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Our Foreign Policy Problem: Justin Raimondo
Bush OKs Iranian Meet: Jim Lobe
Doctors Under Fire in Iraq: Aaron Glantz/Salam Talib
Bloody but Unbowed: Neil Kitson
Bush's Useful Idiots: Tony Judt

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Updated September 20, 2006 - 9:20 PM EDT

Presidents Clash Over Nuclear Rights

  Iran President: 'Time for World Empires Has Ended'
  Israeli Expert: Attack on Iran Would Have to Involve Nukes
  Bush Clears Task Force to Meet With Iranians

US General: Attacks Against GIs Rising in Iraq

  45 Iraqis, 4 US Soldiers Killed in Fresh Attacks
  General Says US Likely to Increase Troops in Iraq
  Doubts Increase About Strength of Iraq’s Premier

Gen. Abizaid: Weapons From Iran Turning Up on Mideast Battlefields

US May Ban Sale of Cluster Bombs to Israel


Report: Former Israeli Commandos Secretly Trained Kurdish Soldiers


IDF Chief: Troops Won't Be Out of Lebanon by Friday

At UN, Chávez Calls Bush 'The Devil'

House Panel Narrowly Backs Bush on Detainees

  Poll: Americans Want CIA to Respect Geneva Convention
Bloody but Unbowed: Canadians in Afghanistan  by Neil Kitson
Afghanistan: Time for Truth
by Eric Margolis
Trying to Spin the Unspinnable
by Ashraf Fahim
Clarifying Torture  by Ronald Bailey
Coffee, Tea, or TATP  by Garrison Keillor
Derelict on Detainees  by Aziz Huq

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Doctors Under Fire in Iraq

Thai Army Overthrows PM, Institutes Martial Law

Syria Hoping for Warmer US Relations

White House Drops a Condition on Interrogation Bill

Dissidents' Detainee Bill May Face Filibuster

An Interview With Iran's President

Iran President Interview on MSNBC: Transcript

Transcript: Iran President at UN

Transcript: Bush at UN


Zarqawi Foes Within al-Qaeda
Criticized His Brutality

Iraq Attacks Continue
33 Killed, at Least 22 Wounded in Violence Across Iraq
Report: Young Children Being Trained to Fight US Troops in Iraq

3 American Soldiers Killed in Baghdad

Report: Iraq Journalist Killed in Ramadi

Maine Police Officer Working as Security Contractor Killed in Iraq

British and Iranian Consulates in Basra Attacked

Iraq Most Dangerous Place for Journalists: Study

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 20

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 19

Iraq Today

Iraq Puts Off Federal Debate as Civil War Fears Grow

Kurdish Witness in Saddam Trial Shows Court Body Burns

Baghdad Raids End in Failure

Kurdish Party to Get Shut Down in Iraq

British Troops Shoot Dead Southern Iraq Militia Leader

For Iraqi Farmers, a Harvest of Hope

Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey Worried About Iraq Woes Spillover

AP Counters Bloggers' Charges Against Jailed Photographer

Murdering Iraqis

Trial Starts of Seven British Troops Over Iraq Death

British Soldier Pleads Guilty to War Crime

Iraqis 'Were Kicked and Punched for Fun'


