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Bizarro Conservatism: Justin Raimondo
Know Thine Enemy: Charles Peña
John Bolton and US Lawlessness: Jon Utley
US Writes Out Sunni Resistance: Gareth Porter
I Support/Despise This War: Aaron Glantz

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Updated September 27, 2006 - 8:06 PM EDT

Combative Bush Releases Parts of Terror Study

  Text of Declassified Section of NIE on Iraq [pdf]

White House Refuses to Release Full Terror Report


More Could Be Deemed Enemy Combatants by Bill

Most Iraqis Want US Out Now


Congress Bans Funding for Permanent US Military Bases in Iraq


81 Killed Across Iraq in Wednesday Attacks

  US Writes Sunni Resistance Out of Anbar Story

Top General: Increase Army by 60,000 Troops

  Kurds and Arabs Vie for Control of Mosul

US May Hold Off on Iran Sanctions

  Report: Iran Willing to Secretly Halt Enrichment

Iran Denies Key Nuclear Demand on Agenda in Crunch Talks


Rice Rejects Gas Embargo on Iran as Counterproductive

US, Syria Spar and Rice Calls for Sanctions


Dispute Over Hezbollah Delays Israeli Withdrawal From Lebanon


Hezbollah Construction Wing Leaves Govt in the Dust


UN: It Will Take Over a Year to Clear Lebanon of Cluster Bombs

US Envoy Predicts Decade of War in Afghanistan
The War on Ordinary Americans
by Jennifer Van Bergen
John Bolton and US Lawlessness
by Jon Basil Utley
Sovietization Proceeds in the US and Canada  by Eric Margolis
Opinionated and Dangerous  by Hossein Askari
War Signals?  by Dave Lindorff
How Bush Wrecked the Army  by Fred Kaplan

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GOP Sources: Congress Unlikely to Pass Wiretapping

House OKs $70B for Iraq, Afghanistan

CIA Leak Probe Costs $1.5 Million So Far

Judge to Weigh Evidence in CIA Leak Case

Calls Rise for Ban on Cluster Bombs

Musharraf: Iraq War Makes World More Dangerous

I'm a Veteran, and I Support/Despise This War

Blair Bids Emotional Farewell to Party

Blair Urges No Retreat From US
Civil War?

Talabani: Iraq Won't Have Civil War

Iraq Autonomy Bill Causes Unrest in Parliament

Kurds, Sunni Arabs Clash in North – a Small Echo of Larger Dispute

Iraq Today
40 Iraqis, US Soldier Killed in Tuesday Iraq Violence

Saddam Trial Adjourns Until October After Contentious Session

Iraq: Homeless Families Evicted From Government Buildings Seek Help

Distrust Breaks the Bonds of a Baghdad Neighborhood

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 27

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 26

Occupying Iraq

Talabani: US Occupation Keeps Neighbors From Invading

Negroponte: War in Iraq Must Continue

Iraq Trade Ministry: Australian Troops Killed Soft-Drink Seller

Iraqi Man 'Feared British Soldiers Would Kill Him'

US, Allies Complete Baghdad Sweep

Rumsfeld Holds Talks With Montenegro About Sending Troops to Iraq

Albania Promises to Keep Forces in Iraq Till End of Mission

West Point Mourns Pioneering Cadet Slain in Iraq

Group Wins Public Relations Deal in Iraq


Musharraf: Pakistan Being Made a Scapegoat

Why Musharraf Chose to Be With US

Musharraf's Book Infuriates India

Punch Lines for Pakistan's President


Bombings Rock Afghanistan, Killing 19 Afghans, Coalition Soldier

Bush, Karzai Play Down Pakistan Tension

Karzai Shrugs Off Musharraf Complaints

Afghan Leader Slams Musharraf's Policies

Karzai: US Should Have Engaged Afghanistan Before 9/11

Text: Bush, Karzai News Conference

Occupying Afghanistan

Australian PM Defends Withdrawal of Commandos From Afghanistan

UK Official Insists Afghan Mission 'Not Failing,' 'Not an Invasion'

US General to Command Afghanistan Forces

Denmark Boosts Afghanistan Contingent


Nepal's PM, Maoist Chief to Meet

Nepal Rebels 'Still Abuse Human Rights'

