murders
Israeli Police Fail to Probe Settler Violence: Report
Hamas, Fatah Agree on Coalition Government
Palestinian Deal Could Release Frozen Aid
Palestinians, Israelis More Open to Talk
Egypt-Gaza Power Link Opened in Bid to Cut Out Israel
Abbas Urges Civil Servants to End Strike
Israeli Air Strike Destroys Hamas Official's Gaza Home
Israeli Troops Open Fire on Car, Kill West Bank Council Chair
Arab Israeli MP Joins Hamas Defense Team
Palestinians Hit Out as Israel Tightens Visa Controls
Egypt Urges Palestinians to Set State Borders Before Negotiations
Gaza Worse Off a Year After Israeli Withdrawal
Jordan King Predicts 'Bleak' Mideast
Jordanian Parties Slam US, Israel Economic Deals
Middle East
Canadian Warship Sets Sail for Persian Gulf
Cyprus Finds Air Defense Systems on Syria-Bound Ship
Diatribes and Dialogue in Mideast for Annan
Come in From the Cold, UN Chief Urges Iran and Syria
Ugandan Rebels Arrive in Sudan as Part of Truce
US, UN Press Sudan to Accept UN Peacekeepers
Somali Radio Shut by Islamists Re-Opens Without Music
Burundi Truce Holds but Rebels Need to Gather: Army
In Congo, Former Child Soldiers Get a Window on a Better Future
Montenegrin Prime Minister May Step Down
UN Plan End to Kosovo Talks by Year's End
Serbs, Albanians Agree on Kosovo Churches
Georgian Region to Vote on Independence
In European Parliament, Debate - in 21 Languages - Can Be Pricey
10 Dead in Russian Military Copter Crash
Czech Govt Under Fire Over US Missile Plans
Bolivia Region of Santa Cruz Close to Secession?
Mexico's Fox to Face Political Foes at 'Grito'
Cuba Oil Prospects Cloud US Horizon
Non-Aligned Summit
India-Pakistan Talks, Iran Lobbying Expected at Havana Summit

Iran, Syria Attend Non-Aligned Summit in Cuba

Non-Aligned Summit
Armchair Sleuths Uncover Strange Military Sites in China
China and US Hold Naval Exercises Off Hawaii
Kyrgyz Police: Major's Story 'Confused'
US Marine Accused of Rape in Philippines Says Sex Was Consensual

Justin Raimondo
The 9/11 Enigma, Revisited

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Fear Mongering on the Anniversary of 9/11

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Centanni and Wiig Escape: A Celebration and Lessons Learned

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Reverting to Form

Doug Bandow
The Korean Imbroglio: Disengage and Ignore

Praful Bidwai
War on Terror Leaves
World in Turmoil

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Nebojsa Malic
True Colors

Charles Peña
Backdoor Draft

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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