11 Taliban Killed in South Afghanistan

Taliban Say They Killed Kidnapped Turk in Afghanistan

Taliban Tougher Than Expected: UK Minister

Canadian FM: Rising Troop Casualties, High Costs Won't Affect Afghan Mission

Fewer Canadians Back Mission in Afghanistan

Afghan President to Seek More International Aid

NATO Says Taliban Have Suffered Biggest Defeat Since 2001

NATO Offensive to Take on Taliban Suicide Bombers

Building Bridges to Locals in Afghanistan

Sri Lanka

Tamil Tigers Shell Troop Convoy

Sri Lankan Jets Pound Rebel Bases

UN Investigator on Killings Urges Move on Sri Lanka

Tamils Flee Sri Lanka War


India Tells Skeptics to Give Pakistan Pact a Chance

Indian PM: Pakistan Must Fulfill Terror Pact Promise

Musharraf Upbeat on Talks With India

Indian Army Turns to Fashion Gurus


School Kids in Maoist Rally Trigger Nepal Outrage


Somalia Drifts Toward Fragmentation as Regional Powers Polarize

Somali Police Seek First Suicide Bombing Mastermind

Somalia Militants Plan to Train Students to Fight Against Foreign Troops


Uganda Extends Deadline for Rebels

UN Troops Free to Leave, Says Ivory Coast Leader

Sudan PM: UN Troops Are Not Welcome


Bolivia Plans Bases on Eastern Borders

Argentina Dirty-War Criminal Gets Life Sentence


Yemen Arrests 'Terrorist' Linked to President's Rival

Yemen Moves Along Volatile Path to Democracy


Explosion in Kosovo Wounds Four Serbs

US-Russia Effort to Contain Nuclear Experts Fades

Hungarian Protests Turn Violent

United Kingdom

Reid Denies Ambition to Follow Blair as PM

London Police Slam 'Ridiculous' Charges in Shooting Innocent Brazilian


Bush, Chirac Now Say They Agree on Approach to Iran Talks

Iran Must Make First Move, Bush Tells UN Meeting

Analysis: Iran Defiance Has Little Cost

Bush, Chirac Say US and EU Agree on Approach to Iran Talks

Rice: Inaction on Iran Creates Credibility Problem

Israeli Military Officer: Focus Shifts Toward 'Confronting' Iran

Senator Compares Iran's Ahmadinejad to Hitler


UN Says Lebanon Peacekeeping Force Reaches 5,000

Israel Using Bulldozers to Wreck Crops in South Lebanon

Measuring War Damage to Lebanon's Historic Ruins Will Take Months

UN: Israel's Cluster Bomb Use in Lebanon 'Outrageous'


Hezbollah Gained on Intelligence Front

Hezbollah: We Never Hid Plan to Kidnap Israeli Troops

Hezbollah Takes Lead in Rebuilding South Lebanon

Kidnap of Soldiers in July Was Hezbollah's Fifth Attempt

People of Southern Lebanon Bound to Hezbollah


Israeli Military Chief Rejects Call for Resignation

Israeli MP Suspending for Calling DM a Murderer

Israel Urged to Give More Info on Bombs

Middle East

Mubarak’s Son Proposes Nuclear Program

Yemen Leader Is Now Paying for Providing Open Election

UN Council to Meet on Arab Peace Plan


Terror Group Threatens Gaza Christians

Gunmen Attack Palestinian News Agency in Gaza

In Gaza, the Rule by the Gun Draws Many Competitors

US, Israel Press Abbas to Shun Hamas

The War at Home

Thousands Demonstrate Against Iraq War

Officer Charged Again for Refusing to Deploy to Iraq

US Commission on Iraq: Next Three Months in Iraq Are 'Critical'

Powell: Bush Detainee Plan Would Endanger US Troops

CIA 'No Longer Holding Detainees in Secret'

Just How Far Can CIA Interrogators Go?

Attorney General Gonzales Wants ISPs to Save User Data

Senate Democrats Want Probe of US Hiring in Iraq

Study: Prisons Breed Islamic Extremists

Boeing Wins Deal for Border Security

'War on Terror'

White House to Revise Proposal for Dealing With Terror Suspects

Scientists One-Up Government Over Terror Preparedness

UK Anti-Terror Police Arrest Woman

UK Terror Suspect Refuses to Testify After Pakistani Agents 'Had Words' With His Family

Canada Clears Tortured Detainee of Terrorism

Suspicious Package Forces Flight to Return to Toronto

Pope Inflames Muslims

Muslim Anger at Pope Shows Signs of Easing

Muslims Seek Detailed Apology From Pope

Turkish Workers Urge Pope's Arrest During Visit


New Sanctions Target North Korea

South Korea, US at Odds Over North Korea Issues

Thai Army Says Military Rule Only Temporary

World Reacts to News of Thai Coup

Thailand Sports Long History of Coups

Annan Criticizes Thai Coup

Thai Coup Lite Worries Few on Streets of Bangkok

US Companies With Thailand Operations Aren't Panicking Over Coup


Japan OKs Additional Sanctions on North Korea Over Missile Tests

Top Diplomats From Japan, China to Meet This Weekend

Indonesia to Execute Christian Militants


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American Foreign Policy?

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What to Do About Iranian Nukes

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Remembering 9/11

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Centanni and Wiig Escape: A Celebration and Lessons Learned

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Reverting to Form

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China's Little Capitalists

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The End of Lebanon?

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