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Belgrade Says 'No': Nebojsa Malic
Gingrich Off His Meds Again?: Jim Lobe
Is It the PR, or the Policy?: Bill Berkowitz
America's Anti-Iran Terror: Gareth Porter
Ex-Soviets Nix Nukes; US Objects: Aaron Glantz

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Updated September 14, 2006 - 9:18 PM EDT

Senate Defies Bush On Terror Bill

  Colin Powell Slams Bush Anti-Terrorism Plan

IDF Troops Reveal Illegal Weapons Use

  No Lebanon-Israel Contact Possible: Siniora

Israeli General Resigns Over Lebanon War

  Germans Reject Lebanon Troop Deployment

Mideast Sees Iraq 'Disaster,' Annan Says

  White House: Iraq Is So Not a Disaster
  Iraq Suicide Bomber Hits US Army Post, Kills 2 GIs, Wounds 25
  45 Iraqis, 3 GIs Dead as Wave of Violence Continues
  General Says He Lacks Troops to Defeat Anbar Insurgency
  Violence Rages in Iraq Town After US Troops Raid Sadr's Office

IAEA Protests 'Erroneous' US Report on Iran

  US Seeks Iran Sanctions Now

Iran Says Talks Can Resolve Nuclear Standoff


Rice Doubts Iran Is Interested in Nuclear Suspension

NATO Fears New Front in Afghanistan


Taliban Exposes Cracks in NATO


Poland to Boost NATO Afghan Force by 1,000


Suicide Bombers Kill 173 in Afghanistan This Year

Are We Safer? What Does That Even Mean?  by John Mueller
Drug Warriors Are Playing Into the Taliban’s Hands  by Jacob Sullum
Don't Know Much About History
by Geov Parrish
Gingrich Off His Meds Again?  by Jim Lobe
Is It the PR, or the Policy?  by Bill Berkowitz
Khatami Comes to Harvard  by John Walsh

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Iran Says US Departure Would Calm Iraq

UK FM: Earlier Lebanon Cease-Fire Would Have Worked

Former Soviet Republics Give Up Nukes; US Objects

Plame Sues Armitage Over CIA Leak

Novak: Armitage Did Not Tell All

Record Area Cleared of Land Mines

Blair's Lebanon Backlash

UK Official Urges War Crimes Be 'Redefined'

10,000 South Korean Police Destroy Homes, Attack 50 Protesting US Base Expansion
Iraq Today
Over 100 Dead in Bloody Wednesday Around Iraq

Palestinian Refugees in Iraq Targeted by Militants Receive No Help

In Flash of Chaos, a Glimpse Into Iraq's Woes

Romances Between Sunnis, Shi'ites a Victim of Iraq War

White House Says Cannot 'Subdue Every Bad Guy' in Iraq
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 14

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 13

Saddam Trial

Prosecutor: Saddam Being Given a Soapbox

Kurd's Testimony Includes Taunt for Hussein: 'You Are in a Cage'


Civilians Hit Hardest by Afghan Violence

Afghan Aid Worker Shot Dead by Militants

Suspected Suicide Bomber Dies in Afghan Blast

Two Rockets Fired Into East Afghanistan Before Karzai's Arrival

Taliban Figure Arrested in Pakistan

14 'Taliban' Held in Pakistan Clinic

US Military Investigates Leaked Drone Photo

Karzai: Afghanistan, Pakistan Must Unite Against Terror

NATO Predicts Drive to Crush Taliban Is 'on Verge of Major Success'

