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The Facts on the Ground: Tom Engelhardt
Torture Chic: Sign of Decadence: Alan Bock
US-Iran Shootout Is Inevitable: Leon Hadar
More Bush Diplomacy: Gordon Prather
As Crazy as It Sounds: Charley Reese

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Updated September 24, 2006 - 9:12 PM EDT
US Intel Report: Iraq War Spreading Terrorism
  US Army’s Kill-Kill Ethos Under Fire
  Army Corps Faked Budget Entries
  US Prosecution of Padilla No Slam Dunk So Far
Iraq Shelves Divisive Autonomy Proposal
  33 Killed, 41 Injured in Sunday Iraq Attacks as Ramadan Begins
  Promised Iraqi Troops Slow to Reach Baghdad
  Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Video of 2 GIs Being Burned
Musharraf's Comments Rattle Pakistanis
  Omar Role in Truce Reinforces Fears That Pakistan 'Caved In' to Taliban
  Pakistan, US Seek to Defuse 9/11 Claim
  Spy Chiefs to Probe 'Osama Is Dead' Claim
US-Iran Shootout Is Inevitable
by Leon Hadar
Keep a Cool Head About Iran
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Senators Won't Authorize Torture, but They Won't Prevent It, Either  Washington Post
The Facts on the Ground  by Tom Engelhardt
As Crazy as It Sounds  by Charley Reese
More Bush Diplomacy  by Gordon Prather

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New Anthrax Theory Offered
Abbas Says Unity Effort 'Back to Zero'
Anger at US Policies More Strident at UN

Secrets in the Mountains of Afghanistan

US-Led Troops Kill Afghan Girl

Bush Praises Afghanistan and Pakistan for Their Roles in War on Terror
Report: Islamists Planned to Hit US Base in Spain
Hundreds of Thousands Attend Hezbollah Rally as Nasrallah Declares Victory in Rare Public Appearance
Today in Iraq
Al-Qaeda Chief Kills Turkish Hostage on Film
Iraq Sunni Group Claims Baghdad Attack on Shi'ites
A Doctor's Day in Baghdad
US Warns of Ramadan Violence in Iraq
Iraq Security?
Why We Don't Have Enough Troops in Iraq
Iraqi Rebel Bastion Recruits Locals for the City Police
Iraq Reportedly Captures Leader of Top Militant Group
Military Officials Say Reparations Help US Win Favor in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Sadr City Blast Kills 37, 18 Bodies Dumped, 3 GIs, Danish Soldier Die
Nine Severed Police Heads Found in Saddam's Hometown

American Killed at UK Base in Iraq's Basra

Danish Soldier Killed, Eight Injured in Iraq Bombing

More Death Squad Victims Found in Iraq

US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,699

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 24

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 23

The War at Home
Nationwide Actions 'Declare Peace,' Raise Pressure on Congress
Rally Held for Puerto Rican Independence

Military Court: Sen. Graham Can't Be Both Judge and Senator

Video: Movies, Popcorn and CIA Recruiting

No Injuries or Arrests as Shots Fired at Florida Mosque

US Military
The Army vs. Spec. Richmond

Harassment Charges Put AWOL Soldier in Spotlight

More War Veterans Suffering From Stress

AWOL Soldier Plans to Return From Canada

'War on Terror'
Critics Say Bill on Detainee Interrogation Will Not Prevent Torture
Homeland Security Bill Is More Style Than Substance, Analysts Say

Feds Seek to Block Oregon Spying Case

Rep. Hoekstra Warns of Secret European Terrorists

Most UK Muslims Would Report Terror

British Police to Brief Muslims Leaders Before Terror Raids

North Korea

Expert: North Korea to Unload Fuel Rods Soon

North Korea's Strike Range Cast in Doubt


Thai King to Choose Next PM

Thais Cheery Over Military Coup

Coup Reporting Irks Thai Military Rulers

Ex-Central Banker and Ex-Speaker Join Thai PM Pool

Coup Leaders Urge Thai Soldiers to Smile

Small Bomb Wounds Four Police in Thailand


Taliban Warns Poland on Troops for Afghanistan

Dusty Afghan Plain, a Taliban and NATO Battlefield

NATO Wins Battle, War Uncertain

War-Weary Afghans Start Fasting for Ramadan

Afghanistan - the Dead Zone

Top UK Soldier Defends Military Performance in Afghanistan

India Was Aware of Assasination Attempt on Musharraf: George

Pakistan, Britain Agree on Forming Joint Intelligence Sharing Group
India, Britain to Hold Joint Air Exercise
Sri Lanka

Muslim Families Flee Homes in Sri Lanka

Britain Extends Travel Warning in Sri Lanka
Concern That Abe’s Global Goal May Lead Japan to War