South Asia

Aid Workers in Sri Lanka Face Escalating Risk and Red Tape

Army Captain Dies in Kashmir Firefight

Cops Convicted for Mumbai Blasts

Middle East

Saudi Arabia Says Israel Meeting Report Fabricated

Islamists Object as Jordan Brings Religion Under State Control

Kurdish Mayors Stand Trial in Turkey


UN Sending Military Experts to Darfur


Somalia's Islamists Resume Their Momentum and Embark on a Diplomatic Path

Ethiopian Troops Move Into Somalia

Ethiopia Says It Has No Soldiers in Somalia

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russian Soldier Jailed for Torture

Kyrgyzstan Jet Grazes US Tanker Plane

Norway Reprimands Israel Envoy for Bashing Royal Family

Romania and Bulgaria Given EU Go-Ahead

Everything Has a Price in Montenegro

Opera Boss Censors Mozart for Fear of Enraging Muslims


EU, Iran Reported Close to Deal for Nuclear Talks

Russia, Iran Agree on Power Station Launch Date

Iran's Petroleum Wealth Fails to Ease Growing Disquiet

Iranian Ex-Lawmaker Alleges Torture


Israel's Lethal Bomblets Keep 200,000 Lebanese Away From Homes

Children's Bodies Found Months After Attack

Italy Lawmakers Okay Lebanon Peacekeeping Mission

Hezbollah Rebuilding in Palestinian Camps

Hariri Killing 'Linked to 14 Other Attacks'

Israelis Settle in for Long Stay in Village of Ghajar

Parliament Chief Rejects Hezbollah Call for Cabinet Change


Poll: Israelis Split on Negotiations With Palestinians

Hamas MPs Denied Release on Bail

Abbas Envoy Tries to Save Unity Deal

Israeli Airstrike Kills 14-Year-Old Girl

Egypt Demands Hamas Release Israeli Soldier

UN Envoy Says Gaza a Prison for Palestinians

Gaza Is Hungry - and Not Because of Ramadan

Palestinian Security Uncovers Two Underground Tunnels Along Gaza-Egypt Border

Olmert: New Definition of Zionism Needed to Make Nice Between Occupation Lovers, Haters


Olmert: Golan Heights an Integral Part of Israel

Peretz: We Must Hold Talks With Syria When Conditons Allow

Syrian TV Director Tackles Terrorism

'War on Terror'

Taliban: Bin Laden's Friends Say He Is Alive

The Last Stand of al-Qaeda's Houdini

Bin Laden Rumors Again Come to Nothing

Sobering Conclusions on Why Jihad Has Spread

A Last Hurdle for Bill on Detainees: Access to US Court

Blair Denies UK's Foreign Policy Stirs Terrorism

Deal on Terror Suspects Hits New Snag

EU to Probe Bank Data Monitoring by US

Rice Challenges Statements by Clinton on Terror

Bush and Clinton Teams Debate Pre-9/11 Efforts


Lawyer for Gitmo Detainees Speaks on Suicides

Guantánamo's Uneasy Ramadan

War at Home

Peaceful Iraq War Protests Prompt 71 Arrests

Lawmakers Delay Passport Plan at Borders

Pakistani Gets 18 Years in San Diego in Drugs-for-Missiles Plot

Car Ads Are Yanked as Offensive to Arabs, Muslims

Abe Takes Power in Japan

Abe Seeks to Repair Relations With China

New Japan PM Abe Vows 'Muscular Diplomacy'

Japan's Hawkish New PM Names Conservative Cabinet


North Korea Rejects Talks, Blames US

North Korea Nuke Test Would Trigger US 'Retaliation'

US Open to New Approaches on North Korea


Thai Civilians Chosen to Be Advisers

Thai Junta to Stay After PM Takes Office

Thailand's New Constitution Drafted

Thai Military Leader Defends Coup

In Other News

Myanmar Accuses UN Powers of Ganging Up on It

US Pushes Anti-Castro TV, but Is Anyone Watching?


Justin Raimondo
Bizarro Conservatism

Charles Peña
Know Thine Enemy

Ivan Eland
Negroponte Tries to Cloud Terror Report

David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

Alan Bock
Torture Chic: Sign of Decadence

Doug Bandow
A Foreign Policy of Failure

Praful Bidwai
Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

Nebojsa Malic
Belgrade Says 'No'

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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