Blair Calls on NATO to Send More Troops to Afghanistan


Some See Pakistan's Truce as a Defeat

Pakistani Official: Truce Won't Stop Army Attacks

US Media Faults Waziristan Peace Deal

Sri Lanka

Hopes for Sri Lanka Peace as Govt Commits to Talks

Grenade Attack at Sri Lanka Market Wounds 16

South Asia

Bombs Fail to Incite as Indian Imams Urge Calm

Indian Soldier Killed in Kashmir

Maoists Protest Arms Imports to Nepal Army from India

Indian Police Shying Away From Fighting Maoists


South Korea, US to Revisit Alliance

US Denies It Sought to Contact North Korea on Nukes

North Korea Rebuffs US Offer to Talk

Bush, Roh to Meet Amid Tension Over North Korea


Land Mines Kill 23 in Eastern Sudan

US: Sudan's Reply to Bush on Darfur Unsatisfactory

Problems With Sudan's Peace Deal

Sudan Says AU Can't Transfer Mandate to UN


AU to Send 8,000 Troops to Somalia

Congo Rivals Meet After Clash

Mugabe Opponents Plan Nationwide Strike


Poland Wants US Pact in Exchange for Missile Silos

Rebels 'Shot Russian Helicopter'

Serbia Toughens Its Stand on Kosovo

Dutch Minister Sparks Row With Sharia Remarks

US Shrugs Off Threat of EU Visa Requirements


Drug War Close to Home for Mexico's Calderon

Cuba Won't Mimic China, Official Says

Peru, US Plan New Anti-Narcotics Push

In Other News

Jordanian Enters UN Race


Annan Sees Shift in Tehran's View on Enrichment

Iran and European Union Postpone Talks

Iranian Nuclear Issue Bedevils Japan's Oil Deal

Khatami Offers Moderate Vision of Iran

Poll: Britain Rejects Sending Troops to Invade Iran


German Cabinet Authorizes Lebanon Naval Mission

Israelis Asked to Take Down Lebanon Barbed Wire

Lebanese Fishermen Return to the Sea – Bounty Includes Bombs


Amnesty International Accuses Hezbollah of Human Rights Violations

US Says Disarming Hezbollah a Priority

Annan: 'Political Process' Is Best Way to Disarm Hezbollah

Chirac Overheard Expressing Concern Over Hezbollah


US, Israel Cool to Proposal for Palestinian Unity Govt

Hamas Cabinet Resigns, Seen as Key Step

Hamas, Abbas in Disharmony Over Unity Policies

Hamas' Haniyeh to Remain Premier in Unity Govt: Abbas

Blair Urges Lifting of Palestinian Sanctions

Europe Seen Easing, Not Ending Palestinian Embargo

West Bank: A Government in Jail


Poll: Israelis Want Peretz Out of Cabinet

Bush Surprises Israeli FM Livni at White House

Israel Keeps Woman 'Collaborator' Behind Bars


Abbas Hopes for Revival of 'Road Map'

Palestinians Will Ask UN to Push for Peace

Israeli Military Police to Investigate Eight Cases of Alleged Abuse in West Bank


Syria Sees Chance to Improve Ties With US After Attack

Syria Blames US Policies for Embassy Attack in Damascus

US: Syria Must Shutter 'Terrorist' Offices


Turkish Police Raid Houses as Bomb Toll Rises

Clashes With Kurds Turn Turks Against US

US Seeking Measures Against Turkish Kurd Rebels: Envoy

'War on Terror'

10 Convicted in Jordan Terrorism Plots

NYPD Built Bomb for Terror Study

San Francisco State Prof Stranded in Canada Gets Visa After Three Months

The Battle for Guantánamo

Pope, Citing Islam, Criticizes Holy Wars and Fanaticism

War at Home

White House Defends 9/11 Reference to Iraq War

Baker Surfaces as Key Adviser to Bush on Iraq

81% of Americans Say There Will Always Be a Threat of Terrorism

Most Americans Dispute Iraq War Benefits

Congress Lifts Blinds on Its Spending

Experts Urge Senate to Tighten Controls in India Nuclear Pact

NSA Wiretap Talking Points

Lieberman Rival Lamont: Iraq War 'Dangerously Wrong'


Justin Raimondo
Terror in the Levant

Nebojsa Malic
Belgrade Says 'No'

Charles Peña
Remembering 9/11

Ivan Eland
Fear Mongering on the Anniversary of 9/11

David R. Henderson
Centanni and Wiig Escape: A Celebration and Lessons Learned

Alan Bock
Reverting to Form

Doug Bandow
The Korean Imbroglio: Disengage and Ignore

Praful Bidwai
War on Terror Leaves
World in Turmoil

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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