Abe Seeks White House Style Administration in Japan


Security Forces on Guard in Indonesia

Bangladesh Muslims Hope for Political Dialogue During Ramadan

Australian Govt 'Angered' as Antiwar Entertainers Refuse to Entertain the Troops
Weekend Reviews
War Tapes Sheds New Light on Iraq
The Emperor Has No Sense
Why We Are Really in Iraq
Daydream Believers
Shooting Sgrena
Permission to Speak Freely
The Path to 9/11
Why We Can't Win the 'War on Terror'
The Ground Truth: The Toll of the War in Iraq, From Those Who Are Still Paying It
Bin Laden Dead or Alive?
US, French Officials Doubt Report of bin Laden's Death

Saudi Source: bin Laden May Not Be Dead, but He's Very Ill

Spies Reject 'bin Laden Is Dead' Claim

Pakistan: 'No Information' on bin Laden Death

US Was 'Unaware' of bin Laden Report

French Officials Want Probe of Unverified bin Laden Death Report Leak
Nuclear Talks With Iran May Start Without US
Major Powers Weigh Sanctions Against Iran's Nuclear, Missile Sectors

Lebanese Army on Israel Border for First Time in Decades

US Wary of al-Qaeda's Lebanese Ambitions

Analysts Say US Image Slipped in Lebanon After Israel-Hezbollah War

Lasting Quiet Returns to South Lebanon

Russia to Send Engineers to Lebanon

Hamas: Dispute on Unity Govt Can Still Be Resolved

Peretz: Talks With Hamas Possible

Israeli Tanks Enter Gaza

Palestinians Brace for a Bleak Ramadan

Washington Sees 'Ferment' Against Hamas Government

Palestinian Officials Protest Over Not Being Paid

Doubts in Israel Over Lebanon Pull-Out

Poll: Only 7% Want Olmert as PM

PM Olmert Admits to War Errors

Olmert Signals Flexibility on Captive

Israel Is Accused of Racism Over Its War Compensation

Syria Key to Stability in Mideast: Peretz

Middle East

Egypt Slams West for Blocking Resolution on Israeli Nukes

Twelve Injured in Explosion in Eastern Turkey

Islamists Calm Somali Capital With Restraint

Bombs Rain Down on Darfur Villages

Ugandan Rebels Threaten to Quit Talks

Gambian President Is Reelected

Battles of Britain

Blair 'Turned Blind Eye to Iraq Intelligence' in Bush Meeting

10,000 in Antiwar March Before Labor Party Meeting

Antiwar Campaigners Set Up Peace Camp in Manchester

UK Defense Ministry Report: Iraq, Libya 'Priority' Arms Sales Targets

Brtitish Soldiers in 'Guns for Coke' Scandal

Voters Tell Brown: Call Snap Election

Putin Rejects Europe’s Fears on Aerospace Company
Security Stepped Up in Czech Capital

Hungarians Hold Biggest Protest, but PM Holds On

Venezuela Says Foreign Minister Detained at New York Airport
Chile Accuses Venezuelan Ambassador of Meddling
Chavez: Bush Ordered My Assassination
Bolivia Reaches for a Slice of the Coast That Got Away
Americans Keep Dying

Army Medic (MD) Whose Tour Was Extended Dies in Iraq

Soldier (WA) Could Have Retired, but Chose to Go Back to Iraq

Death of Washington State Soldier in Iraq Ruled a Suicide

Georgia Servicewoman Killed in Iraq

Maryland Sailor With Bomb Disposal Unit Killed in Iraq

Friends Recall Slain Marine (TX) Who Wanted to Be Police Officer

Bomb in Iraq Kills Soldier From Puerto Rico

Dyncorp Police Trainer From Maine Killed in Iraq

Plucky Sergeant Knew She Had Can-Do Personality (PA)
Bomb Kills Arkansas Soldier With Ties to Michigan

Soldier (OH) Killed in Iraq Had Ohio State Univ in Mind

Lawrenceburg (KY) Guardsman Dies in Iraq

Remembering a Son and Soldier (MO)

Topeka (KS) Family Mourns the Loss of Soldier in Afghanistan

West Point Grad (MD) Leapt High In Her Life Cut Short by War

Medic (OH) With Ties to Alaska Wanted to Be a Doctor

A Soldier's Death Leaves Swampscott (MA) Stunned, Sad

High Point (NC) Family Recalls Son Killed in Iraq

Marine (TX) Rejoins, Is Killed in Iraq

Louisiana Soldier Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Iraq


Justin Raimondo
World Politics and Show Biz

Alan Bock
Torture Chic: Sign of Decadence

Doug Bandow
A Foreign Policy of Failure

Ivan Eland
What to Do About Iranian Nukes

Praful Bidwai
Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

Nebojsa Malic
Belgrade Says 'No'

Charles Peña
Remembering 9/11

David R. Henderson
Centanni and Wiig Escape: A Celebration and Lessons Learned

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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