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The Hoekstra-Harman Hoax: Justin Raimondo
Readings in the Age of Empire: Doug Bandow
No News Is Slow News: John Pilger
General Puff: William S. Lind
12 Steps to a Misfit Military: Turse/Engelhardt

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Updated September 15, 2006 - 9:00 PM EDT
Senators Defy Bush on Terror Bill
  Bush Hits Back at Senate Republicans, Powell
  An Unexpected Collision Over Detainees
  Report: CIA Knew in '02 That bin Laden Had No Iraq Ties
  Torture Complicates Padilla Case
Iraqis to Surround Baghdad With Trenches
  130 Bodies Found in Three Days in Baghdad
  4 US Soldiers Die as Sectarian Violence Surges in Iraq
  Baghdad Crackdown Fails to Stop the Sectarian Killings
  Judge Appears to Defend Saddam in Court
  State Dept. Insists That Iraq War Hasn't Helped Iran
IAEA Protests 'Erroneous' US Report on Iran
  US: Fight for Sanctions on Iran Will Be Tough, Take Weeks
  Iran Open to 'New Conditions' Over Nuclear Standoff
Afghan Fighting Blamed for Opium Bonanza
  US Outraged as Pakistan Frees Taliban Fighters
  NATO Fears New Front in Afghanistan
  Poland's 900 Troops Don't Ease NATO Need
  NATO Commander: Too Much Afghan Violence Attributed to Taliban
US to Block Arab Plan for Peace Conference
  Israeli Military Court Halts Release of Hamas Officials Following Appeal
  State Dept. Cutting Diplomatic Presence in Syria
  Lebanon PM Warns Army Will Seize Weapons
  No Lebanon-Israel Contact Possible: Siniora
12 Steps to a Misfit Military
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
The War President Should Read The Art of War  by John Lang
US Press Bigwigs Clueless on Plame  by Robert Parry
General Puff  by William S. Lind
Torture vs. 'Alternative Procedures'
Los Angeles Times
No News Is Slow News  by John Pilger

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Novak vs. Armitage: Was the Plame Leak Deliberate?
Ellsberg Calls on Insiders to Leak Details of Alleged War Plans
US, Israel Eye-to-Eye on Mideast Peace
Violence Rages in Iraq Town After US Troops Raid Sadr's Office
US and S. Korea to Push to Restart Nuclear Talks
Al-Qaeda Says Algerian Group Joins, Issues France Threat
Pope's Speech Stirs Muslim Anger
Death Squads Threaten
Iraq's Political Process
Iraq Attacks Continue
45 Iraqis, 3 GIs Dead as Wave of Violence Continues
Iraq Suicide Bomber Hits US Army Post, Kills 2 GIs, Wounds 25
Two More Journalists Killed in Iraq
Spike in Baghdad Sectarian Violence: US Military
Bullet Hits Japanese Envoy's Car in Iraq
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,676
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 15
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 14
Today in Iraq
Military Operation on Kurdish Rebels in Iraq Should Be Last Option: US Envoy
Hussein Trial Prosecutor Asks Judge to Step Down
Start of School Seen as Major Test for Iraq
Sectarian Violence, Insurgency Growing in Iraq, Bolton Tells UN
In a Volatile Region of Iraq, US Military Takes Two Paths
Iraq Security Efforts
Iraqi Leader Sees Anti-Militia Law in October
Al-Qaeda in Iraq's 'Number Two' Killed
US Says Key al-Qaeda in Iraq Associate Captured
Coast Guard Cutter Heads to Iraq
400 New Iraqi Police Officers to Boost Security in Iraq-Syria Border Region
The New Iraq
Armed Conflict Depriving Iraqi Youth of Education, Report Says
Iraqis Feel Weight of High Prices, Few Jobs
Amid the Chaos of Baghdad, an Oasis for Defiant Diners
US Envoy to Iraq Urges Americans to Invest in Kurdistan
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Official Says Syrian Help Needed to Calm Insurgency
Saudi Wants Secure Borders to Avoid Iraq Violence
Resisting Bush on Detainees
Colin Powell Against Bush Anti-Terrorism Bill
Colin Powell's Letter on Bush Terror Plans
Retired Generals Criticize White House
Retired Federal Judges Oppose Bush Detainee Plan
The War at Home
Poll: Americans Doubt Eventual Success in Iraq
Fox News Poll: 2006 Election Is All About Iraq
Contentious House Passes 9/11 Resolution
Revolving Door to Blackwater Causes Alarm at CIA
Kissinger Warns of Possible 'War of Civilizations'
Bush to Meet Leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan
Bush to Meet Iraq, Malaysia Leaders at UN Gathering
US Military
Navy Chaplain Convicted of Wearing Uniform at Protest
Antiwar Soldier Awaits Punishment for Deserting US Army
'War on Terror'
Congress Passes Major Security Measures
Spain May Have Been CIA Flight Stopover: Minister
US Citizens on FBI's 'No Fly List' Will Be Allowed to Return to US After All
Six in London Court for 'Terrorist Recruitment'
9/11 Attacks Made Me Happy, Suspect Tells Nightclub Bomb Trial
91 Percent of Australians Favor Trial for Gitmo Aussie
Two Kuwaiti Detainees Transferred From Guantanamo
Battles of Britain
Families of British Soldiers Banned From Labor Party Conference
Blair Condemns Anti-US 'Madness'
Antiwar British MP to Quit Politics
Short Faces Expulsion for Backing a Hung Parliament
Seoul Backs UN Censure of North Korea
US 'Committed' to North Korea Talks
Bush, Roh Paper Over Differences on North Korea
Two Militants, Two Police Killed as Taliban Storm Police HQ in Western Afghanistan
Afghanistan Hits at Musharraf Over Taliban Remark
Afghans Find Success Harder to Gauge
Norway Reconsiders Sending More Troops to Afghanistan
India Tempers Its 'Outsider' Foreign Policy
Kashmir Soldier Kills Colleague
Bomber Convicted Over Deadly 1993 India Attacks
India Closer to Nuclear Pact With US
Burmese Rebels in Indian Appeal
Balochistan Peace Dialogue Urged
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Violence Continues
'Disappearances' Rise With Sri Lanka Fighting
US Faults China on Germ Weapons, Iran, North Korea
China and Taiwan Near Deal on Flights
Singapore, World Bank Tussle Over Activist Blacklist
Thai Election Likely Will Be Postponed
Militant Who Wouldn't Suicide-Bomb Bali Sentenced to 15 Years
Iran President Softens Nuclear Tone
Top Iranian Envoy Praises Early EU Talks
Chavez Vows Aid for Iran Against Attack
US Threatens Further Action Against Iranian Banks
Non-Aligned Summit Calls for Unconditional Talks on Nuclear Iran
Holocaust Cartoon Show a Popular Flop
A Fragile Cease-Fire
Israel Violating Cease-Fire With Overflights, UN Forces Complain
Lebanon: Israel Is Encroaching on Our Soil With New Fence
Israel Says Map 'Error' Led to Attack on UN Post
Hezbollah: Fighters Still in South Lebanon
Israel, Hezbollah Take Stock After War
Senior US Official: Lebanon Developments Are 'Positive'
No Czech Troops to Be Sent to Lebanon
Rift Erupts Between Hezbollah and House Majority
Lebanese PM Shrugs Off Hezbollah's Criticism
Hezbollah Rejects War Crimes Claims
Amnesty International: Hezbollah’s Attacks on Northern Israel
Hezbollah's New Battle – Rebuild in Order to Survive
For Lebanon, a Border in Name Only
Hezbollah, Proxy in Someone Else's Fight: Lebanese Cardinal
Israeli Soldier in Gaza
Source: Significant Progress in Talks for Shalit's Release
New Palestinian Government Hangs on Detainees: Abbas
Former Palestinian PM to Go to Syria for Shalit Talks
Palestinian Politics
US Urges Caution in Lifting Sanctions on Palestinians
Sources: Hamas-Led Cabinet to Resign Within 48 Hours
Palestinian PM Accuses US of Meddling
New Palestinian Government Seeks Space to Function
Cut Off, Gaza Sinks Further Into Despair
Gaza's Poor Struggling to Survive in the Face of an Economic Blockade
Human Rights Watch Calls Israeli Troops Not to Fire on Gaza Medics
Israeli Soldiers Suspected of Beating Palestinian Civilians
2006 to Be Worst Year for Palestinian Economy: World Bank
EU Ministers to Mull Resumption of Aid to Palestinians
Non-Aligned Movement Demands Israeli Military Withdrawal From Gaza
Pressure Mounts on Olmert to Quit
Ex-Israel Army Chief: Olmert Must Resign
Israeli Military Orders Study Into Why They Couldn't Crush Hezbollah
Israeli Police to Question Arab Lawmakers Who Visited Syria
In Israel, a Season of Scandal Fuels Discontent With Leaders
Embassy Assault Fails, but Militancy on Rise in Syria
Syria Investigating US Embassy Attack
Syria Seeks EU Help on Arms Control
US Embassy Staff, Families Leave Syria
Middle East
Egyptian Activists Turn Against Israel
Saudi Arabia Says Arab Peace Plan Only Solution
Turkish Police Given Extra Powers in Manhunt
Jordan Vows Continued Support to Lebanon
US Counter-Terrorism Work Stumbles in Somalia
Somalia's Islamic Militants Advance
Sudan Resists Pressure for UN Force
Darfur Conflict Death Toll Could Be 255,000
Uganda Peace Hinges on Amnesty for Brutality
Ugandan Rebels Tell of Army Atrocities as Victims Call for Justice
Congo Rivals Meet as Election Date Ruled Unconstitutional

Rwanda Accuses UN Court of Hiring War Criminals

Moldovan Region Holds Vote on Independence
Ukraine 'Not Ready' to Join NATO
Athens Urges Compromise Over Kosovo
General Cites Concern Venezuela Arming Rebels
House Backs Fence Along Border With Mexico
Mexico Protests Force Fox Into Ceremony Retreat
Leftist’s Backers End Blockade in Mexico City
United Nations
Wolfowitz Corruption Crusade Creates Waves
South Korean FM Emerges as Frontrunner in Race to Succeed Annan as UN Chief

Justin Raimondo
The Hoekstra-Harman Hoax

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Nebojsa Malic
Belgrade Says 'No'

Charles Peña
Remembering 9/11

Ivan Eland
Fear Mongering on the Anniversary of 9/11

David R. Henderson
Centanni and Wiig Escape: A Celebration and Lessons Learned

Alan Bock
Reverting to Form

Praful Bidwai
War on Terror Leaves
World in Turmoil

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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